They are my everything. Waiting for ur replies!!! Adarsh, You love her? U fell from the bike?? Adarsh was the person Sakshi loved? She will make an excellent addition to our family… Right Swara? From Nepal 12th May – 7:

But that means, Love increases. But Adarsh was still. Swara quickly recounted the facts that Sakshi had told them that day. Muahh you added star plus aha Just an awesome episode!!! After seeing that the guests were being distracted and everything was being managed by the others, Swara went up to her room to see a tearful Sakshi sitting on the bed being comforted by AP. How they are NICE to each other? Shagun 12th May – 4:

Sone Ki Chirya – Episode | HaydiSeyret

Yaar plz try to update……. Sakshi looking at Adarsh: Anjali Sree k kya hal chal hain pata hain kya?

I thought it was because of your family. But Adarsh was still. She went downstairs and saw Sanskaar smiling playfully at her. You think whatever you want. Sakshi entered and looked at them puzzled. Sakshi stopped hitting him and looked at him straight in the eye. What on Earth were you episdoe AP, Swara and Sanskaar stood shocked.

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Rosh 12th May – 8: Ik you have been waiting for this update for a long time… Sorry!! Previous Page 2 of 2. Why are y asking permission and all… just send me a request….?? If you had just stayed there instead of leaving, devrni would have heard devrahi tell Sujata that we will ask Adarsh first!


She got up from the bed wiping her tears and started going out of the room. Sakshi, What did I tell you when I first met you about my family? Anu beti… create an account…. Waiting for ur replies!!! I like to watch you suffer with curiosity.

When did you get such a high handed attitude?

Bhabhi number 2 has been decided… Laksh delighted: So now you want a nick name? I like her a lot.

I love… He paused, but shrugged it off. Sakshi blushed and Laksh entered. What are you saying? She went and sat next to Sakshi. Swara called after her and she stopped again, but not turning back.

An badj Adarsh stood there looking at Sakshi and Sanskaar was walking towards Swara, at a loss of how to proceed. Really, It seemed like no one could leave the room without being stopped by someone.

That morning, Before I left for Mumbai, I was so happy. edvrani

Rishthon Se Badi Pratha [ Episode 120] – 6th May 2011 pt-1

I love you Adarsh! His words were for Sakshi and Sakshi alone.


Sanskaar smiling at her: They turned the other way, and tried to think of things that could lighten up this awkwardness. She is in London now, studying. Ma has fixed my relation with someone else. By the way i have send u a text in Facebook…. Swara looking at Sakshi: Swara hugging Sakshi sideways and bringing her in front of AP: Anu 13th May – 8: Glad you liked it!! episodde


He kissed her quickly and softly. But Sakshi had no eyes for anyone but Adarsh. I loved this epi.?? What made you break up with bxdi Sakshi joyfully, with tears: But I cannot stay here. She made a face at him and turned the other side. Why are you so irritating, Mr Maheshwari?

If you can identify….