Later in the same episode, there’s a man that’s afraid of “giant flying sheep” actually clouds. One of two potential punchlines in 9 , where a woman excitedly tells her lover that she’s pregnant. A trailer for the fifth movie. Youtube Comment Edition April 15, A remix of the song by the same group, this time using various comments from the original video. Two characters try to hold an intervention for Larry who keeps snapping people’s necks without realizing it. Everyone Calls Him “Barkeep”:

Black Speech , and the man is turned into an ice cream cone. The song is available on Bandcamp, on Amazon. Then there was a fan-made “Real Life” version. TomSka Meets a Fangirl August 18, Are We There Yet? Not Like Other Girls: A guy in 8 is afraid of backstories.

And he looks so happy about it!

Other than the occasional Splash of Color. In 7the Sun smiles when Saturn calls it fat. Who’s ready to draw? Oh no, here comes one now! Cool and Unusual Punishment: Some kids seem indestructible; to wit the “I Like Trains” kid and his assumed Spiritual Successor the airplane baby. No One Could Survive That!

And now…a cow pretending to be a man

Cute as a buttonbut will blow you up if you step on him. Then there was a fan-made “Real Life” version. Here comes the airplane!


Person 1 is suddenly gone. I Have a Family: Also on deviantArt and on Newgrounds. Alan, are you a cow? Doesn’t stop it from being over-the-top and silly though.

Take a Third Option: A guy is asked to hold a live bomb. Rowdy guy number 1: Pretty much everyone, due to the art style. Larry, who keeps snapping people’s necks without realizing it.

The song and its instrumental version are available on Amazon.

The potato, during his brief bout of badassery in the second movie. A trailer for the fifth movie. His psychologist asks when it started, and he begins to scream in terror. It does absolutely nothing. And gets squished under the ball.

And nowa cow pretending to be a man – Drawception

Meaning someone finally did kill him. Death of a Child: If you look closely at the newspaper the man’s reading in the fourth movie, the headline story reads “Potato Found Dead”.

The butt from 11 farts with enough force to rip people’s faces off. If you can keep up, or are similarly insane, you can see almost all of them in this single compilation if you haven’t already.

Hey, kids, who’s ready to draw?

Said knife Sticks to the Back and is not covered in any way. Hey, what did you get for your birthday? In asdfmovie 4, that kid trying to grab a ball thrown at him isn’t standing far away.


10 years of asdfmovie | asdfmovie | Know Your Meme

An Art Shift gag in 7 reveals every single person so far has been naked this whole time, the monochromatic art style just didn’t make it obvious. What time is it? Amn announcement of a competition to make a skit to be remade and used in the third movie. Damn You, Muscle Memory! Department of Redundancy Department: No wonder the cop was so freaked out by the “got your jan guy. Failed a Spot Check: TomSka June 27, All of the characters are completely out of touch with the reality we know.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Also on DeviantArt and on Newgrounds. The Videos Works in the Series in Bold.