He plays various roles simultaneously. Intelligent and confident, she has helped Imran in various cases. He was a member of an organization “Master Killers”, very eminent for target killing of world’s prominent personalities. He is a laborious member of the Secret Service. But because he has been engaged in the risky business of crime and underworld so he is nicknamed as ‘Tiger’. Large proportions of hooligans have been killed by Tiger in various missions.

Imran Series Jild 14 April 22, 12, 0. He was expelled from the services due to negligence on duty in Al Fansay Al Fanse. Your email address will not be published. This article describes a work or element of fiction in a primarily in-universe style. All but Allama Dehshatnak were killed by Imran. Support writers and Digest by purchasing them and reading them, This Facility is for overseas Pakistanis. The following fictional characters are official Secret Service members and helpers to the spy and crime-fighter Imran – the X-2 in the Imran Series of Urdu spy novels by Ibn-e-Safi.

Incidentally they get involved in a case and Imran discovers their strengths and they are offered to join the Secret Services.

Whenever he faces difficulties, he consults Imran. Checkout Your Cart Price.

Fictional secret agents and spies Ibn-e-Safi Imran Series. Retrieved from ” https: April 22, June 3, Intelligent and confident, she has helped Imran in various cases. His knowledge of jungles has proved to be very useful for Imran on various occasions. In the book Farishtay ka Dushmanhe faces a motorbike accident in the line of duty [4] and is left permanently unable to carry on with field work, so he is transferred to another department and is replaced in the Secret Service by Sergeant Nemo.

His servant Jumman now known as Jameson was also expelled.

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His real name is Rizwan and he is a Muslim. Imran is always messing around with Sulaiman about the food he is going to prepare, and the conversations between them are always funny.

Their next meeting takes place in Joank Ki Wapsee. Joseph is insanely alcoholic, beginning each day by gulping down half a bottle of whiskey to “open his eyes.


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The character of ‘Tiger’ is created by the renowned author of imran series: She is very impressed with Imran’s personality, in fact she is in love with him. This in accordance with ” Mazhar Kaleem ‘s Imran Series “; in Ibne Safi’s novels, these four were ordinary members of secret service like others. Four-star combats against the violent crimes rising in the Pakaisa. Before meeting DarineonJoseph was a heavyweight champion.

Imran Series Jild 28 April 22, 13, 0. With similar physical structure, Imran sometimes uses Zafrul Mulk to disguise as himself.

As a result, he has been punished by X-2 on occasions.

Despite the fact that both characters are bloodthirsty for each other, the evil con man declares Imran to be his rightful nephew in the cunning art. However, he is also jealous of Imran and has many times attempted to unsuccessfully arrest him.

Is this product missing categories? Always shown acting stupid, insane, and funny, darnidon keeps the readers in hysterics at his every action.

He is very thin in appearance with a visibly weak physique, but is actually very strong.

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But besides all these facts he is a really good friend of Imran and respects his ability of detecting the villain in the end.

He is titled to be the 2nd Imran of Pakasia Pakistanbecause his ability and skill in field is outstandingly admissible. This has the dual effect of reassuring Imran’s team members that he is not X-2, a fact that almost everyone suspects at one time or other. Pin It on Pinterest. Now Sing is working for Zeroland. But because he serise been engaged in the risky business of crime and underworld so he is nicknamed as ‘Tiger’. Is the information for this product incomplete, wrong or inappropriate?

Sing Hee performs it in front of Imran once, and Imran asks him to do it again.


Darindo Ki Basti, Imran Series by Ibne Safi (Urdu Novel)

Ali Imran is a pivotal character in Imran Series. He also acts as personal body guard of Prince of Dhump, an alias of Imran. When he returned, his uncle did not appreciate his modern ideas and asked him to leave the home. Juliana believes that Imran is X-2, and clearly mentions it to him on one occasion; [3] Imranshocked but, manages to cover his identity with the help of Black Zero. However, Imran still involves her in many cases later on. Sulaimanthe cook, and Joseph Mugundahis bodyguard from Africa.

Imran lives in a modest flat, along with his cook and housekeeper, Sulaiman. But besides his jealous with Imran, on many occasions he had proven his worth. Then Imran surprises Sing Hee by challenging him to shoot at him; Sing Hee cannot believe his eyes when he is unable to shoot Imran. Tahir has also appeared as a masked X-2 sometimes in front of the Secret Service members. She is a beautiful Swiss girl, who was in love with X-2 in the early days when Imran had not yet joined the Secret Services.

Only three other characters know his secret: He is a foreign spy, who plans to start a revolution in Imran’s country. Whenever Sing Hee encounters Imranhe always manages to escape in the end, except in Larztee Lakeerain when Imran manages to capture him but afterwards releases him on purpose, saying that if he had caught Sing Hee in his own country, he would not have released him.

That member is codenamed “Black Zero”.

Imran trusts her very much, and she has also known from the start that he is X