You have so many toys. Bara Ruchi heard that. Why are you crying? Did you see, friend? There are lots of auto rickshaws in city. With this stomach l was roaming in the shops and on the way.

There is fire inside me. Even if the key had fallen there, l’ll not get it. Till then he can remain relaxed. Pick up the phone. First thing whether there is news that she is missing. Do you still use this? There also l have two grand children. Have you heard of the infection that comes to that?

The Bha of Bhasha. After exam we’ll go to our native place. No use of listening to stories. Study well and write novie exams very well. Are you not ashamed? Bobby – Times of India”.

Have you selected a name for the baby?

That is why l stopped saying this. What ever you select we’ll keep that name. Daily they keep seeing this only again and again. But he won’t listen. Bigg Boss Akasmokam 1.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After this we’ll have to send him to Trichur for coaching. At least that way you remembered me.


He had told not to get tensed. This is the PRA about whom l told you. Then the closed flat life. A fetus of seven months.

Unni, you go with mother till bus stand. Stils medicine is getting over. Where are Ravan and Vibheshan? Why to waste a holiday unnecessarily? For help her mother has come over. Sometimes l can tell her my sorrows and cry. We can call back the same number from which that message came.

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The expense will also be less. Your eyes and face have swollen up. Father, when l was coming here that Don’t you have exams? Put off the light. Did you get tensed ,ovie this? There are lots of boats floating in the water.

Dial Shashi’s number for me. That will make the child healthier.

Even then l’ll ask you. This has become like Cinderella’s story. Eagerness to kill Eagerness to kill. Doesn’t he eat anything? Give me something, madam. Don’t forget that amasmikam is your brother. Aren’t you scratching your head and trying to make it bald Let Unni’s exams be over. Who knows about that poor Kasturba’s state?


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This Brahmin who is lying here is going to marry movle girl. Cigarette smoking won’t harm the baby in the computer. He has made it by heart. She has predominantly acted in Malayalam and Hindi language films, besides appearing in a number of Tamil productions.

Tell her that there is nothing to worry. Like the love stories which you read in some weekly’s.

Particularly there is nothing wrong. Now everyone has got a new gossip to discuss. Hearing all this we lost our mood.

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There is only one way to remember names. She is 40 years old. Cross the road carefully.