February 23, [22]. FTSE Russell does not accept any liability, of any kind, to any person arising as a result of any loss or damage or indirectly from the use of any content on such third party website or subsequent links. Amai tries to finish him off but is shot by Yoshikawa, who has arrived to put Last Order into her incubator. Aleister then uses Testament, with Last Order’s authorization, to summon an angel to appear in the city to target those who use magic. Despite their heavy loses, the remaining BLOCK members, Saku Tatsuhiko and Megumi Teshio, continues their next part of the plan, bringing the mercenaries to Academy City’s detention facility and kidnap Awaki’s gang to use as leverage to make her help them enter the Windowless building and kill Aleister. As everyone recovers, Mikoto gives her thanks to Kuroko. By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies.

Meanwhile, Accelerator battles Misaka , quickly defeating her. As Shizuru chases him to get the Ability Crystals, Shiage leads her to an abandoned building and using himself as bait, defeats Shizuru after stabbing a Crystal in her right eye, shooting her and knocking her out with a punch. Mikoto believes that sacrificing herself is the best solution to save her Sisters because the scientists no longer have Tree Diagram, which Index earlier destroyed when St. The notices may also communicate revisions in index treatment in the period up to a rule change. Staff and directed by Hiroshi Nishikiori, the anime adaptation was confirmed on June 3, in the sixteenth volume of Toaru Majutsu no Index , [1] and the official website began to stream promotional videos on July 7, Despite Teitoku’s Dark Matter, Accelerator manages to defeat him.

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Archived from the original on September 5, However, she left the organization due to her resenting both her fate as a priestess and the concept of luck and fortune. During the last day of summer vacation, he is approached by a younger Misaka clone capable of showing emotions, who introduces herself as Misakanicknamed Last Order, and begins to follow him around, much to his annoyance.

A DVD Box Set of the first season of Index was released on December 22, containing the first twelve episodes of the season, with a second Box Set scheduled to be released on March 9, containing the rest of the indes.

In Russia, Sasha Kruezhevtrying to learn the side effects of her body after the Archangel Gabriel possessed her, is harassed by her superior, Vasilisa.

Amai tries to finish him off but is shot by Yoshikawa, who has arrived to put Last Order ineex her incubator. Meanwhile, Index separates from Mikoto in order to pursue a runaway Sphinx and is attacked by Golem Animeowot. As Acqua retreats with Vento and the rest of her men from Academy City, Accelerator is captured by the city’s security forces.


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Accelerator manages to track down Amai and knocks him out before he can escape with Last Order. Accelerator is unable to fully stop the bullet, having chosen to finish removing the virus instead of protecting himself, and collapses afterward.

The Amakusa Catholics only got involved as Orsola sought them for protection but ran away as she did not trust them. Just then, the other ships start shooting at them, causing them to fall into the sea, but they are rescued by Index and the Amakusa Catholics using a magical submersible boat. He explains to Itsuwa that he and Tsuchimikado are trying to find Constantine’s Document, also known as the C Document, a magical item that was long ago given by Emperor Constantine to the Pope which allowed whatever the user believes, the people living on Papal Lands also believed it, which Tsuchimikado believes is responsible for the world wide anti-Academy City protest.

Meanwhile, back in London, Laura reveals to Stiyl that the true reason she got involved with the Orsola incident was to get the Amakusa Catholics under her control and use them as leverage to ensure Kaori’s loyalty to Necessarius. Kuroko subdues the thieves but is then attacked and wounded by their leader, another teleporter named Awaki Musujime. The Miracle of Endymion From episode 17 episode 15 in the DVD version onwards, a second opening theme, ” Masterpiece ” by Mami Kawada, was used.

He disappears when Index and Aisa come to visit, and Index reveals the Church will now take care of Aisa. As Shizuru chases him to get the Ability Crystals, Shiage leads her to an abandoned building and using himself as bait, defeats Shizuru after stabbing a Crystal in her right eye, shooting her and knocking her out with a punch.

However, while Tsuchikimado tries to track Oriana, she goes straight to him and attacks him. His mission was actually to protect Index, who possesses photographic memory of thegrimoires implanted in her mind called the Index Librorum Prohibitorum.

As they hide from their pursuers inside the ship, both of them realize the assassins were from the Catholic Church and there eeries a fleet of ice ships heading towards the Adriatic Sea. Aninewoot 1, Part One: However, one of their sreies is actually Etzali in disguise, who alerts the city’s drone helicopters to head to their location and stop the mercenaries.


March 25, [14]. Meanwhile, Tsuchimikado is investigating Vento’s actions, and comes across a white spectral being. In the past, Mikoto had attracted a group of doctors, who told her that her ability may help people with paralysisonly to later learn about her DNA being used to create clones for the military in Academy City and was horrified to witness how her Sisters were used to fight Accelerator. Archived from the original on November 13, Despite Teitoku’s Dark Matter, Accelerator manages to defeat him.

After increasing the time limit of Accelerator’s powers, GROUP’s first mission is to neutralize the threat pose by the Skill-Outs, a gang of Level aniewoot espers led by Ritoku Komabawho are taking advantage of the lack security in the city after the Anti-Skills are forced to defend the city’s outskirts to prepare themselves for more attacks by the Catholic Church. The first Blu-ray and DVD compilation for the series was released on January 23,with one scheduled for each month until all episodes were collected into eight volumes.

Deciding to do some overtime, Accelerator encounters a drunk Misuzu, who is searching for the Dangai University database center for a report, and imdex her off in a taxi.

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Kuroko breaks loose and tries to attack Awaki, only to be shot by her. July 19, [34]. Despite Megumi knocking out Tsuchimikado, Awaki is able to defeat Megumi after getting over her trauma of teleporting herself. Meanwhile, Accelerator battles Misakaquickly defeating her.

Meanwhile, Lidvia escapes by a private jet but is tracked down by Laura via Stiyl’s rune cards sereis has her ejected out of the plane. November 18, [31].

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Laura soon learns that the Stab Sword is actually the Croce di Pietro, an artifact which she fears the Catholic Church will use to put Academy City under their control if the trade goes through. This page was last edited on 24 Februaryat