Returning to Malaysia and to the local theatre stage with The Bee is in some way coming full circle for Chew. Editorial , Performing Arts. KLPac presents world premiere of its musical, Broken Bridges. The Bee is a play set in Japan about a salaryman who comes home one day to find his family held hostage. I enjoyed the photoblog entry very much. Peminat muzik tegar, budak baru belajar. But what if we took it literally?

The way that the language sticks out, the way that the characters talk to each other, the way that they address one another — given the circumstances itself lah , it would be quite jarring if it was in KL. After the final show, most of us at a farewell meal at FMS, a humble but well-known steakhouse in town which, if it’s not one of the oldest food joints in the country, could aesthetically pass off as it anyway. Alia Ali Alia Ali is a writer and music teacher. In fact, he often finds his next opportunity through the crossroads of both careers, including his first acting class, which was offered by his then employer, Astro, in partnership with the Australian National Institute of Dramatic Art. He stressed on how we should avoid anything that would coat the throat and affect our singing. One of my friends then insisted I audition for a production.

This article first appeared on Jan 29, in The Edge Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia I’m very disco. I won’t testify that a four-month journey can be expressed in 34 photos, but my eyes are tired after sifting through the hundreds of images that I took for this album, and I can only hope that my audience is one that is easy to please.

The chronicles of an idealistic motherfunker One cannot imagine the enormous sense of well being that I am experiencing. Another 30 years pass before Ming returns to Llpac, and only then discovers the fate of his father.

Everything needed for research, so I watched a lot of weird Japanese films about domestic life. He showed us only 10 minutes of it.

Rebuilding Broken Bridges

You can buy tickets and find more info for The Bee by clicking here. It also brjdges Douglas and Soon Yoon brokem rekindle their onstage chemistry. We have all done it straight out of the gate, which is quite amazing. Possessing a distinctive stage presence that is at the same time earnest, vulnerable and inscrutable, Chew is a fitting cast for the role of someone going through such internal conflict as that of Ido.


However, the characters of Siew Yee and Mei Ling, felt rather one-dimensional, serving little purpose than to give Ming more reason to leave Siew Yee or more reason to stay Mei Ling.

She soon becomes pregnant and her mother Cheong Soh Teoh Siew Thung forces her to abort the pregnancy. And then I found the text, back then I thought it was interesting to introduce the contemporary East Asian canon to a more Western audience.

Retardation Nation: Broken Bridges The Musical – KLPac

I always feel like my choices of plays are not set in a specific location. But what if we took it literally? Fast forward ten years later, Ming returns to Ipoh as a hotshot contractor, with plans to tear down the market and construct a new building in its place.

View my complete profile. Notify me of new posts by email. Main entrance to Taman Budaya Our rather early calltimes left some opportunity for us to get schmoozy before physical warm-ups, makeup and cadt. He simply wants to walk a different path, and the only other path shown to him was to move to Singapore and he took it.

Nick and Johann stand back in awe. Subscribe to this comment feed via RSS Name: The language itself is not realistic.

Like father, like son? Clip brigdes anime, Salaryman Kintaro. I actually found casr play in the library. One would be these repressed individuals would eventually grow up becoming even more repressed individuals, and then there is the other route where there are individuals who eventually find out they are repressed and then they realize an outlet to get things across, one of them being art.

If we do it in KL we need to get another playwright, dramaturgs would have to work really hard in terms of transferring that story across.

The Heritage Hotel was a nice place to be put up in. Faridah’s dog, Sherbert Gravel. Carol and I played miscellaneous chicks who were wooed by Tony E’s character Ringo he was shot separately.

Never in my life had I worn both heels and hemlines so high. The Bee happens to be one of them. Colin was chaffeur of the day. The protagonist, Ming Douglas Limseeks to chart his own destiny while his father, Wong Colin Kirtonhas his own ideas for his son. That would be so cool. There are sequences in which this man upon little victories that he goes through throughout the play he breaks into dance and then he comes back reality.


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The Ipoh leg was a ‘labor of love’ in Joe’s words, to honor the place that gave birth to the musical. Developed for the common goal of nurturing and developing the performing arts in Malaysia, the Centre aims to cater to a broad spectrum of artistes and audiences with its diverse artistic and educational programmes.

Leave a Response Cancel reply Notify me of follow-up comments by email. It was a bricges and arduous process, but we were too stubborn to let the opportunity go. The plot is pretty straightforward, with only minor tweaks from brldges original run. Returning to Malaysia and to the local theatre stage with The Bee is in some way coming full circle for Chew.

Visit Wen Li’s blog for the video clip The next day, Ky-Gan took some of us to Nam Heong, the coffee shop that inspired him to create the one owned by Uncle Wong in the musical. You can find out more about it by clicking here. Basic HTML is allowed. Duh-vana is my spiritual pursuit.

A true beauty, inside and out. The vendors nridges either confused or incensed, caring little for the monetary compensation Ming promises. Enticed hroken stories of the big city, Ming makes the decision to move away.

I would say having Malaysian actors be part of this production already localizes it as opposed to setting it in KL. Ringo too could have had much more confident swagger — all I felt was annoyed at someone who came off as a wannabe bigshot.

It didn’t help that Casg personal cheerleaders from KL came by to crash the party. This stark contrast in these two characters begs the questions: