It combines the age-old appeal of teenage romance with enviable friendship, humour and the poignant sadness of Alya’s situation. The storyline of the movie was pretty good. It also promotes “karya sastera”, or literature, and poetry as well as music amongst teenagers. I wanted to see this one the moment I saw the poster. And boy, was I happy with my decision to buy this piece! The main point is the message of love in the story teach the we respect our friend, entertain them. The component of story was put in the film without strong cause-and-effect relation. I just love open-ended, realistic stories that encourage its watchers that it’s okay to let go of love and be broken hearted for awhile–in the end you will not regret sticking to your priorities rather.

I think Jujur Prananto wrote a cool script and all actor and actress played well in natural act. By the way, why is it called “Beautiful Days” there, and how would the Japanese audience understand the context of classical Indonesian literature, for instance? In the film everything is clean and modern with people driving nice cars. Their love gets tested when one of the girls ends up in the hospital after Cinta ignores her phonecall due to her date with Rangga. But Alia recovers and the girls see their mistake. Why did she say yes? Let’s support Indonesian Movie by watching it in the theatre. To know the answer you HAVE to wathc this movie.

Fall in love with it.

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Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Diialog Opportunities The way Cinta and Rangga converse showed how they matured and understood each other better.

I only wished that the journey and the storyline had more depths, so it really feels like they earned it. Oiya, saya kebetulan bukan org yg diallg dg spoiler. In my colleage,every student girls or boys are crazy about this movie AADC. My all time’s favorite. The script smoothly runs the story, and strongly constructs the whole first love theme.


It’s not great for a ‘foreign’ movie or whatever – it’s great in it’s own right. The actors however are really acting like amateurs, the story never gets really exiting, although the screams of some teenagers during the dii make you think you are watching a drama like “Shakespeare in love”. Why did she say yes?

For me it was very boring, although the picture dialob sound quality are much better than most Indonesian movies I have seen so far. The film tells the story of Tita, whose life changed when she met Adit, the dialgo of a her family friend and who came from France.

Like other romance, both characters hate each other in the beginning, but fall madly in love with each other in the middle of the movie. Not pretentious to be ‘art’ film like Rxngga Berbisik of course, but it is believable and somehow get me hooked into the story The main protagonists are Cinta means “Love” and Rangga. The music itself can tell the story, and that says a lot for it.

Go directly to content Alt 1 Go directly to second-level navigation Alt 3 Go directly to first-level navigation Alt 2. Unbeknownst to them, they actually share a similiar hobby, writing a poem. I must admit that AADC is a movie in my guilty enjoyment list. You’ll later feel the moral value of this teenage ranga. Phenomenon chreesel 11 August However, Milly worth to be appreciated because she is the only one who at least being the best between the others.

Was this review helpful? Sheer brilliance savetheempire 5 October Since this is supposed to be a comment, not a review, I won’t bore you with a plot summary.

Ada Ada dengan Cinta? 2 () – Review: 14 Years a Lover and Before Moonlight – sinekdoks

By Umesh Bhagchandani on Feb 12, He gave a little bit of action, drama, romance and comedy for the movie. Download app Pegipegi dan dapatkan diskon eksklusif. Ada Apa Dengan Cinta is the best Indonesian teen movie ever made.


Not just any other teen romance that exploits sex or desire, this teen romance will touch your heart. In the end, Ada Apa dengan Cinta? And dont have any intention to. I’m Malaysian, and Bahasa Indonesia is pretty different from Bahasa Malaysia although they’re supposedly almost identical.

To get both of them means that she has to lie about it. AADC rightfully deserved the popularity and commercial success it had enjoyed. Firstly, when i heard that the movie would be released, i wanted to.

Why so salty, Cinta? The way Cinta and Rangga converse showed how they matured and understood each other better. Now, if you have seen The Raid or the sequel, you may think it’s the best Indonesian film ever.

Maybe it’s because the Indo film industry is less jaded than that of Hollywood, but this movie gets right what so many Hollywood teen flicks have gotten wrong. Do I hate it? Karena Daniel beragama Kristen, banyak yang mengira ia membangun sebuah gereja. For exposing government corruption inhe was fired and persecuted, and even deserted by his wife and all his children except for Rangga.

Gereja Ayam resmi ditutup tahun karena biaya konstruksi yang terlalu tinggi. Thats why this movie did made an impact for me.