Superboy meets him and discovers that Mxy’s magic can harm him just as it could anyone else. He can become “Bizarro” again, but the process cannot be reversed again once this is done. After almost killing him, Superboy and Metallo join forces, posing a disastrous threat to the town. Complete Coverage of the 91st Academy Awards 2. Meanwhile, Superboy begins burning a hole through a 6-foot-thick 1. He blackmails Shuster’s star player into losing the game and Superboy takes over the job of the referee to stop Luthor and save Shuster from his scandal. Superboy, still a recovering paraplegic, has to figure out a way to rescue Lana. Lex Luthor has plans to bring about the end of the world by detonating a network of “dirty bombs” that will wipe out the population with a cloud of radiation.

TJ goes to a scrapyard to investigate strange things that have happened there. As Superboy, he follows the kidnappers to a rooftop and sees them enter a strange ship just before he is attacked by a powerful ray that leaves him disoriented. When Superboy tries to intercept a meteor that is approaching Earth, he is injured, resulting in amnesia. The transfer works, but something causes the machines to overload. They discover a dangerous android and are narrowly saved from death by Superboy. Superman agrees and donates blood. Manfred prepares to kill them in hopes that when they die, the homeless people will leave the beach.

Meanwhile, the Indian woman is nearly killed by an alligator, but is saved by Superboy. The Complete Third Season From the producers of the Superman films comes the adventures of a young Man of Steel who, disguised as Clark Kent, mild-mannered journalism student a moreā€¦. Clark sees his father on the news with Lana and realizes something is wrong.

A rare coin seems to bless a criminal with good luck, while cursing Superboy’s ability to capture him. Again, Natasha is blamed.

Superboy saves ufll from being crushed to death.

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April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Neila returns to Earth, and summons Superboy to aid her in destroying a creature that is out to kill her. Superboy flies him away as he explodes.

An android is sent from the future to destroy Superboy. When Lana falls in love with Judd she is in danger also. But before he can do anything, Superboy finds him and makes him agree to give all the cowokkj people jobs as he once promised he would. Clark chronicles his daily activities for his boss, rewording his outings as Superboy to cover up superbou identity.


Only Billy knows epieode codes to get access to the computer and stop the sub from exploding. Superboy must intervene when crooks steal a laser weapon and plan to use it to destroy a launching space shuttle. When Luthor creates a Bizarro duplicate of Lana Lang, Bizarro is prepared to uphold his end of the bargain, and this time Superboy may not be able to escape.

supebroy Lana arms herself with kryptonite bomb to destroy the Sovereign, hurting both versions of Superboy. Ron Ely guest stars as Superman. Superboy finds the message on the answering machine and arrives just in time to save Lana from a horrible death at the hands of one of the dirty cops.

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As Superboy tries to return Luthor, he and an alternate Dr. She then takes up with an ex-hippie in his trailer outside of the city. Clark is forced to see a psychiatrist, in which he must determine a way to conceal his identity during the interrogation.

This alternate world is dark, and chaos has erupted as a result of Luthor’s murder by They discover a dangerous android and are narrowly saved from death by Superboy. Clark decides to give up being Superboy and using his powers after a man dies, supposedly as a result of Superboy’s epispde. The professor fixes the machine and Superboy returns in time to be transported back to the present.

The only problem is, one lone piece still attached to the necklace is flowing through Capitol City’s sewer system and could be found again. He collapses in pain, but he is able to weakly fly away from the woman.

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When Lana resists Mxy’s twisted version of Clark, Mxy uses his magic to make her want to come with him. There, Clark feels the pain of kryptonite for the first time. Kenderson wants to blow up the community silo when Pa Kent goes to show it to the bank’s mortgage department supdrboy. She then leaves, never to return, since the machine will never have enough power to time travel again.

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Clark, supperboy friends, and innocent bystanders are holed up in a building as hostages, and Clark must find a way to rescue them without revealing his identity. A very shy waitress has a crush on Superboy, and wants him to notice her.


She says he was once a brilliant scientist, but a laboratory accident left him disfigured and now he blames the world for his problems. A construction worker brings an unusual glowing rock to the Bureau and when Superboy appears to investigate, an alien creature leaps from the rock and attaches itself to the Boy of Steel.

Lana goes in search of Lena, who she believes is still alive somewhere. The owner of the beach club, Gerald Manfred, is trying to sell his club, but to do so he must get rid of the homeless group.

Two beings from another world come to Earth and alter time, accelerating Superboy’s presence. While working one night, Lana is nearly blown out of the window by a gust of wind coming from inside the building. A magic doctor arrives at Shuster after a scarred, deranged man attacks several people. He smashes through the retaining wall to find a skeleton, which is likely the remains of a clarinet player named Johnny murdered 50 years ago when the Bureau was a grand ballroom called “The Trocadel.

Superboy meets him and discovers that Mxy’s magic can harm him just as it could anyone else. Superboy gets the plutonium and flees with it. Superboy is called on to help remove a totem pole from the ground so it can be studied. Meanwhile, the creature feeds off the adrenaline the dreams are causing Superboy to generate and if the Bureau staff can’t remove the creature, Superboy will die.

While Professor Peterson is testing his new duplicating ray, Superboy arrives to see his progress. Superboy is left disoriented and weak. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. After a field trip to a naval base, Billy breaks into the advanced computer system of a new navy submarine to impress a girl he likes and this activates a self-destruct mechanism that will go off in 30 minutes.

Superboy arrives to free everyone trapped inside and try to quiet the raging spirit, but he fails. In the forest, a mother and son find him and nurse him back to health, while he rediscovers who he truly is. And he has a plan to get Superboy out of the way as well.