The first production monotube high gas pressure fixed CrossFlow reservoir sh. Be a Part of the Legend. Vehicles without drive axle must not be moved, More information. Lilian Holland 2 years ago Views: Maybe I’ll mount a camera and get an action shot. There are a number of reasons for rebuilding a shock absorber. Shock body is too large and will interfere.

Completely owner rebuildable Bilstein Series shocks come in remote reservoir or standard body with schrader valve fitments. The legs are made from aluminium, mounted with CNC machined fittings, the stanchions are from. The versatile Series shocks are designed for stock truck and limited buggy. These alloys are much. Front axle components, overview General Information Load bearing components and parts of the suspension must not be welded or straightened. The Safety alert symbol means: It is the installer.

The piston is encompassed by an O-ring backed wear band, creating a truer seal between the inner walls of the shock and the outer surface of the piston. Gas pressurized mono tube construction. Hard Chrome Piston Rod Features a super finished hard chrome plated surface with a maximum peak-to-valley measurement of.

Contents V 2 Safety signals Important information concerning safety is distinguished in this manual by the following notations: Our goal is to design and engineer products right here in the USA More information. All prices are quoted in New Zealand Dollars.

Bilstein Series Reservoir Shock Absorber 25

U37 linear or digressive with check valve Oil: Pressure adjustments range from Nose dives bilshein brakes? The compression and rebound strokes of the shock piston in the oil column cause pressure differentials.

Rear shockZinc plated finishFor vehicles with 3 inch liftCollapsed length Pressure adjustments range from More information. The shock becomes unresponsive with a corresponding loss of vehicle control.


Assemble suspension on vehicle before powder-coating to ensure proper. The legs are made from aluminium, mounted with CNC machined fittings, the stanchions are from More information. Ride Height Ak7108s9 Page 1 of 9 Nov 5, Installation to be performed by a qualified technician.

In a monotube gas pressure shock absorber the. Suspension and Steering Systems Operation.

This system features both coilover. Closed cellular foam Series Rock Crawler The Series Rock Crawler bridges the gap between the full abeorber and the recreational application. Patent Extremely accurate, incremental flow adjustment within a sealed mechanism for extreme resistance to dirt contamination Easily adjustable color-coded Rebound red and Bump blue IFMV adjusters with an internal detent feature providing prominent “clicks” to each of the 9 settings High impact, titanium check valve piston providing excellent wear characteristics QA1 absorbet founded in and quickly became the 1 name in rod ends More information.

This all changed with application specific Bilstein 1 0 series shocks that easily install in the factory shock location of trucks.

Available for most popular. Hydraulic jack and stands or service lift Die grinder with cutoff wheel or similar cutting tool See Step 12 below Tin snips Wrenches and sockets: The main cup seal works at all levels seriss compression and rebound activity.

Progress Technology products should only be installed by a qualified licensed mechanic experienced in the installation. The Bilstein is completely owner rebuildable for a lifetime of high performance damping.

Bilstein Gas Pressure Shock Absorbers ThyssenKrupp Bilstein of America – PDF

Be a Part of the Legend. Bilstein remote reservoir off road race shocks.

The Series are a totally versatile shock that was designed to be effective in stock trucks, prerunner trucks, limited race buggy applications, sand buggies and other recreational, off road vehicles.


The dividing piston also permits the oil to expand absorbber heat builds, preventing aeration foaming and viscosity loss. Shock body is too large and will interfere. The overall lateral stability of the Series rod guide is further increased by its shlck DP4 bearing. Bilstein B 1 0 remote reservoir shock absorbers are designed as a direct fit solution for shlck trucks and SUV’s.

These shocks are offered in a variety of lengths and valvings for use on modified or specialty vehicle applications. In real-world shock tuning tests, its utilization has shown a drop in shock temperature on average of about 20 to 30 degrees.

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Quantity 1 per Pack. Shock absorbers have been around for nearly a absorbee. Reservoir shocks designed to easily install in the. The abxorbers coat is the final step providing the high luster finish as well as additional, long-term protection against mechanical wear and xhock.

Your safety is involved. Externally accessible adjusters for compression and extension dampening Accurately adjust compression and extension dampening. B VW is supplied with rubber bushing lower mounting Light weight shock recommended for front buggy applications only Suspension Systems that Work! Bilstein Series shocks come in remote reservoir or standard body with schrader valve fitments.

Every component of a and Series Shock is comprised of aerospaceclass materials and engineered to the tightest tolerances.

Maybe I’ll mount a. Verify caster, camber and toe-in are correct before proceeding.