Articles containing Russian-language text. Technically many improvements were added such as special lenses, digital sound and in the auditorium, a new white curtain with screen taps to partially hide the wide curved screen made in the UK with standard 35mm prints and very comfortable armchair seats, reducing the capacity slightly, but a must for movie lovers. This works very well, and the movie will be played for eleven weeks. Just login to your account and subscribe to this theater. Cinerama and Cinemiracle employ Bell and Howell BH ‘negative perforation’ short-pitch and Dubray-Howell long-pitch ‘negative perforation’, respectively, for their modified Mitchell cameras. Index The Kinopanorama To:

A Kinopanorama cinema later opened in Paris , France. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In , a crystal-sync motor replaced the original volt DC variable speed motor as well as the volt 3-phase hertz synch motor. Moviegoers started changing their habbits. A test film, known as Chastity, Truth and Kinopanorama — the title of which Mr Lasher noted at his pre-screening introduction at the March Bradford Widescreen Festival at the National Media Museum is a deliberate pun on the title of Steven Soderbergh’s Sex, Lies, and Videotape — was shot in Moscow before the camera and crew were flown to Sydney in November I was at least 3 times visiting the Kinopanorama in the 70s. In , Gaumont took control of the Kinopanorama and the first mistake was to rename it Grand Ecran but quickly they returned to Kinopanorama.

konopanorama The auditorium looked very nice, all in red, but the screen had been reduced to 17m; the number of seats was also reduced to the first rows had been removed. By it had been converted in a pharmacy. The Gaumont Italie had become Gaumont’s main theater.

You must login before making a comment. In Cinerama already had two theatres, the Gaumont Palace 6, seatsand the Empire 1, seats but needed another screen on the left bank.

On 9th Julythe Kino closed and and sat unused for many years.

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The Kinopanorama is still there, so is hope The system will eventually klnopanorama given up, and the Kinopanorama will play 70mm movies 70mm would become the theater trademark. Recent comments view all 2 comments. The event was profiled in the New York Times.

After the initial shock, I started hoping that the Kinopanorama would remain a movie theater. The UGC chain took control but it ended up being a disaster patrons a week.


I also hoped that the politicians would help, kiopanorama they didn’t seem to care at all.

Among the last movies played in the old Kinopanorama during the first semester, some movies did very well, and others that have been forgotten since: The auditorium is kinopanorsma.

The Soviets accessed these patents without difficulty, as each was a matter of public record, available for sighting by prospective inventors and patent attorneys. Kinopanorama is for the most part identical in operation to that of Fred Waller’s American-designed Cinerama format.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ina crystal-sync motor replaced the original volt DC variable speed motor as well as the volt 3-phase hertz synch motor. Located in the south of the city centre.

Since the end ofthe Kinopanorama almost closed down several times, and June 25 seemed to be the end even newspapers had relayed the news. Large, but not gigantic, with a balcony, it is equipped for the Kinopanorama, a Russian competitor of the Cinerama also with an image provided by three different projectorand a very heavy equipment three couple of projectors The first week, the Avenue was crowded with twice the capacity of the theatre at each performance and started a traffic jam.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Presently, the society has applied for state and government funding, which is expected to cover operating costs, including the purchase of custom re-built equipment, so that a future volunteer-operated Kinopanorama cinema in the vicinity of Broken Hill may exhibit 3-panel films including Kinopanorama, Cinemiracle and Cinerama in the future.

Inthe Kinopanorama was sold to Gaumont. The Splendid Cinema Palace was opened on 6th August with 1, seats. It wasn’t uncommon then to drive or ride metros or trains for miles, wait in the rain or in the cold for an hour or more, to see movies in the only theater really worth going to, in their own languages, most of the time in 70mm, on its 24m screen much larger than its competitors’. Seven cinemas designed or renovated for the exhibition of 3-film and later 70mm Kinopanorama were built in the former USSR from onwards.


The chief designer of the prototype camera was Evsei Mikhailovich Goldovskii —the eminent Soviet inventor and scientist. The Kino became Cinerama Rive Gauche for a while with 70mm prints. Five weeks later, the Kinopanorama closed for remodeling on July Inthe technology race ketp on going, with the installation of the new CDS digital sound system, for the release of “The Doors”. To the Moon and Beyond The Kinopanorama was then a reference for Parisian moviegoers. Eight Kinopanorama travelogues were produced in the original three-lens format plus an additional seven in single-negative Kinopanorama 70 until Index The Kinopanorama To: Worked there as projectionist, then technical director through the s, and oversaw the introduction of many of the technical innovations mentioned in the article.

It is the work of a property developer, Pierre Pinton, who would mark his time and several generations of moviegoers The facade and the lobby are torn down in order to build an apartment building with a new lobby but the balcony remained and the stalls were excavated because a new projection booth with six projectors needed to be built under the balcony. September 9, the “Gaumont Grand Ecran Grenelle”!

I was impressed by the screen and the sound. Cinerama and Cinemiracle employ Bell and Howell BH ‘negative perforation’ short-pitch and Dubray-Howell long-pitch ‘negative perforation’, respectively, for their modified Mitchell cameras. One morning people from the English Cinema Theatre Association were visiting the kinopanodama and among them, someone played the theatre organ for a magic moment. Kinopanorama is a three-lens, three-film widescreen film format.

Too bad, that this theatre is closed now.


This is because film stock is no longer milled for KS ‘positive perforation’. Opasniye Povorotythe first dramatic film released internationally in was produced with an improved Kinopanorama camera, known as the PSO The Kinopanorama wasn’t the only giant screen in town, and 70mm print became scarce. The Soviets, on the other hand, did not publish or register their Kinopanorama camera with foreign patent offices.