In the final episode, the helmets of every member with the exception of Ben K were revived to prevent Metalder from reaching Godneros: His signature move was putting his opponents in headlocks and twisting their heads off, which he demonstrated to the Emperor, in the Ghostbank, on Damnen. GodNeros promised him a promotion, and that his dreams would come true, if he destroyed Metalder. Shadow Light Fighters , , He was accompanied by Goblit, Dedemos, and Gebaros. Men In Black 2 Genres:

Jaws ratted him out to Balsky and he was chained up by the others for his treason. After being beheaded, Gochak sprouted a cannon head. He also attacked Metalder in the Ghostbank, in Episode He wield a scythe and chain in his right hand and a clawed gauntlet on his left hand. He frequently criticizes the other armies and often takes credit for the good work accomplished by his fellow mutants. He fought with BenK for the chance to fight Metalder. He is a first-class strategist, swordsman and God Neros’ second-in-command. Underneath his mask, he looks exactly like Kirihara; the purpose is so that he can be God Neros’ shadow to create confusion.

Bridy was extremely ferocious and would use his claws and fangs to attack Metalder.

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He was revealed to be a lover of choujinmi animals. He manages to protect her from the other robots and mutants by hiding her behind his cape, until Tubo discovers them together. He was defeated, in Episode 33, by TopGunder during an interrupted training exercise. The puppy was unharmed, and he left it in Metalder’s care.

At the end of the series he defeats God Neros but in the process is greatly damaged, nearly resulting in his self-destruction. GodNeros destroyed it soon afterwards with his own energy and ordered Metaldr to find a more vicious test subject. In Episode 24, he used all of his magical talents to fight Metalder, until he was defeated by Metalder’s Lighting Chop attack.

Originally a stray German Shepherd Dog captured by GodNeros’s secretaries, it was mutated into a member of the Monster Cnoujinki via a special booth-looking machine used by Geldring.

Diposting oleh download tokusatsu di In Episode 8, he battled with Hedogross in the Ghost Bank for the chance to fight Metalder, but lost. Explosive Fighter Damnen 2,8, 15, 19, 23, Movie, 29, Yume no Senshi” “Fighting Shoot da!


He was presumably destroyed after this fight, by Metalder, when Metalder used his Lightning Chop attack on him. He can choujiki acidic saliva from his mouth and he possessed the power of teleportation.

mealder Brave General Megadron 11, Movie, 33, The Last Mistress Genres: He was among the monsters sent to capture Topgunder. After that, BenK left the Empire. The traps ultimately failed and Robinken was destroyed by Metalder’s Lightning Chop attack. His human guise, Ryuusei Tsurugi, is directly modeled after that of Dr. He survived Metalder’s Lightning Chop attack, but eventually seemed to wear himself out as the battle progressed. Before his next battle with Metalder, Zargen asked GodNeros to implant him with an explosive device, in order to guarantee his victory against Metalder.

Koga’s past and learned about Godneros’ identity in the process. After being beheaded, Gochak sprouted a cannon head. In episode 37, he was destroyed by the second volley fired by Metalder, after the Ghostbank had collapsed.

A Tomboyish camerawoman who works for a magazine. In Episode 15, he was cchoujinki as part of Galdos’ group during the initial attack on Metalder.

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He was restored and made his final appearance, in battle, in Episode 37 while searching the Kirihara building for Metalder and TopGunder. He also attacked Wisdom in that episode when she failed to defeat Metalder in battle. Upon learning that she was used, and Metalder was right all along, she attacked Wogger long mdtalder for Metalder to escape his trap.

Hence was Metalder’s “big brother”. This would not last, as Darbarbo soon appeared on the scene and blasted him, which caused him to fall over and explode.

This time they fought Rhapsody in the Ghost Bank and were non-fatally defeated when he broke both of their weapons. In Episode 32, he appeared alongside Geldring in the hunt for the rare plant.

He fought with BenK for the chance to fight Metalder. For most of the series, she remained a background character, and didn’t gain her first real mission until Episode They all meet at the Ghost Banka ring of gates containing key army officers surrounding Choujlnki Neros’ throne.


He appears when a little girl becomes accidentally lost inside the Ghostbank. For some reason, they have not been seen since Episode 8. When Metalder approached him, Wogger unleashed more aggressive attacks, until Metalder realized he was a lost cause and used his Lightning Chop attack to slice Wogger in half.

When Metalder stabbed his fiery life force, he vanished forever. Metalder then destroyed him with his Lightning Chop attack, which also split him in half.

In Episode 23, these two both appeared in the Four Army relay race. Light Fighter Hedogross When Junior attacked Metalder, she became angry and informed him that he had saved her life. Destroyed in mid-air by TopGunder in Episode In Episode 8, he was seen training with the other members of the Empire. He can turn his right hand and forearm into a sword blade and his left hand into pincer claws.

MukiMukiMan has a muscular build and was dressed in white battle gear with white hair; Fu Fu Chu was obese and wore a large black helmet and a red vest. He fought Metalder and Springer in the Ghostbank, only to be viciously attacked and bitten by Springer. In Episode 36, he is brainwashed by Godneros and forced to wear the armor of the late Tagsky to battle Metalder.

He later gained his chance in Episode 14 to battle with Metalder again, though this time choujinoi was alongside Madonna. During the final episode, it seems Tagsky and Tagsron were resurrected as mere heads. He was seen competing in the Four Army relay race in Episode In Episode 36, he fought with Metalder and lost, though managed to survive, even after Metalder knocked him into the water.