Putting Ult onto someone and flashing into range, only to stand there like an idiot as they keep walking away. I made the video and brought it to the attention of QA analysts at Riot last year when this was also an issue. Mentoring Thread Patch 9. And it is very frustrating to realize it on your own. You know Alistar is going to dash in on you at some point, and for whatever reason, you suspect it will be soon. This explains a lot.

It is in the same manner as former viegar stun, lux singularity minus travel time , Cho gath rupture, brand pillar of flame, etc. Good luck with your practice: As he mentioned, this type of thing can get quite micro-intensive. Rank flair Click here to register your self-updating rank flair. A new effect always cancels the last one. I never knew that THIS is what that was called, ive heard input buffering before but I never knew what it was, but i always knew I could do this, so thanks for showing me.

I am not OP, but basically you have your targeted spell like Vayne’s condemn. I’d actually be glad if they removed it intentionally, seems like there is 0 counterplay to it. It’s easier to understand when you separate animations into two parts: Log bodytgs or sign up in seconds. Consider a Vayne defensively input buffering condemn on Shen, the purpose of canceling is so that you don’t end up walking towards Shen This is a big no-no on ADCs.

I noticed that lately I keep failing my flash ult and either don’t flash or don’t ult.

It seems to me this is just casting the ability outside of your range then walking away while you cast it. It is not bodytahs skillshot in the sense that it is not a skillshot. Please checkout the source code to submit bugs. This is my series for breaking down advanced mechanics, I also post a more basic video series called, “Back to Basics. You cast E on Alistar if you think he’s about to Q you.


Oh so the enemy has a fraction of time to react with his flash as well? Cwst that mean there’s a time frame to get into an enemy range? Yeah, that’s me on the League client.

To my knowledge, summoner spells are the only ccast in the game that do not overwrite previous buffers.

If you’re playing Ryze, and you try to cast W on a target that’s not in range, your character will attempt to walk into range and will immediately cast the W as long as you don’t give another move command in the meantime. And for what it’s worth I never specifically said it’s a bug.

If so, try again later. You were the one that originally told me about the mechanic being removed in 5. The site may be boodytags to work, or may be down occasionally.

HIDDEN nerf to a huge category of champions : leagueoflegends

This would have been documented. If you try to cast Casst on Alistar while he is out of range, it won’t do it, but will instead walk you toward Alistar until you’re in range, at which point it will cast. I don’t think I hope it isn’t intentional. Today I explain what input buffering is and how to apply it in practical situations.


You only want the condemn to happen only and only if that enemy jumps on you. I know, on those select champions it’s not about buffering abilities, but canceling animation. I wanna see your Lux builds: Vayne prepares condemn, and then cancels it. From the video I couldn’t quite tell what you were trying to click on when you’re queuing up borytags ability.

Glad you learned something new: I play this game for 4. I’ve noticed on Renekton that when I go for an E Flash E, that the flash doesn’t go off and I am sitting under a turret out of range. Want to add to the discussion? Our rules apply not just to Reddit but also to our Discord! Fasteer can Q a little before E ends but at the start and middle you can’t Q.


Yes, I played renekton straight for 2 seasons, all night last night It seemed like i couldnt E back out after my combo, perhaps fater is why. I just tested it, annie tibbers-flash input buffer only works for me with that option enabled.


Hmm is there anyone else not affected by this? I’m confused, wouldn’t you have had to buffer it again? If you keep up the videos the way you have been and avoid some hiccups like the toy technique I promise you can make a name for yourself. Wait, so if you cancel the que, it cancels completly or does the enemy has to go into range and it’ll activate? When you buffer you cast the spell at a champion who is out of your range and cancel it, you repeat this process over and over again.

Image i Image i Interesting: Really surprised Riot would talk about a feature like this TBH it seems rather un-intuitive and almost ‘cheat-like’ to beginners abklities, but I’m glad you got the recognition for it!

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. If you just casted condemn on Shen without canceling the buffer you’d end up walking into Shen’s taunt range. faeter

Our rules apply not just to Reddit but also to our Discord! And it is very frustrating to realize it on your own. Somehow I messed it up it never worked for me.