It’s true, Joowon is frowning a lot. There is no guarantee given as to the accuracy of any individual item on the Site. LAnd make the resistance fighters and Mok Dan smarter! Against all the soldiers there, Gaksital easily holds his own until Kimura takes the gun and starts shooting. Are you really going to let him through on account of that measly mustache? Good that he is the smart Kimura though, it keeps the plot moving. I was thinking what if Gaksital removes his mask or Mok Dan removes the mask, what will happen. She reels from the news but argues-she wants to help her father and lay her life down just like him.

Kang To apologizes, admitting he should have reported. I also don’t mind because for all the repetition the writer puts in, there’s always some sort of progression to the plot. Shunji gives his team their final instructions, stationing teams at every exit. Episode 5 by TeriYaki. The whole episode gives Kang To greater trouble between maintaining his two personas — Kang To and Gaksital. I guess it’s in Kimura’s bloodline! Kang To and Dan arrive at a clearing.

She tells him-no need since now she owes him nothing. Lucky Mok Dan had the gun cuz one boy hits every time he shoots while the other misses every time he shoots. Amazing, warn the enemy without appearing to warn them. Damsari watches her make her way in with a smile. I want any of the boys to suspect Rie as soon as possible. I think this is where his craziness started.

SS July 11, at 9: Seriously, they expect to get away or accomplish their great mission with such lame disguises?

The hero must be put in some situation where there seems to be no way out. Poor girl shes been to hell and back mostly 31 him It’s going to kill her when she figures it out. Gaksital has gotten to the stage where I hide my face while watching it. Just Please SHow, Don’t kill the bromance!!


Gaksital aka Bridal mask Episode 13 Recap | Akiko’s Morning Coffee !! :]

Party time in Damsark The whole episode gives Kang To greater trouble between maintaining his two personas — Kang To and Gaksital. The conflict is richer where we are, with Kang-to struggling with his burden and feeling powerless at times to step in, because the cause requires him to remain hidden.

A full-scale battle breaks out between Gaksital and the police officers, who swarm him and get knocked down in turn. Thanks for the recap JB. Gaksital has a way of bringing out that all-consuming rage. Shunji asks him what became of his order to go to the about capturing Dan.

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Please writers, give his character enough depth to make him more human. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not super sold on the romance but I’m enjoying the action enough that it fully compensates in my book. Now, he just seems like a crazy spurned lover boy, which is just sad given how the set up for his character was much more interesting. That goes so starkly with what Kang To stands for himself. He has no idea where the lines are separating good from bad, or justifiable from not.

Gah, I was on edge for the majority of the episode.

I wonder if there are stunt doubles or the leads do their own stunts. That Kimura family is pretty hardcore. It’s never established, but the “comrade” reference does clue us in to that conclusion.


One of the things of this drama that i’m addicted is Kang To’s gaze: StarI’m totally with you. This Site includes links to other websites.

Bridal Mask: Episode 13

Catch gaksital it’s an obsession, a “disease” that it was transported from Kang To to Shunji. Now she understands why he tried to assassinate Kang-to; eliminating Kang-to improves chances of a clean escape. At the same time, in voiceover, Kang To also addresses her asking her to just stay alive.

Meanwhile, Kang To sits at his desk with a troubled expression. From afar, Kang To watches. He turns back and cradles her face, his own tears falling freely now. Will that propel him into then becoming that ideal? I mean, half the time I kept thinking Kang-to is caught, but then he cleverly thinks of a good alibi. Would she forgive Kang To? And maybe those lines are all imaginary anyway; they may be clear for people living on the extreme ends of the ideology spectrum, like Damsari who lives and dies by the cause, and Kishokai which operates for its own power.

Episode #1.13

NBF July 12, at I still like Gaksital, and will continue watching: Leave a comment Comments 5. Gah, am I the only one yelling for an explosion to happen faster, so that Kang-to still has an alibi when da,sari does? The frown and the dimple. D Thanks for the recap: If only it were that easy.