I hope the students found the whole week inspirational and useful, I was certainly inspired by their obvious enjoyment and interest and will be surprised I if do not come across some of them professionally in the future. Ecography , 36 , Cinnabar Reflections An occasional blog about nature, biology and life. Filed under Pick and mix. Tagged as Barber , beetles , carabid beetles , collecting insects , Ecological Methods , entomology , epigeal , Finland , ground beetles , heffalump , Hertz , making pitfall traps , pitfall traps , sampling , sampling insects , sand mines , sand pits , Southwood , spatial arrangements , trapping , using pitfall traps. Welcome to the lounge, where entomologists and insect enthusiasts can relax, grab a cup and put on a nice music.

This is in marked contrast to the many studies that have compared the D-Vac with sweep-netting, pitfall trapping and swish net sampling e. Annals of Applied Biology, , Don’t Forget the Roundabouts. Mark Telfer has developed a nifty subterranean version http: The Barber trap Barber, Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

You might expect, given the fact that pitfalls were used by our remote ancestors to trap their vertebrate prey, that entomologists would have adopted this method of trapping very early on, especially given the fact that nature got there first, e. Ray Cannon’s nature notes Every picture tells a story. Don’t Forget the Roundabouts. We booked into our hotel, found somewhere not too far away to eat and then retired to deal with emails sad to say we had both brought our laptops with us and for me to double-check that my lectures were ready to deliver.

When I was a student, most good statistics books included among all the other useful tables, a page of random numbers to help you meet a state of true randomness. I am ashamed to say that I think that very few of our own students would be able to cope with a week of teaching in French! There has been, and continues to be, much debate about what the catch actually represents. I found this very hard to believe so resorted to Twitter.


I leave you with two fun facts; the two largest motorised insect suction samplers that I have come across are both from the USA where else? Steffan Lindgren reviews Alexander von Humboldt This is the link to the paper reporting the huge decline in insect abundance that made all the headlines the other week.

Wild Happy Well Wellbeing through nature, for all the family. Tagged as Barberbeetlescarabid beetlescollecting insectsEcological MethodsentomologyepigealFinlandground beetlesheffalumpHertzmaking pitfall trapspitfall trapschlrtisampling insectssand minessand pitsSouthwoodspatial arrangementstrappingusing pitfall traps.

Hills in describing a motorised vacuum pipette for sampling leaf hoppers in beet points out that it is an adaptation of a device put together by a lab assistant in Journal of Field Ornithology82 They are of course not perfect.

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Then it was back to lecture to a fourth year group about biological control and pest management, again to a very interactive group of students.

A great post about sfary anyone from any background should be able to study and work in science.

Some Studies on the Systematics and Ecology of Heteroptera. Annals of Applied Biology, It is very simple moive do, although somewhat time-consuming to implement in reality.

I was convinced that this mode of sampling, which is more accurately described as haphazard, was commonly called professorial random sampling. Journal of Economic Entomology87 I hope the students found the whole week inspirational and useful, I was certainly inspired by their obvious enjoyment and interest and will be surprised I if do not come across some of them professionally in the future.


It seemed to go well and despite me lecturing in English they asked a lot of pertinent questions.

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It was a great end to a fantastic and educational trip. I set the scene by highlighting how many insect species there are, especially when compared with vertebrates. Alternatively, you can avoid the whole issue and sample along a stratified transect xhorti arrange your experimental blocks using a Latin Square.

A poem about how some flowers help bees find them using nanoscale ridges. Tagged as haphazardrandom number generatorrandom number tablesrandom samplingsampling. Scientist Sees Squirrel Seldom original.

Miridae control in coastal California strawberries. California Agriculture Januarypp.

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Bulletin of Entomological Research, 48, I was sorry to have to leave the next morning, it would have been great fun to have stayed the full week, but next year I do hope to be able to be there for at least two days and nights so that we can do pitfall trapping and light trapping and of course, have more fun with fluorescent insects. Journal of Economic Entomology, 26, I think that all field entomologists of a certain age, certainly those of us over 60, are very familiar with the roar of a hot and smoky two-stroke engine in our ears, coupled with oily hands, aching shoulders and sometimes the smell of burning.

Mark Telfer has developed a nifty subterranean version http: