Jarvis Doubles Evan Jarvis was getting short on chips and made the decision to take a stand. Hellmuth, who was a slight underdog in the hand, had an ace-high flush draw after the turn, the fourth community card. That meant it was time for Rasic to play a waiting game while the staff figured out what had happened. One player still trading clay asked the masseuse working on another player at his table if she could find him one of her colleagues to do a little shoulder work, but seemed less than pleased with the answer. Chicago, , United States. Our in-depth reviews make it easy to pick the right poker site. Instead of going to dinner for 90 minutes and then coming back to play two more levels of poker, our remaining players will come back to play a single level before getting the night off. Hansen has a well developed stack now and Matusow cries from the next table, “I root for Gus in every hand I’m not in!

The original raiser got out of the way but Akopyan made the call. When submitting content, please abide by our submission guidelines , and avoid posting profanity, personal attacks or harassment. It’s break time for the first time today and we’re about a hundred players lighter than we began the day. He recently played a hand heads-up against a player where they saw a board of A-K For regular use of any of the information, please contact us at gpi zokay. We’re still dropping players like they’re hot, though, and we might hit remaining before tonight’s dinner break if we keep it up.

Hammond, IN, United States. Raptor versus Matros This was a huge pot.

Hellmuth, who won the main event in and has won a record 11 events at the world series, pushed in his lastchips on Sunday with an ace and a queen and found himself against the jacks of New York poker player Andrew Rosskamm. As of right now Rasic is still in play, but without a quick double-up he’ll be on the rail pretty soon.


Every time there’s an all-in and a call, someone from ESPN has to check out the action and decide if they’re going to bring a camera crew over. Mar 4 – 10, at InterContinental Hotel.

The players are busting out faster right now than the WSOP staff can handle them.

Andrew Rosskamm – Poker Player

Who will bust the most donks and who will last the longest? He open-shoved from early-middle position and watched as Paulo Loureiro re-shipped over the top.

Back from dinner we saw him consistently open a large majority of pots at his table. Mark Vos is one of the guys up in the chip lead position, he’s just been donated a few hundred thousand.

Event 54, Main Event No-Limit Hold’em

Your home base for the latest poker news from the live pro tours, the Twittersphere and more. Evan Jarvis was getting short on chips and made the decision to take a stand.

Play has commenced in the main event once again today. Joel Fischbein opened the pot and Carpenter moved all-in. It’s becoming a big problem so he called the floor and asked for a much needed color up so he could have some space to maneuver.

The hand started with Joe Bishop opening the pot from late position and Fuhs calling in the big blind.

Andrew Rosskamm | Poker Players | PokerNews

A ten on the turn nearly brought tears to his eyes as he dropped to his knees and threw his arms up to the heavens. Then the minute break will officially commence. Here, eat a couple of these blue pills, they should help. Chicago,United States. Please try the best alternative which is available for your location: Ok fine, you win.

The action returned to Keller and he made the call. Where’s The Immovable Object? The WSOP staff reclaimed the chips belonging to Rasic and reseated him, where he was all smiles after taking a bad beat away from the table but managing to survive anyhow.


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Andrew Rosskamm Eliminated in 7th Place ($77,392)

K-JJohnny Chan A-7 vs. Find the best poker sites to start your online poker quest.

But a two of spades fell on the river, and Hellmuth was eliminated in 45th place. Rockets came at the right time for Poels. That put Keller deep into the tank, considering his options, as the hordes of media, ESPN camera crews, and other players gathered around the table to see what was going on. The hand started with the player under the gun opening and Sarkis Akopyan calling in the hijack.

There are only four crews on the floor, though, so some of our tables are waiting several minutes for a producer to let them move forward with their hands.

Top Money Finishers Prize 1.

For regular use of any of the information, please contact us at gpi zokay. Who IS this guy anyway? Rafael Caiaffa had one foot out the door when he got all in with pocket tens against his opponents pocket queens. Ready to play for real? Jeff Kimber is the highest placed Brit at the moment. I call,” he said and pushed in his stack. A player from early position raised it and Tiffany Michelle reraised from the button.

Hellmuth was assessed a one-orbit penalty, meaning he would have had to sit out play Sunday for the first round of action around the table. Note the classy shirt.