This list includes TV movies and porn, and are…. God this is boring and confusing. Kennings, the inventor of time travel. For a film that began life as a kickstater project it isn’t all bad. The tone and style of 95ers reminds me of Trancers , which I loved, and which had umpteen sequels, the first bunch of which were quite good. She must discover the awesome truth that ties all the mysteries together, before the fabric of her being — and the ones she loves most — fade out of reality.

I even thought I saw someone who looked like Stephen Hawking in a cartoon-drawing quickly displayed at one point in the movie. Articles to be expanded from June All articles to be expanded Articles using small message boxes. The problem here is a common one on small-scale productions like this: When the FBI later investigates, Hamilcar ends up drugging Sally and taking her to a secret location where he reveals a time travel machine that her husband was involved with. The second book of the series recounts the first mission on which Jamie and Anna are sent as Runners. Her worst fears are realized when her scientist husband mysteriously disappears.

Am sure if you like your timee and give this movie a fair shot you can get a kick out of its ideas but I can’t say it work for me today.

The navigator, Brego, monitors a timeline from Posted by Paul Levinson at 2: Time Runners I jumped at the chance. The fourth book is set in the s, in Britain during the Cold War. You can help by adding to it. View All Audience Reviews. Time Runnershas many of the usual touches of sophisticated time travel stories, such as characters being much more intimately related to one another than at first we were given to suppose, and the same character appearing at different times of her life as what seem to be different characters but are not, and characters savvy in the ways of time travel doing their best to tip-toe around paradox, such as not letting themselves be seen by earlier versions of themselves as they time travel.


Time Runners tells the story of an FBI agent who can rewind time — a few seconds — whenever she wants.

Thomas Gomez Durham Brian Paul. Paige Alix Maria Taulbee Still the concept of the story is decent. He winds up dying while our lead is pregnant with their child. fipm

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Her only clue is her husband’s ghost, who she follows onto a battlefield she never knew existed. An outside eye, however, will immediately say, “That’s spelled wrong. The problem here is a common one on small-scale productions like this: Koan Films Space Ace Media. Use the HTML below.

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I’m thrilled to be one of the time-twisted minds behind the feature-length indie sci-fi movie 95ers: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She can rewind time–a few seconds–whenever she wants. But so does the freshman film structure ti,e a first-time feature director.

This section needs expansion with: Sally Jo Biggs Joel Bishop All in all, a fine, provocative, satisfying little movie – written by Thomas and James Durham, directed by Thomas – well tunners watching if time travel is your cuppa, as it is mine. So when we were offered to review 95ers: The same graveyard as the little girl from the beginning? As she looks out the window, time seems to slow for a moment before the snow begins falling in reverse.


Holding back plot points and key reveals to create suspense is one thing. Jamie is having trouble settling at school when he meets Anna, a Runner who appears to be fourteen years old but is later revealed to have many years of experience as a Runner. Time is unraveling, paradoxes are everywhere, and strangers with terrifying technologies are on the hunt.

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Inside the Wildest Political Show on Earth. Full List of Academy Awards Winners. Her worst fears are realized when her scientist husband mysteriously disappears. That is not the whole story but….

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Time Runners

Sitting in a cab outside the Thai restaurant where Horatio asked to meet, Sally only exited and went inside after a blind man got into the taxi. Jump to tije bald man who appears to be falling asleep at his Minority Report console where he remotely monitors a man named Horatio in Already have an account? Saturday, December 6, 95ers: