Adam Zango started as a Musician and gradually he triumph in to becoming one of northern best hip-Hop Hausa singer. Ga Duhu Ga Haske. Very entertaining and revealing. Ga Fili Mai Doki. Jarumin fina-finan Hausa, Adam A. There are virtually no jokes, no surprises, sympathy etc.

Zango is the delight to many celebrities in the industry. Just wait and see. The song in reality surfaced in Occupation s Age dob twitter insta fb youtube pageviews Actor 33 59, insta fb 10,, views 39, subs 4, Zango ya ce, “Allah Sarki! We are made to believe that the two are strictly business partners. I don’t know how to pretend so d only thing am gonna say is I do love and care about this person and what ever it is the future has for d both of us am already prepared to take it but mean while I can’t deny caring about him anymore.

Although not quite smooth at some point, Adam Zango barely call Ali Nuhu by his name because of his humility.

Nigeria: Kannywood – Adam Zango, Wife Act As Couple in New Movie, ‘Nas’ –

There are virtually no jokes, no surprises, sympathy etc. Wannan shafukan na waje ne kuma za su bude ne a wani shafin daban. The idea of NAS singing love song to a lady is inconceivable. The couple also acted as ndw couple in the movie, which was shot weeks before their recent marriage.

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Others are just nonsense, NAS ticks both boxes. If NAS is a thug, those men would be too corporate for his liking. The movie trailer and soundtrack was released to the market in the second week of June.


A film must have an idea, narrative structure and a cast. The criticism well-wishers wish is a past thing. Fear because people are scared of enduring similar endurance, people are afraid of the sequel.

Adam Zango ya sa wata mata kukan ‘murna’ – BBC News Hausa

NAS review by Anas Abdullahi a9united1 of kannywoodsceneblog: People look at the act, laugh it out and in some cases cry and look back at their lives to see what to correct. Daga nan ya nemi masoyansa su rika yi masa uzuri domin shi ma mutum ne kamar kowa, kamar yadda ya ce.

His acting in Hindu was one that has never been done in the history of the Kannywood. I think it is unfair for the industry and audience to make a filj not for anyone but you.

He’s married with 2 kids. We publish news and views ranging from vigorous opponents of governments to government publications and spokespersons. Hindu – An African Extra Vagrant.

It is a flashback of event in Fitaccen jarumin nan na fina-finan Kannywood, Adam A. Ba ta boye irin farin cikin da ya mamaye ta ba lokacin da ta gan ni. Adam A Zango that people used to know falls into that category. The movie is an aggressively commercial franchise that not only undermine the entire kannywood industry by reference to when accreditation of the industry takes place due to its budget and long queue of neq but also made fool out of people considering how tied the movie kept us waiting.


Abunda ta rubuta a instagram din ta: Kannywood Producer, Uzee concept, said Adam is one actor that when you meet him you will want to meet him a second time. While the former is instinctive and intellectual, the latter is physical and mechanical.

Na gode wa Allah da ya ba ni irin wadannan masoya. And again, what are those men sweating in suits for?

Ni ma ina kaunar Nafisa — Adam Zango

Mansur Make—up, Horo Dan mama and many others will rather put his pictures as there recognition image than use theirs on their social media pages because of the love they have for Adam. So please ku fadi alkhairi ko ku yi shiru kawai. Zango is the delight to many celebrities in the industry. Zango Fitaccen jarumin nan na fina-finan Kannywood, Adam A.

Imagine the kind of expression Raliya gives when raped; she looks more like someone who just lost her phone. Some movies are hard to make sense of.

Ya kara da cewa jarumar ta yi namijin-kokari ganin yadda ta bayyana ra’ayinta a kansa ba tare da shakka ba.