I hereby announce the engagement of my elder son Neel with Panchi who is from the well known Dobriyal Family of this City. Haseena is talking to Chand. They need some excuse to stop the work. Chand stops the Car. Chand starts the Car and takes a reverse to go back to where they came from Jay stops the Car and gets out. The girls sit on the stools near the Bar counter. He construction workers hit on the ice with heavy wooden stakes continuously.

Haseena reluctantly follows him. Where am I trapped? She keeps both her hands on her head and turns from the window. Have I already lost you? Anamika episode 4th september We have huge collection of unlimited Anamika serial 99 episode ‘s songs. At the Forest the workers are digging the Ice with wooden stakes.

Anamika – Episode 133 – 29th May 2013

He came to my life like an angel. Pia thinks, ‘She knows me very well’ Pia: Papiya Dey as Wnamika Dobriyal. Anamika episode 16th april This video and mp3 song of Anamika episode 16th april is published by SET India on 17 Apr Your voice has guided me in this City Mrs Khurana and Neel has epsode you.


He just stood up for me. Let’s have a drink. And by the way what are you doing here?

Chand comes closer to Drrama Chand: Neel and Mrs Khurana goes with Arnab. Anamika episode 4th september Misha tells her that in the morning she would understands her and teases her calling Mr Khurana.

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The Workers get up and looks around as if terrified Chand: At the Forest the workers are digging the Ice with wooden stakes. It is beyond all the laws of nature and universe. You are not going anywhere Abhay. They are happy with this relationship.

Please talk to me. Till then you will stay frozen in the Ice sleeping Think that he got free from a monster’s life And talking of episose Pia gets out of the Car and thank Maya.

Anamika serial 99 episode video & mp3 songs.

I am going Pia’. Mrs Khurana gives Neel the ring.

Anamika episode 6th may At the Jungle workers are digging the ice with heavy wooden sticks. Episode starts with Kabir talking about Misha in his intoxicated state.


Dipannita excuses herself from there telling them that she would be back fast. Pia closes her eyes and tries to communicate. Meanwhile local Police Inspector Pratap, none other than Vikram’s brother-in-law, continues his investigation anqmika collects evidence in order to arrest Vikram for Anamika’s death.

This Car also had to break down now? I promise that I would give your daughter all the World’s happiness. But he did not care You are anammika yourself in danger by using your powers like this The Car crosses each other. Do not copy Content from this Blog. Anamika episode 9th september This video and mp3 song of Anamika episode 9th september is published by SET India on 10 Sep