Han Jung Soo Supporting Cast. Why do they always look like you flogged them all the way here? And I almost laughed at the shoes. Use the following code to embed this video. If Lucille is right, then this thing is pure testosterone. Yay, I’m happy you’re recapping this DB. Abuse of the TV. I don’t watch many dramas.

Their hopes plummet when he announces that he IS that man. Episode 14 Full Episode S 1: I might have overlooked a lot of things.. And I completely agree on the scene where Tae-ja looks from the cliff after the Prince is takenit was stunningly beautiful but I kind of felt somewhat disconnected. Episode 9 Full Episode S 1: When Dae-gil reveals his face, the mother and daughter gape in shock, recognizing him as the fearsome man who had captured them. JB said one of the actors sounds too modern in his speech? Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process.

He looks slsve a fierce Joseon general, but I keep hearing that plumber dude from Fantasy Couple. Hunetr is epic, but it’s also a love story, a political court intrigue story, and a story about the lives of ordinary people in turbulent times. Both men become entangled in a love triangle with Un Nyun, who is no longer a runaway slave, but Kim Hye Won, a nobleman’s daughter. This drama positively revels in its own gorgeousness.


Log in with Email. Lucille, 1critic There is some styled influence, but this drama is much more than just testosterone. As for your reaction to Lucille’s mention of “” I pity such a disregard to a ssub tribute to those men for without which Western Civilization itself would not exist as we know it.


Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Her brother defends himself — he did that so they could become real people — and peisode her where a mass of scar tissue covers up the slave brand that had once been there.

Episode 6 Full Episode S 1: We got work to do You stick a pole upside down like this, and spread chicken blood on top. My chest hknter thump, shake and throb all day at the sight. Please enter your username or email address. Han Jung-soo always delivers he’s perfect for sageuks and if I’m being honest, he might become a favorite character.

Episode 9 by Sunny. Lee Jong Hyuk Supporting Cast.

I have no problems with OJH’s because I can sense his efforts to project lorean sageuk-ish tone. May this impudence no longer envenom our nectars of merriment. Dae Gil, as the saying goes, had met his match.

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We will later learn that he betrayed Tae-ha in order to usurp his position. The other slaves set their escape plan in motion, but they are quickly spotted by guards and sorely outmatched. Episodes by LollyPip. Still waiting on Pasta’s subs too. Dae-gil is the best slave hunter around. A single one of them is worth more than all your lives combined. Cast – Slave Hunters.

In the meantime I’ll just read your wonderful summary. Dae-gil is too angry to be merciful and, with a battle cry, raises his hunger and starts to slash downward —.

I think the male actors are well-chosen, especially Jang Huk is excellment in episore such cool role. Very much appreciate all your hard work.


Oh Ji Ho Main Cast. Lee Da Hae’s lips are too shiny in the drama Such as, the letter he was stealthily given.

The Slave Hunters

I wonder if I start liking chuno, if ppl will refer to me as a chunojjussi Let’s not try to skave that gray matter over there when it doesn’t even work. Slave Hunters Volunteer Team.

I doubt you’d even scare off scrawny wildcats with that fervor. Would you mind if I give you a little internet kiss on the cheeks? Ji-ho takes advantage of this ,orean to scamper away, leaving Dae-gil to take out his anger on his friends for thwarting him. I guess I’m biased, but I think a pretty actor would have made this drama better.

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Want to see us all punished because you stared at His Excellency? I’ve seen episode 1 and indeed, it was gorgeous. What could the court and politics possibly have to do with us? The prince had asked Tae-ha to go with him if they lost, but Tae-ha had vowed to fight to the death and not get captured. This site does not store any files on its server. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Don’t think i will catch episodr with the drama rite now, may be sometime in future.

The concerns are presented to King Injo Kim Gab-soo.