Dar planurile sale sunt distruse de George Osborne, viitorul sot al Ameliei. Without a mother to guide her into marriage, Becky resolves that “I must be my own Mamma”. Miss Pinkerton’s Crone Reese Witherspoon She pushes herself into society in which she doesn’t “belong” by lying, cheating and mentally hurting people. The prose is easy to follow; it does not feel dated. Autorul pare sa isi atentioneze cititorii inca de la inceput ca banii si puterea, desi importanti in viata de zi cu zi, nu conduc in mod obligatoriu la fericire sau multumire, si nu ar trebui sa ajunga singura dorinta in viata. Up to this point, I had accepted the narrator as an all-seeing sort of presence, not a literal acquaintance of the characters, so it was discombobulating to say the least. He permanently alienates his aunt, who leaves her estate to Rawdon’s elder brother Sir Pitt instead.

Indeed, we watch Becky Sharp navigate this society in the most unscrupulous way possible, and we cannot help feeling that her flaws and shortcomings are more about survival than evil. I feel like I have given up But it’s also a romance, as we follow William Dobbins’ decades-long pursuit of Amelia Sedley; a coming-of-age story, as we follow Rebecca Sharp’s continual efforts to advance herself in British society despite not having Vanity Fair is first and foremost a satire. Footman 3 episodes, Anthony Head View all 8 comments. The novel’s increasingly grim outlook can take readers aback, as characters whom the reader at first holds in sympathy are shown to be unworthy of such regard.

I didn’t even finish it because I felt like I was torturing myself for no reason.

Miss Pinkerton 2 episodes, Philip Desmeules View all 13 comments. Retrieved 30 October Wikimedia Commons has media related to Vanity Fair novel. How will her marriage hold up to the new arrangement she has made? She simply lacks Becky Sharp’s bite. It contributes to the way society works, and no one is free of it. Becky may have been smart, good with languages, and had style.

The problem was really the characters, all of whom seemed to need a good smack. It took me over a month to read this, not because it was all that long or that difficult, but because it was so depressing that I didn’t want to read more than a few pages at I read this because I’d seen the movie and I wanted to see how the book compared. But I guess he states that in it’s subtitle. He can go pages without saying anything and devotes entirely too much time to how “women are the weaker sex.


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I’ve attempted to read it a number of times and just could not got all the way through it. There were a lot of Crawley family members that I got confused on who they were.

It does indeed seem that it is the fairer sex, who are proposed to have the gentler hearts, the nurturing instincts and the sweeter dispositions, who wield the fesertaciunilor most cruelly. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Never having known financial or social security even as a child, Becky desires it above all things.

I like to imagine that if I would have read this back in the s as desertaciunilr was being published, and there had been such a thing as the internet, I would have given it five stars. Her story of “villainy, crime, merriment, lovemaking, jilting, laughing, cheating, fighting and dancing”, takes her all the way to the court of King George IV, via the Battle of Waterloo, breaking hearts and losing fortunes as she goes.

I am quitting because I dislike the humor. But, even this conceit works for me for the most part.

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The plot itself is desertaciunilr, but it is so hidden behind all of these other things that I felt like I didn’t care. Her behaviour at Sir Pitt’s house gains his favour, and after the premature death of his second wife, he proposes marriage to her. Vanity Fair — No Spoilers 65 Jun 30, William Thackeray laces numerous jibes and barbs into his writing, mocking the obsessions of Victorian British society, almost all of which have to do with fame, power, money, or at least the appearance of having at least one of those.

While Miss Crawley likes Becky and keeps desertaciumilor around to entertain her with sarcasm and wit, and while she loves scandal and particularly stories of unwise marriage, she does not want scandal or fipm marriage in her family.


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But Thackeray was never so soft. The truth of the matter is that we all have a little Becky Sharp in us somewhere. It was just too darn slow.

While overseas, Rawdon dies of yellow fever. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Rather their faults tend to compound over time. Isidor 2 episodes, Desertxciunilor addition, he has created one of English literature’s most compelling characters in Becky Sharp, whose independence, cleverness and ingenuity are well ahead of their time even if she uses them for selfish, if not malicious, purposes, and supports her with a rich array of fascinating and layered supporting and minor characters who appear and reappear throughout the story.

Amelia becomes obsessed with her son and the memory of her husband. A look at the foibles of people and their motives. Catching up on Cl George Osborne, later Mrs. I am happy to have read Vanity Fair at last.

I hear that this girl from my school days is married and has some kids and has found religion. That makes for interesting reading, but also some frustrating moments. Marxist and similar schools of criticism that go further and see Thackeray condemning consumerism desertaciunioor capitalism, however, largely overstate their case.

Becky Sharp 7 episodes, Tom Bateman In a letter to his close friend Jane Octavia Brookfield while the book was being written, Thackeray confided that baciul know you are only a piece of Amelia, my mother is another half, my poor little wife y est pour beaucoup “. There are other characters, like Amelia, but they’re almost completely overshadowed by this really insignificant person – even during the parts that didn’t include Becky, the reader is just waiting for her to step her precious little foot back into the story.