His works in the science fiction, weird and historical fiction genre and his general biography can also be discussed here. And then we have the newbies: Ask your local retailer for the incredible line-up of incentive covers to complete your collection! Leonaur hard backs are cloth bound, have fabric head and tail bands and feature gold foil lettering on their spines, so this may be the ideal way to collect and own the marvellous Craig Kennedy detective story series. Dean Motter’s Mister X presents a mystery. The rich are few and wield unimaginable power and influence.

He killed one Kato’s wife, and the other Kato’s mother. At the old family manse in Louisiana, Special Agent Pendergast is putting to rest long-ignored possessions reminiscent of his wife Helen’s tragic death, only to make a stunning-and dreadful-discovery. MySpace Dark Horse Presents Volume 5 continues to exhibit the greatest comics creators in the biz alongside the newest newbies trying to break in: After many eons, the greatest minds had conquered the apparent impossibility of time travel without borders. A “Return of the Originals” event! Petrie and teams them with Rohmer’s brilliant French detective, Gaston Max in a new adventure set in London and Paris in

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A sweet story with sweet birdies. Heat Vision reports the actor has been set to star in the production which is being led by producers Alfred Gough fgom Miles Millar. These cons and half-truths make life difficult for Frok Joe Shek, doing his best day by day to sift through the corruption and uncover what little truth remains.

The Evolutionary Heroes of Robert E. Moonstone has unearthed the classified govt documents that show the real truth!

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Pulpfest also hopes that dealers and serues sellers will enclose the flyers with their mail-order shipments. So start making your plans, check flight info, gather items to send to the Silent Auction and get ready for the Best Two Days in Howard Fandom.


The as-yet untitled book carries the top-secret code name serries X,” and will be written by American novelist Jeffery Deaver, best known for his series of thrillers featuring forensic genius Lincoln Rhyme. Take a terrifying journey through time and space with the most hideous soldiers ever conceived by science!

Through Tanzania and Zanzibar, into the rainforests of Madagascar, and across the Indian Ocean to Indonesia and the legendary site of the Krakatoa explosion, the Fargos and their ruthless opponents pursue the hunt-but only one can win. An all-new ongoing supernatural horror series with a decidedly modern spin.

If interested, questions and statements about other authors that copied or imitated Merritt’s style can be posted.

The purpose of this mailing list is to discuss the history of fiction magazines, and to exchange information about magazines which have carried fiction, past or present. He has also edited 30 anthologies. Frank Frazetta, one of the most renowned fantasy illustrators of the 20th century, died on May 10th at a hospital near his home in Boca Grande, Fla. Here the reader will discover the application of lie detectors, gyroscopes, seismographs and an arsenal of other equipment, both real and imagined, to the solving of crimes and the bringing of criminals to justice.

The mihty set of volumes will be available individually for downloading, or all on one CD. Black Coat Press – Coming in July! The Knight of Darkness battles outlaw corporations in two thrilling pulp novels by Walter Gibson writing as “Maxwell Grant.

Finally, Doc disguises himself as a big-bandleader to search for an Allied government leader who has mysteriously disappeared. The rich are few and wield unimaginable power and influence.

No one is safe from the monster city newspapers call The Chaos-Maker, as a bomb destroys the state capitol! The second feature stars Death Angel, the avenging hand of justice.

A new novel featuring the world’s most famous secret agent is set to be published on May 28, according to the family company of Bond creator Ian Fleming. Starring Larry “Buster” Crabbe, Flash Gordon became the film standard of space adventures for children and adults the world over! A tragic tale that makes you really feel for all those mythical horrors. Pro Se Productions Episode Canada’s premier pulp event!


Darkness is rising and soon all will hear the Calling! Howard Foundation for the info! Conan confronts some of his most difficult challenges yet when he faces down a werewolf who is being protected by the same tribe that it aims to destroy in “Night of the Wolf,” and he finds a hidden Cimmerian valley filled with the vestiges of an ancient war in “Vale of Death.

If you’re interested in the old pulp magazines, this forum is the place to be. Visit the Pulp Empire website to read stoies online at http: The Scoop has done a two part article on Moonstones migjty of numerous pulp characters to their lineup of books and comics.

Howard stories, the legend of Conan is brought to vivid life for the modern audience. I would also like to extend the offer to our outside-the-USA members. Except that this Kit refused to take up the domino mask, rings, and Colt. The first volume will be shipping in June: The breed of beings called boraj had eventually discovered a means to travel throughout time and space.

ITW’s annual celebration of the thriller world is the largest event of its kind, a meeting place for authors, readers, budding writers, and publishing industry professionals.