A market order makes it possible to buy or sell shares immediately at any price. Then orders will be moved to ‘W’ status waiting for execution and will not be cancellable anymore. Another possible scenario is that the bond repayment is linked to a stock market index. Nevertheless, you can confirm your order by introducing your confirmation code , a confirmation message will then automatically be sent to Euronext and your order will be executed outside of the Collar. The ISIN code is the international standard for designating a financial instrument. A bond has a nominal interest rate of 5.

Market orders can only be entered during the opening hours of OMX. It is possible to obtain a rating for the bonds available through our site. Limit orders can be placed both on the cash and forward markets. The yield of a bond issued in euros may be smaller than those issued in certain other currencies e. The Copenhagen market is open from 9. The obligor’s capacity to meet its financial commitment on the obligation is very strong. The denominator is set on the basis of days. B An obligation rated ‘B’ is more vulnerable to nonpayment than obligations rated ‘BB’, but the obligor currently has the capacity to meet its financial commitment on the obligation.

The following question then arises: Yield on the sale price ask yield and on the purchase price bid yield. B1 – B3 Bonds which are rated B generally lack characteristics of the desirable investment. If the order is sent at a time when a fluctuation occurs in the market, it is likely to be rejected by the exchange. Occasionally, the market maker is not present on the market. This means that if the share quote drops till 95 USD, your order will be activated and becomes a marketorder that will be executed against marketprice.

A stop order is a market price order, where you decide at which quote your order becomes a market order Please note: The different types of coupons will be detailed later in this document Day Count: The total underwritten amount must always be a multiple of that minimum amount.

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Pickingg, you can confirm your order by introducing your confirmation codea confirmation message will then automatically be sent to Euronext and your order will be executed outside of the Collar. They carry the smallest degree of investment risk and are generally referred to as “gilt edged. Information on price The seller bid and buyer ask price Prices are always expressed in the form of a percentage of the nominal value that bkz wish to buy.


In addition, Keytrade Bank advises its customers serke inform themselves of the maturity dates and first notice days of futures contracts in which they hold positions and to ensure to close them before the required dates, as explained below. Your stop price will then automatically follow the last price when it goes higher respecting the distance you specified.

Following an in-depth analysis of the issuers, these agencies award them a credit rating, which is an indication of the issuers’ level of solvency.

For this new order a transaction fee will be counted.

It will be agreed with the investment banker that the issue on the primary market will have the following characteristics:. When creating a Stop On Quote order, it is important to take into account the tick size. Method used to calculate accrued interest This figure is given purely for the purposes of information Please refer to the pickinb principles” 6.

The reason for this could simply be that the bond was issued in a high-yield currency. Quality and rating The quality of the issuer is often expressed through its rating, which gives an indication of its level of solvency.

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Dividends are adjustments on client accounts and are paid or debited by Keytrade Bank and not by the company representative of the underlying asset. You are therefore recommended to work with a limited order, the limit being close to the last price you find on the order screen.

Orders jajus after 4. When placing a limited order, you do fill in the “price” field. In this case, the dividends are calculated as follows:.

Transactions in futures are realised according to a margin system offering a significant leverage effect. UCI is a general term used for different undertakings as the Mutual Fund, the open-end collective investment scheme Sicav and the closed-end collective investment scheme Sicaf.

When creating a Stop Limit order, it is important to take into account the tick size. Remark 1 When a day order partially gets executed during a trading day, the remaining part that has not been executed yet will be cancelled at the end of the day. Your stop price is You are then invited to deposit funds by transfer or bank card, or to reduce your open positions.

The conflict between risk and return Naturally, every investor is always looking for that impossible combination of “high level of security” and “high yield” for all of their investments. Assurance of interest and principal payments or of maintenance of other terms of the contract over any long period of time may be small. As a consequence, the yield the investor obtains on the investment is less than 5. But this definitely does not mean that a zero bond is not a worthwhile investment.


This would not be the case if you would sell the On the subject of recall of CFDs, if circumstances no longer allow “lending-borrowing” usually in the case of imminent bankruptcySaxo Bank decides to close the short CFDs.

Day Your order will be valid for that day only. Issuing bonds primary market An issuer such as a multinational wishing to issue bonds in order to raise finance for its company will contact a specialist banker who will take care of all the necessary formalities.

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The investor’s net yield, therefore, is only 1. Eurobonds are bonds which are often issued in several European countries simultaneously. If the situation is not resolved, Keytrade Bank reserves the right to close positions on behalf of the customer. You can find out more by going to:. However, adverse economic conditions or changing circumstances are more likely to lead to a weakened capacity of the obligor to meet its financial commitment on the obligation.

This type of order can be compared to a stop order.

Remark 2 If you enter a limit order, your limit may not diverge too much from the last price. About us Keytrade Bank is still the undisputed leader in online trading in Belgium. The buyer will therefore have to pay this sum to the seller. The coupon amount is obtained by multiplying the nominal interest rate by the nominal value of the bond. This does not mean that an interested investor has missed their chance to buy the bond. The stop price you introduce must be higher than the ask of the liquidity provider to buy or lower than the bid of the liquidity provider to sell.