Americans normally use German shops and markets as well. The climate in Dusseldorf is similar to the northern Atlantic seaboard of the U. These schools may be extremely crowded, however, and the ratio of students to teachers is high. Most food shops are closed evenings, Sundays and holidays and are tightly shut by mid-afternoon on Saturdays. Several large castles in and around Munich are well worth a visit. Frankfurt can often be overcast but its location along the Main River generally helps moderate the temperature extremes. Situated on the Elbe River about 60 miles southeast of Leipzig, it is a manufacturing city of , residents, producing precision tools, optical instruments, and electrical equipment. Greater Bonn has a population of over ,

Please see our access and use guidelines before your visit to the Media Resources Center in Moffitt Library. The “upper house,” the Bundesrat, is composed of 69 deputies appointed by the State or Land governments. Dresden’s Zwinger complex offers an Old Masters art collection to rival the leading collections in Western Europe , and the nearby Albertinum houses the treasures of the “Grunes Gewolbe. There are eight American-related clubs in Hamburg, which cover a wide range of interests such as social contacts, business networking, volunteer activities, and current events. Kids will love Berlin’s famous Zoo, especially the giant Pandas, the bridge over the reptile pit and the attached Aquarium with 9, varieties of fish. The school has more applications for admission than places available, and this situation is expected to continue for some time. The Berlin music season is long and feature, performances annually by nearly all the world’s finest companies, dancers.

Students with combined SAT scores above 1, may sometimes be admitted with less U. Together with the JFK School and other schools mentioned here, there are an increasing number of school options in Berlin providing American parents with unusually wide schooling choices. Most emergency vehicles are painted off-white or red and white, with police vehicles painted green and white; emergency ambulances are lettered and numbered in orange or red.

It regained its prominent status after becoming part of Prussia in The Celcilianhof, a country residence built in by the son of the last German kaiser, was the conference site.

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The Belgian, Dutch, and German frontiers meet at its gates. It is also the economic capital pwychoanalyse Hesse and, as such, is host to numerous conferences every year at the Stadthalle municipal center. The area is an attractive park.


The Federal Chancellor, Germany’s Prime Minister, is elected by a majority vote of the Bundestag for a four-year term corresponding to the life of the Bundestag. Zwickau was the birthplace psyxhoanalyse Robert Schumann, the composer. Frankfurt is proud of its long and distinguished history.

These schools may be extremely crowded, however, and the ratio of students to teachers is high. The club hosts monthly lunches, a charity ball in December and a number of outings and tours. Prices are, however, higher. Key resources Media Resources Center Guides. It was chartered in and remained small oldenbhrg the late s when industrialization fllm.

Germany’s population exceeds 82 million and, with a total land area of onlysquare miles slightly smaller than the State of Montanathe nation is one of the most densely populated and urbanized in Europe.

American artists pschoanalyse represented in all major museums, exhibits, and galleries around the country. English-language Protestant services are conducted in the American Church in Berlin.

Again, there are a number of international clubs that hold meetings and lectures and conduct activities to promote international understanding and friendship through the English language. Despite its linguistic and cultural affinity and close ties with the U. German grocery stores are somewhat smaller than their American counterparts, but the selections are generally good.

Numerous facilities exist for handicapped dependents, but specialized schools, such as those for the hearing or vision impaired, require fluency in German. Principal German industries include automobiles and other road vehicles, chemicals, machinery, electrical goods, iron, steel, and coal.

Numerous adult education centers Volkshochschulen also offer an attractive spectrum of subjects for personal enrichment. Although Leipzig still bears scars of neglect oldeburg mismanagement, first at the hands of the Nazis and later under the yoke of the Communists, thousands of buildings have been restored or renovated, new construction abounds, and the infrastructure is on its way to becoming state-of-the-art.

Spring is lovely, with blooming tulips, daffodils and other flowers around the Alster and parks. Industrially, the city is well developed, especially in the area of mechanical engineering. The Berlin airlift of food and supplies in was an Allied response to Soviet efforts to use their control of overland access to Berlin to force the Western powers from the city. Walking tours through Munich are popular.


Bring a sufficient supply of special toiletries, cosmetics, and over-the-counter or prescription drugs. Most of Knd was severely damaged late in World War II because of the heavy production of military equipment in the city, but it has been rebuilt and is an important industrial center for products such as electrical equipment, chemicals, textiles, and precision instruments.

In an area about the size odlenburg Switzerland 13, square miles are such landmarks as the Black ForestSwabian Alps, and the classical university towns of Heidelberg, Tuebingen, and Freiburg. The Ruhr is Europe’s largest industrial region and Germany’s principal producer of power for the entire nation. Hanover is located on what was once the border between West and East Germany. In addition to full-time university studies in Mannheim, the European program of the University of Maryland offers a variety of evening classes at the casablancaa U.

From north to south these are: There are minor expenses for extra books and supplies.

The school’s faculty is made up of Germans, Americans and other nationalities. Hunting and fishing opportunities abound. Duisburg, one of Germany’s “big twelve” cities, is the largest inland water port in Europe.

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Since the temperatures have been historically relatively mild in the summer months, few German facilities are air-conditioned but this is changing as new office buildings are constructed and others renovated.

Prices tend to be more expensive than U. Most repair services are more than adequate. Approximately 90 airlines from nearly as many countries use the Frankfurt Main Airport. There are probably more opportunities in Berlin for making contact with the local American and international community than hours in the day.

It is now a hotel and museum. Heidelberg’s 15th-century castle, which draws thousands of visitors each weekend throughout the year, overlooks the old town and the Neckar River valley. As the century ends and a new millennium begins, Germany’s Government and Parliament have come back to Berlin, the nation’s historic capital. Local clothing is fashionable but expensive, and sizing is different.