Commenting on generik’s “Shoop da Whoop” addition to his house Fighting nighttime zombies Discussing materiality and road design Working on wiring a contraption that will melt the snow on his lawn. Slaying of the Wither. Discussing plans and possibilities for the Town Hall design Continuing to work on the facade of his house. Adding details to the arena Talking about the possibility of wearing a dress and planning changes to the arena. Mindcrack Server – Episode 70″. Discovering that the arena ‘s roof has burned down Working on his track and setting up the zombie spawner Talking about his videos and suicide.

Shipping discs for the Record Shop. Showing off the village building supply Exploring a ravine with Guude Going to the communal mine. Complaining about mob spawns caused by a misunderstanding about the “bl” function Enchanting an axe and pickaxe Touring builds at spawn then decorating the area around the town hall. See B Team Trial. Showing changes and working on the arena. Mindcrack Server – Episode 58″. Caving with Guude Exploring a ravine. Working on the roof of the arena Caving.

Working on the arena details and stairs Discussing quartz blocks and Minecraft updates. Building a monument to his horse, Climb 1 Buying another horse from Ol’ Pappy and building him a new general store in return. Working on the roof of the arena Caving.

Building a sheriff’s office in Mudbucket. Showing progress made on Docm77’s witch farm Explaining that bdoublo was Etho that left the mushrooms in the Town Hall and dug the deep two wide hole Creating a random floor and roof design in the catacombs and explaining the catacombs will function. Working on clearing out the center of the arena Working on the arena stands Stories of a borrowed lawn mower.

Discussing biome changes, pumpkin lighting Terraforming around spawn Talking about the build contest a friend is in, the upcoming MindCrack Marathon Making trees and a fishing pond. Enchanting and leaving a gift for Zisteau Removing older portions of the arena stands Watching thejims carve the river with TNT. Mindcrack Server – Episode 74″. Constructing the Cave Spider trap Activating them, the hard way. Acknowledging Zisteau’s village house and discussing beacon properties Spisode details to the arena village Talking about the livestream with the GhostCraft mod and shirts for MineCon.


Minecraft Building with BdoubleO – Episode 180 – Where Bad Horses Go

Shipping discs for the Record Shop. Collecting packed ice, episoed oak and podzol blocks Finding the prank from the E Prankster and explaining the lack of a response for the. Giving a quick tour of changes to the village Discovering an “E” of ice above the beacon with snow and leavers below Discussing plans for a Nether tunnel and working on his house above the arena village.

Mindcrack Server – Episode 68″.

Minecraft Building with BdoubleO – Episode – Where Bad Horses Go –

Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Chopping trees, fighting mobs, and talking about basketball Building columns in the arena. Discussing changes to the arena Visiting the Ender Ender. The playlist for this season is “The Mindcrack Minecraft Server”.

Negotiating with Beef for use of his castle. Farming dark oak wood Removing the upside down building company building Dinnerbone made Talking about how much he appreciates his viewers Rebuilding his building company building.

Discovering the arena village has been walled in and covered by sand Cleaning up adligtont’s prank Modifying Guude’s village to increase villager breading Enchanting at the Ender Ender.

Complaining about mob spawns caused by a misunderstanding about the “bl” function Enchanting an axe and pickaxe Touring builds at spawn then decorating the area around the town hall. Testing out a new rain sound Making over generikb’s daycare with the “Von Sway” home decor service with Etho and Guude Making a reed farm. Shearing sheep at Zisteau’s Making lounge chairs and umbrellas on the beach near the arena.

Building a house and a water wheel that harvests and cooks potatoes Talking about a shaders mod. Introducing Dinnerbone as the Mine Bdoubbleo finals judge Touring both mines Discovering an incomplete “Home Depot” sign replicated from builfing old single-player world created by the E Prankster Defeating generikb in the Mine Wars competition, then detonating his own mine with TNT. Searching for the skeleton spawner Making a skeleton trap with Etho and Guude.


Showing off his new horses jumping skill Explaining the details he’s added to his house.

Trying to determine who renamed the arena and left the contraption above the beacon Interrogating AnderZEL and Orange Wool Adding details to buildings in the arena village. Starting work on the Nether Hub Showing his ideas for the design of the Nether Bilding Leaving a work order for VintageBeef on the interior designing of Pyro’s Broadcasting Station Showing the progress of Docm77 bdoibleo clearing space for the upcoming witch farm Showing generikb’s nether smelter.

Minecraft :: NEW Tree Building! :: Building with Bdo…

Looking at the beginning of the thejims river Exploring a mineshaft under the arena. Traveling at night in search of horses Caving for a spider spawner Taming horses, racing and jumping. Slaying of the Wither. Mindcrack Server – Episode 65″.

BdoubleO/videos – The Unofficial Fan-Run MindCrack and HermitCraft Wiki

Discussing his steampunk town hall build for Anderz and his choice of details Talking about Vdoubleo construction project near his house Finding the “MindCrack mobile incident unit” parked outside his home Starting to dismantle the mob farm at spawn. Speed removing the cobblestone box in the arena Talking about the B-Team meetup, plans for the wigh and Feed the Beast Relocating the beacon. Gathering supplies Building a sailboat.

Traveling to and exploring the new lands Discovering a jungle to build in. Making large trees Giving Etho a tour of his house Discussing the trial.

B Team Trial Epilogue. Working on the potato farm Making an automatic fireplace Testing fire spread and fighting fires.