BILL Hey baby, what are you wearing? Come back in here! At least security can get you backstage. Cindy waves goodbye to Buffy’s dad as he drives off. Killer with bucket and mop, a plastic garbage bag with a foot sticking out. The killer watches in disbelief as Jill tries to stuff her body through the doggie door. You said if I… M. Killer wipes his knife.

This animal is supposed to be free and spread his wings. Thanks for your time. Nobody drives my car but me! They can’t hear him. Buffy gives a fake smile. GREG What’s that supposed to mean? GAIL Well, of course not, handsome. She blows him a kiss.

Drew turns on the porch light. MAN That’s not necessary. This is just like an episode of Jerry Springer. RAY Watch my seat. Doofy escorts Cindy past a real police car to his kiddie, pedal-operated police car. Screenplays for You – free movie scripts and screenplays. Cindy looks at menu. Ray chuckles and presses his head closer. Heather runs to the front of the class.

RAY Shit, you must be crazy! Did you hear anything I said? Brandy takes out a laser pointer. He falls to the floor. What do you want? I just told them where they could shove it.


No matter how fast she runs, the killer keeps getting closer. She is in deep relaxation.

We already committed murder. Scart hangs up, visibly shaken. Buffy crosses the stage. She opens her top, exposing her chest. Young girl excitedly raises her hand. Cindy sits at a desk alone, visibly shaken.

Doofy makes a siren noise with his mouth. RAY You know, you look really sexy in my jersey. Come back in here!

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GREG Hey, the shower was cold! The former Miss Teen approaches with a bouquet of roses.

My friend Sean had a pool party this summer. Killer swings at Cindy. Some fisherman found his body a few weeks later.

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That’s not a horror movie. Then the Woman sitting behind her reaches over and stabs her in the sjell, then also goes back to watching the movie. He throws the ball and makes the play. Killer swings with knife. He takes a long drag off his joint and exits.

Ray presses his ear against the hole. MAN Will you keep it down!? Several tattoos on Buffy’s back. He’s black and he’ll kick your ass!


I can’t take this job and these stupid kids anymore! GAIL I say, that’s a mighty big night stick you got there.

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Cindy turns to leave and runs into Ray. His hook misses her and gets stuck. Dcary know he ain’t coming back. Suddenly her pager goes off. Cindy runs to her room and locks the door. His crew jumps in the van and they burn out. RAY Is he alive?

She movir half heartily, waving her arms in comical mock fright. Cindy screams and attacks. Her hand wiggles through, then a foot. We hear flesh tearing and ripping as blood sprays everywhere. Several officers run into the house. I’m putting on my make up.