Do what needs doing, even if it terrifies you. Sometimes characters can be too stubborn or unwilling to accept help, but she never frustrated me in that regard. Though parts may have felt a bit rushed, everything tied up nicely and rather realistically as well. Her life as a child in the palace was not as blissful as it seemed. No, I do not think this is a rip-off. I enjoyed the storytelling and the setup was interesting. The more she fought back and rebelled, the more I came to love her. You’re introduced to Essie as she is partaking in a fighting match.

Most of the characters were nothing remarkable either. Or maybe there’s a reason why the antagonist hated our heroine so bloody much, but I wouldn’t know because the book has never expounded on it. You’re introduced to Essie as she is partaking in a fighting match. There was a lot going on, and I always wanted to know what was happening and what would happen next. He was sexually abusing her when she was little and it felt out of place in this particular book. There’s this one bit towards the end between her and another character that is revealed and it didn’t shock me, but it confused me because she was interacting with this character during the book and didn’t mention it. Not only about the planets and the places they’re inhabiting, but about how their orbits and stuff work as well, because there’s some space travel in this one. So I was thoroughly entertained while reading the book.

Again I was surprised. She should’ve been all sorts of panicked. But Snow – Essie – didn’t just disappear.

This is definitely a lot of fun, but it’s hard to look past the many parallels to the ‘Lunar Chronicles’ by Marissa Meyer. However, this did not plkt my review in any way.


The problem with some retellings is that plot points from the bdrock fairytale can feel forced into the story, but I never had this problem with Stitching Snow. Is she ready to confront her past? I do not read about rape, severe child abuse, and twost definitely not about child rape. Ultimately, Stitching Snow filled me up with a yearning for better constructed worlds in the Scifi genre, oddly enough a craving for steampunk and fairy tales retellings in general.

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Stitching Snow is, unfortunately, a standalone. With a cute dimwit drone and a very strong heroine, I would recommend this book if you love retellings and wish to be swept off your feet into a world of action, adventure, and romance.

The antagonist’s simple-mindedness and the book’s failure to bring something new to the table in this regard wasn’t something that I could overlook as well. Sure, there are similarities, and you might feel like Cinder did them better or plott but it’s not like you can’t enjoy them both. That day comes when a strange ship crashes on Thanda, beari Essie has a secret.

There’s also something we find out about the king toward the end of the story, which I thought was out of place and an uneccessary way to further Essie’s character arc.

Iztok Smolic

Suzy Q I’ve talked to the author, and it was written before Cinder was published, so it isn’t copied from that. Lewis wasn’t too big on descriptions, or even describing things past the bare basics. Yesthere are some similarities.

I mean, it’s cool to be bombarded with technical mumbo-jumbo since our heroine, Essie, is a mechanic It’s a straightforward “missing princess comes back to reclaim the throne” story line, with most of the originality directed toward the setting. It’s a giant worm that burrows in the bedrock and –Dimwit, I said stop! Essie was fun, sassy, intelligent and stitcbes independent.


An advance copy was provided by the publisher for this review. It was such a fun adventure. We only know that she hates Essie because “she’s in the way”. Spoiler relating to what I stated at the start view spoiler [ That’s when I stumbled across the lovely scene where Sttitches father comes to her room when she’s alone and attempts to rape her again. The love interest is a kidnapper, and I don’t give a fuck.

Maybe I am the only person in my own universe who didn’t like this movie, or maybe not. I had to create one.

And the droids in Cinder They were just so adorable! It was entertaining enough while I bedorck it, but it’s nothing really remarkable and I know I won’t spare much thought about this book afterwards. It did and now I’m glad that I continued.

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Despite my familiarity with the whole concept I still was surprised with some moments in this book. I think I’m in love with you, Essie. The plot itself is a tad hard to explain. A book you meant to read in but didn’t.

Stitching Snow

I danced with him as he tried to maneuver his free arm to grab me and kicked the side of his knee. And Essie was strong, I like that. Most of the bwdrock were nothing remarkable either. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.