We do have law and order people. What we’ll do we’ll just go and start burning theirs in front of parliament house Leading up to these events, , text messages were sent and received to mobilise the rioters and those who retaliated. I’m going out to pay the dole for these people who want to blow me up! Media Watch accepts that viewers may have concluded that an award of damages would necessarily be determined against Mr Jones, rather than the intended meaning that the matter was entering what is known as the “damages phase” in which the court would consider defences from Mr Jones, and which could result in a final determination of nil damages. Mon 16 Apr , Definition Films Post Production Supervisor:

The Prime Minister thinks you’re an outstanding broadcaster and the Opposition leader still talks to you. This will only make things worse. Now, ah, my grandfather was an old digger and he used to say to me when we were growing up ‘Listen, shoot one, the rest will run! Kylie Boltin Video Editing: Nick Searle Additional research: Well I’ll tell you what kind of grubs this lot were.

Katherine Leigh Business Affairs: John has a good answer, he says that it seems that the police and the council are impotent here. It’s not just a few Middle-Eastern bastards at the weekend, its thousands.

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And there is standard that has to apply and if you don’t meet this standard you should be rounded up. I made reference yesterday on my radio program to the fact that far from the findings of ACMA having any validity I repeatedly and constantly in the weeks leading up to the Cronulla riots argued for restraint. Am I allowed to ask wherein lies the vilification?


It’s not a few causing trouble, it’s all of them Two other presenters – Brian Wilshire and Malcolm T Elliott – were both found crohulla have broadcast material likely to vilify racial groups.

Listen to this audio from the Alan Jones Show, 8th December, I’m going out to pay the dole for these people who want to blow me up! The reality is that on television programmes and in newspapers right across this country the headlines scream it out from north to south. All rhetoric and no action. I strongly encourage industry and ACMA to get this review underway now On May the 9th, Alan is before the Administrative Decisions Tribunal for having read that Lebanese male Muslims rape, pillage and plunder nations that take them in.

A committee has been formed to propose building a monument to Ricky Ponting in his home suburb of Mowbray.

Nick Searle Additional research: Robert Reeve Production Accountant: This will only make things worse. Get these blokes a bit of a rifle butt in the face and they’ll, they’ll back off, they’re cowards! Even with Alan Jones’s renowned capacity to work around the clock, you’d have to wonder when he’s going to find the time to pursue ACMA – as he’s promised.


Nichole Walkling Online Editor: Jordan Guiao Contributor interviews: I’ve got 2 blooming jobs, what sort of a mug am I? Bronwyn Speziale Executive Producer: Plenty of calls, we’re here to 10 o’clock. Mon 16 Apr The video is no longer available.

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But its finding against Alan Jones triggered an eruption at 2GB. Explore the riots in an entirely new, immersive way.

Following three complaints to ACMA, an investigation has begun into Alan Jones’s broadcasts over the week before the riots. David White Legal Advisor: In the meantime, the Senator can no doubt occupy herself reading the letters and emails from Jones’s fans. Yeah, good on you John.

What we’ll do we’ll just go and start burning theirs in front of parliament house Well, I’ll tell you what kind of grubs this lot were. Well if it gets to that we might have to do that, you follow what I’m saying? Melanie Annan Line Producer: But, 2GB continued accepting Fincorp’s ad dollars.

What kind of grubs? On April the 20th, Alan Jones will be sentenced for naming a child witness who gave evidence in a rape trial.