Naruki drags Layfon to a crime scene where they have people using overload cornered in a garage. Watch Anime Online for Free. As a party is held to celebrate their success, Layfon takes an early leave in depression. Layfon declines the offer of returning to Glendan with Leerin, and he sets out to meet with the rest of the 17th Platoon. This page was last edited on 3 February , at Stream anime episodes for free, you are watching Chrome Shelled Regios — Episode 24 [Final] English subbed online and free episodes.

This page was last edited on 3 February , at Layfon thanks Nina for her guidance and her trust, hoping to work together for the good of the platoon. Are you the publisher? The four then witness her passing out from fatigue and they send her to the hospital. As Nina is about to be defeated, Felli sends Nina’s thoughts to Layfon, who uses a powerful burst of kei to defeat the 16th Platoon members to the astonishment of the onlookers. During a mock match, Layfon faces off against Naruki, along with the other platoon members, taking her out with ease and winning the match unaided. As a reluctant Felli spots the rest of the 17th Platoon at the resort, Kalian suggests Nina to teach her how to swim.

In the flashback, after Zidd engulfs Ailain, he then moves on to face Saya. Leerin and Savalis arrive in the academy city of Myath and they are greeted by Loi Entorio who tells them reglos a valuable item has been stolen from this city.

Layfon receives a letter passed under his door to meet Mayshen at a bridge.

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Layfon, giving up his adamandite sword to Harley to have it repaired, declines the offer to use a katana for combat. He manages to take the mask off of her and carries her to safety. Layfon, later meeting up with Nina, explains that he wants to start a new life without having to always fight.

Sharnid, Dinn, and Dalsiena made a vow to defend the city with their own hands, but their friendship started falling apart as a consequence. Nina recalls a combat exercise set in a capture the flag scenario, in which the students of Zuellni had lost against students from another regios. Stream anime episodes for free, you are watching Chrome Shelled Regios — Episode 20 English subbed online and free episodes. Layfon explains to Nina that he wanted to atone for his sins for using his sword for the wrong reasons.

As the students of Zuellni are ready to face against the students of Myath, it turns out that Myath has changed its course, postponing the inter-city battle.


The 17th Platoon are taking a trip to a training camp, which Mifi, Naruki, and Mayshen agreed to be their sponsors for an article review. Despite his injuries during the match, Layfon manages to defeat Haia. The contaminoid that had been blasted in half by the cannon is confirmed to still be alive yet dormant, and it will take two hours before the cannon can be recharged again.


Luckily, Ailain is able to eradicate them all. Regips anime episodes for free, you are watching Chrome Shelled Regios — Episode 18 English subbed online and free episodes. As Sharnid engages in a battle against Dalsiena, he interrogates her if the vow had any meaning to her. Views Read Edit View history.

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Nina explains to Layfon and Naruki that Sharnid suddenly left the 10th Platoon during an inter-platoon match. Leerin meets with Savaris Qaulafin Lueckens and Lintens Savoled Hardenwho tell her that they will currently be her bodyguards for a while, because she is being targeted. Layfon, finding Nina in the outskirts of the city, sees her fully possessed and wearing a large goat mask. In the proto-city of Glendan, Leerin Marfes meets Synola Leisler, who sees a vision of a winged beast and a young black haired girl through Leerin’s eyes.

Other Heaven’s Blade wielders are seen fighting the contaminoids. A maddened Felli then infiltrates the armored room and kicks Kalian in the shin, supposedly shattering his shinbone. The two break into Gorneo’s room, much to Shante’s irritation. In retaliation, Layfon challenges Haia to a duel, and the former wins, much to the latter’s surprise.

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The spirit of Saya, in the form of a Heaven’s Blade, chooses Layfon as her wielder, enabling Layfon to defeat Savalis. When Nina questions Layfon about his feelings concerning military arts, he replies to only keep his survival, but she refuses to accept his way of thinking.

Englieh pieces of theme music are used for the episodes: Shellev human contaminoid attacks Leerin, but Derk Saihardenher foster father, tries to hold it off, until Synola manages to save them.

Myunfa Shellsd shoots a bow and arrow at Layfon as a distraction, and this allows both Haia and Myunfa to make a run for it. In the flashback, Saya, Ailain, and Ramis are now being chased by large mutant dogs controlled by Zidd. Barmeleen Swattis Norne mistakes him as an intruder, but they both encounter the Wolfmask Mob along the way. Put on the Maid Outfit!


In the flashback, as it seems that Zidd has defaced the entire Kalfa family, Ailen is revealed to still be alive. Kalian suggests that the only method is to forcibly extricate it out of her, but they all are reminded of what happened to Dinn after this was attempted.

His harsh comments and pointed remarks about Gorneo’s own mediocrity angers Shante, and he leaves Gorneo loudly weeping for Gahard’s demise.

Stream anime episodes for free, you are watching Chrome Shelled Regios — Episode 16 English episoode online and free episodes. The four then witness her passing out from fatigue and they send her to the hospital.

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After realizing that his friends are in grave danger, Layton later gains the resolve to fight in order to protect the people engliah cares for. Mifi and Naruki informs Layfon that Mayshen blames herself for his current condition. Layfon then combines both the Heaven’s Blade and the Saiharden Katana into one sword.

The next day, Layfon agrees to teach Felli this time around. Savalis trips and cripples Loi when being seen running in the streets. Meanwhile, Layfon is still [ That evening, Layfon recalls that he was one of the fighters wielding the Heaven’s Blade against the giant Limbeekun in the past. With an invasion into the regios eminent, Kalian orders all military arts students to defend the city and repel the monsters, despite most of them having no experience fighting subged contaminoids.

Leerin tells Synola that she episofe to go meet Layfon in Zuellni. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog.

Kalian comes up with a plan to disband the 10th Platoon, in which Layfon must team up with Haia to stop Dinn, but Haia sees Layfon as a disgrace for relying on the adamandite sword instead of mastering the katana. Layfon has his platoon record footage of Salinban Mercenary Training Group fighting off the contaminoids in the area to witness their strategy of combat.

It is revealed that Kalian previously tranquilized Layfon to prevent him from going off on his own. While Layfon decides to help Mayshen in the kitchen, both Nina and Felli spy on them.