She gave me everything kinky sex, suspense and the emotional, kill me now, roller coaster ride. Big full lips that are far nicer than most I have kissed. The dialogue is so stilted and forced, and the “cops” Nate and Ryder don’t make any sense at all as policemen or whatever’s. Maya Traydon was just driving home one night, she didn’t expect the way her life would change. I enjoyed reading the hot scenes, I enjoyed reading the thrill, but I think Bec Botefuhr’s style of writing lack of something I can’t put a finger on. Jul 30, Moorina rated it really liked it Shelves: I’ll definitely read the updated version and write another one!

Thinking that she is going to be stuck with two old and fat cops, she protests. As for the serial killer, he gives the story angst, fear especially when Bec gives you his POV. Girl goes into witness protection in her own city. I think one of the glaring issues that kept recurring was the use of colloquialisms. I tried, but I just couldn’t get into the characters or story. Everything about this novel annoys and confuses me. Apr 04, Jodie rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this more than the first!

Apr 27, Rachel Swords rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Just so you know, I loved that part and it was probably the only part that was very intriguing. But once I got over that I really enjoyed it. Nate is his best friend, gay and aeries love with Ryder. She had to live with two hot cops – Ryder and Nathan.

Does LOVE conquer all? I love that friendship and closeness. She witnessed a murder and now she is need of protection and that’s how she meets Ryder and Nate. There were too many times that instead of bbec terminology or phrasing that is American there were what I believe to be Au Giving this 2 stars is being generous.


Dark Brother Series

What’s not to love! Nate has feelings beyond friendship for Ryder and Ryder has feelings for Nate that are not beyond friendship.

On the run from a killer and trapped with a man who is awakening serifs her sexual desires. My belief is that all Authors are great, no matter what they write. I hate giving bad reviews, but Witness Protection is a train wreck. Great followup and enjoyed it very much! And what is up with the Witness Protection crap, they keep her in the same city and she can still visit her family and talk to her friends. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Aside from all that, the whole relationship, I use that term loosely, between Maya and Ryder is just ridiculous.

And then seriously I was really taken back by how rude Ryder was.

The Witness Series

This book’s not BAM! I would like to seen a weddng.

I have to say I had high expectation for this one, following the first. This story begins when Maya accidentally sees a serial killer in the middle of murdering his next victim, which then moves Maya to the top of next up list. So pick a location and stick with it cause it can be distracting. The book wrapped everything up in a big beautiful red bow. I came up with my books from dreams and I love each and every one of them, I know my characters and I live them each day.

When they go to Nate’s parents’ house, Ryder and Maya have loud sex on the washing machine in the laundry room with the rest of the family in the kitchen on the other side of the door. Also, he was a dick when she discovered his role in BDSM.

The arguing which lead to sexual tension. And that dialogue was worse than a time traveller from the ‘s.

You have a gorgeous body, flat and curvy at the same time. One of the biggies is she really needs an editor.


They have incredible chemistry and being together is one witnese the few things that make sense. Hard to feel fear for the character. There was no in between or ramp up to a big shouting match. I don’t know how to explain it. What I did like was the banter. And the serial killer. They don’t get to keep their cell phone and call and visit their family.

Forsaken (The Witness, #2) by Bec Botefuhr

Return to Book Page. Forsaken continues on from where Witness Protection finishes. May 23, April Brookshire rated it liked it Shelves: Sitness are anything but fat and old. Marry me Maya, because my life without you is empty. They live in a gigantic house. This book is book two in the witness series. I loved the story and characters enough to give this one another read if it is ever expanded. I mean his parent are, but that is just an ICK factor of about Feb 18, Leigh Parrish added it.

May 14, Claire rated it it was amazing. I find myself loving you more each time you flash that beautiful smile at me, and no matter what has happened, it only gets better. I never really got the “master in control” vibe from Ryder. Kindle Editionpages.

Dark Brother Series by Bec Botefuhr

sdries The day you walked into that unit and challenged me, was the day you changed me. They never speak in contractions. It continues on with Ryder, Maya, and Nate Maya–I liked her to a point.