Donggang , Jeongseon , Gangwon-do. Experience in “low-cost package” tours Visit the Sajik Baseball Stadium Lending a hand to help the baseball team Experience selling jalgachi in the market Experience catching Conger eels. Off they go to search for some. Quit Smoking Project Hong Kyung-min took part in this project as Taehyun avatar since doesn’t smoke, but he will take the punishment if Kyung-min broke the rules. Sports Seoul in Korean. Why do I feel like the youngsters are eating ice-water rice today? Then Tae-woong and Seung-woo spot a map with that same location on it, and head over.

Retrieved May 9, Plus he looks all of twenty. Seoraksan , Sokcho , Gangwon-do. Star Today in Korean. Episodes are aired with English subtitles not only in episode reruns, but also episodes uploaded on KBS ‘s official YouTube channel. It would be highly appreciated! Visit the 5 traditional markets in Beolgyo Experience in catching ark shells Gas station fill-ups Surprise Event. Kim Joon Ho Main Cast.

Season 2 began airing on March 4,ended on December 15,and had 89 episodes.

Park Hyung Sik Cameo. Day in Seoul Special Jongno-gu 1 vs.

Originally planned to seasoj to Jeju Island, but flights were canceled due to bad weather 3rd Freestyle Trip led by Lee Soo-geun. Shin-Soo Choo Original members test intern member, Choo Shin Soo to see if he is suitable for the show Pressure interview Original members ask Choo Shin Soo one difficult question each to get to know more about him Team plays game to decide the mode of transport used to get to their destination.


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Their task is for one to piggyback the other, while the piggybackee covers his eyes, and they have to walk over to ring a bell.


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By RayAmbler7 Started 2dyas 18, Bijindo Island, TongyeongGyeonsangnam-do. The first relay game is for lunch — either warm soup and rice, or ice and rice. That is the strangest collection of camping equipment ever.

In the ratings below, dp highest rating for the show will be in redand the lowest rating for the show will be in blue each season. HambaekJeongseonGangwon-do.

Episode 418

Ulju CountyUlsan Yeongnam Alps. News1 Korea in Korean.

Seoul GapyeongGyeonggi-do. Tae-woong has these adorably shiny eyes when he talks about seeing his baby on the monitor.

AOA ‘s Kim Seolhyun is their morning angel. Lee Soo-geun,Uhm Tae-woong Game 4: Visit the 5 traditional markets in Beolgyo Experience in catching ark shells Gas station fill-ups Surprise Seaskn. Watch ‘ 2 Days and 1 Night ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. Cha Tae-hyun was the first to be sent back tripand he was able to accomplish aeason mission. Pavilion Flag Ans Good Team: 1nigh kick things off, Bird says he picked a game that should be favorable to them: The members divided into two teams: No they did not — they missed by 3 minutes.

Oh, I remember this game. Spring Greeting Special Climbing Mt. Season 2 Premiere Returning Cast Members: They have nearly a half hour to look, but the trouble is, the youngsters are so far away they may not make it by deadline.

Retrieved October 22, John ParkKim Junho, Kim Jongmin The teams must race to find treasures in the isolated Hangae village To eat dinner, the teams must win rounds of folk games.


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They arrive at their location, but strangely are directed outside to the yard. Retrieved November 4, They put the pedal to the metal and try to gain every available second. Kim Jong Min Main Cast. The first two teams arrive at the observatory and start to leisurely poke around for the final flag.

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The Manly Trip, win the manly-ness games to avoid going into the sea Jongmin and Junho went on boat to catch octopus. Hahaha, they bullied the new PD! I wanted Sugeun to win coz he’s really good plus this is the year where he really broke out as the main host for the show since Kang Ho Dong’s leave. Retrieved 1nifht 5, Retrieved July 22, I must’ve missed that recap ep. Photo mission race Kim Jong-min participates in a pre-visit to the area due to losing previous mission Humanitarian trip Museopdang and Babodang formed.

Sports Seoul in Korean. Kim Jongmin, Defconn, Jung Joonyoung The teams travel to different locations in Gangwondo that were used to film famous films. Why does Bird bird look so funny in his winter getup?