Keep up the great work. Tons and tons of players watch pro’s tech extremely fast. You can easily apply this concept to other races and different build orders. I will be making more videos in the future, and covering the other two races. BW Jeez weekly 9. If something happens and your build order gets totally thrown out, like losing a bunch of scv’s to dt’s you know how to stabilize.

This way when you go to analyze a replay you can simply skip to a certain time and see if your core wasn’t strong, thus costing you the game. Filter, I just subscribed to this forum just to say thanks for these videos. If something happens and your build order gets totally thrown out, like losing a bunch of scv’s to dt’s you know how to stabilize. Keep up the great work. StarCraft 2 Brood War Blogs. The point here is to be able to take a safe third, with max saturation already and have a ton of production very quickly. Being able to transfer over these ideas to a totally different build shouldn’t be a problem. Use this as your measurement going forward and compare it against replays of games you’ve played.

Top notch job, really.

However I try to explain what is in the video, and explain each concept as well in this thread. I setup some benchmarks for worker production 10 minutes off a blind 1 barracks fast expand.

The people that will get the most out of this guide are intelligent and able to project the ideas 22 their race, or their playstyle. Overall, I think this series is more or less THE best teaching material for new players, especially terran ones, and you should be commended for it.


[G] Bronze to Masters, Improving Mechanics

By this point you’ve only dealt with, and mastered two bases. OSC Team Championship I think this thread deserves a lot more attention. Haven’t had the chance to check the videos yet, but definitely will the first chance I get! Other Games Other Games. There are two people however who’s attitudes I’ve admired for a long time. For experienced players this video won’t be very interesting or important, but I did feel it was something vital to make for players that struggle with scouting.

Some pros will take big risks to tech, they understand that but for the average joe our control simply isn’t good enough to handle those risks.

Dont throw day9 out of the boat just yet: For that, I’ll be forever grateful.

Allowing your resources to dictate your build also makes it very simple to modify things on the fly with no impact, and to apply your skills to different builds much, much easier. StarCraft 2 Brood War Blogs. On April 20 As you start to perfect concepts though, you can shift your concentration over to the new pieces.

I will provide teaching episodes, and gameplay ones where I emulate the lessons against that leagues opponents. Log In Log In Register.


Players that are able to accomplish the benchmarks here are going to be playing mechanically at a masters level, easily. These videos are legit. I remember Day9 saying on a regular basis to zwrg go do it if you wanted to do anything. I’m a masters level player on NA, nothing special but I play an extremely strong macro style.

The only thing I really ask is for things to be talked about in terms of learning and getting better, not in a strict build order fashion. This looks like a great guide and exactly what I’ve been needing. These videos are very high bronzs.

I can’t wait for the Zerg ones! Obviously much more happens in a real game so it’s much harder, but it definitely isn’t outrageous to max around I’ve wanted to do this guide for a very long time, but I finally decided to go ahead and do it.

[G] Bronze to Masters, Improving Mechanics

On April 21 Natus Vincere vs FaZe Clan. Start at the beginning, if you’re good you’ll rip through the first few episodes I do skip over scouting the front here because that’s impossible to cover in a short amount of time, and very subjective. You also get a lot better at that with experience.