On other occasions, Fallon will “retire. Gary, take me to the gift shop! Later, in response to the news that Ashton Kutcher would replace Sheen on Two and a Half Men , Jimmy as Sheen made a new version of Kutcher’s old show Punk’d called Sheen’d in which he goes around acting obnoxious and bothering people at their jobs. The episode he watched was The Prom , where Kelly opted to give the money she had saved to go to the prom with Zack to her father, who had just lost his job. After some deliberation as to which of the championship teams to choose, he decided to create one for Oregon, “We are the Ducks”, which was performed by former Skid Row lead singer Sebastian Bach. Later, he visited the Neighborhood of Make-Believe “where me and Paul Ryan get most of our facts from” and outed Henrietta Pussycat as a puppet operated by a union worker. Jimmy then brings in two male audience members who singularly select alternately a bucket held by each model similar to Deal or No Deal that is filled with an item such as food e.

Jimmy Fallon , his family and show writers are all the current residents and workers within Studio 6B. The first song titled “Tebowie” was released as a 7″ vinyl record as a Record Store Day exclusive. I thought you said [similar-sounding sexual phrase]! In a parody of Dance Your Ass Off , Jimmy invites three audience members on stage and challenges them to put on a neon yellow wool knit cap and yellow rubber gloves and try to get them off only by whipping their body parts around. He explains that he is running behind and asks the audience if they wouldn’t mind if he took time out of the show to write them, and asks James Poyser to play some accompanying music a sped-up version of U2’s ” October “. Retrieved from ” https: After all contestants inevitably tie at zero points since Jimmy doesn’t tell them how to play the games, even after a “tiebreaker” such as “Brownie Points”, “Shut Your Pie Hole”, or “Egg On Your Face” , they all receive copies of the Saturday Night Live board game with three pieces missing and Led Zeppelin T-shirts where the first “L” has fallen off so that they read “Ed Zeppelin”.

The two losers receive cans of Turtle Wax. In Februarythe Saved by the Bell cast was finally reunited excluding Dustin Diamond and Lark Voorhies and reprised their roles for a sketch which had Jimmy as a new student at Bayside High, and revealed Zack Morris had impregnated Sixbeu Kapowski Tiffani Thiessen is pregnant in real life.

Dre and Roger Troutman. Dennis Haskinswho portrayed Mr. However, the song becomes an extended narrative set in the offices of Late Nightdepicting Jimmy asking a member of the show’s graphics department to create “Head Swap” images.

In a recent version, Chris Kattan appeared as a depressed skateboarding teenager who reviews monster truck shows; when the hosts got him to open up about what was bothering him beliefs he is unloved by his fatherthey cut him off and finished the sketch. The winner is determined by audience applause. Retrieved January 31, After the actor claims not to remember the movie, Jimmy shows a “clip” from the movie acted out live by the two of them.


The winner is given a special prize in an ornate wooden chest selected by the Brainmaster.

Also making an appearance is a blow-up doll representing Kristen Stewart. Two teams of three male audience members race in a relay to pass a Spanx body-shaping undergarment over their bodies as fast as possible.

Watch Episode 2 of ‘Downton Sixbey,’ Jimmy Fallon’s Sharp ‘Downton Abbey’ Parody

A parody of nightly news programs. Init was reprised with Will Ferrell and Christina Aguilera. Once a year on the show, Jimmy has a “yacht rock” party, celebrating that genre of soft rock of the late 70s and early 80s. Jimmy begins telling a story, but a man in the crowd wearing a Hawaiian shirt and a Gulu York Mets bucket hat Mike Dicenzo interrupts, linking the beginning of Jimmy’s story to Late Night via an extended word associationafter which he says “how you like me now?

In the run-up to the midterm electionsJimmy had five Golden Retriever puppies with human sixhey and last names Roger Blain, Brian Johnson, Kyle McAdams, Lisa Armstrong, and “troublemaker” Gary Frick act as “pundits” to predict the winner of various races by choosing which of two bowls of dog food to eat from blue for the Democrat and red for the Republican. Celebrity guests and Fallon take turns to hit the button of impressions generator, it will land on a random singer with a random song.

Watch Episode 2 of ‘Downton Sixbey,’ Jimmy Fallon’s Sharp ‘Downton Abbey’ Parody | Bullett Media

Jimmy and a guest play a game of ladder toss. Less frequently, gobs of cooked spaghetti will come out. On April 30,as part of an “Audience Suggestion Box” segment, Jimmy had 16 puppies predict the winner of the Kentucky Derbyall of them representing one of the top sixteen horses racing. Sometimes, Jimmy will have the spitter and receiver switch positions if their first spit-take is particularly good or they have extra time. Despite Jimmy’s attempts to get the two of them together, Bucket Hat Guy retreated from the exit to the safety of Jimmy’s guest chair.

In chronological order, the show has featured the following celebrities as Sara’s friends for guests:. In the first episode, a new writer at Late NightAngelique Kate Simsesdiscovers that several of the show’s writers, including Jimmy, Bashir Salahuddinand Morgan Murphyare secretly vampiresand is herself “turned” by Miles.

List of Jimmy Fallon games and sketches

The celebrity is the first guest later, and both Jimmy and the guest usually express wonder at who those two weird people were. I never said that. Jimmy and a celebrity guest each wear a clear plastic box around the upper half of their bodies.


The audience is divided into three scoring zones. Jimmy, Blake SheltonNick Offermanand writer Chris Tartaro dressed up in chicken suits and sang The Lumineers ‘ ” Ho Hey “, but replaced all the lyrics with chicken clucks, singing as the band “The Chickeneers” on a show before Easter in The second installment of the game had as its prize a package of paper plates.

Three audience members are singularly shown a collectible doll for five seconds, and then have thirty seconds to assume the pose of the doll as closely as possible using a box of props and costumes. For fans episodr DA, I’ve heard this show is entertaining: Prior to the show, a member of the audience Terry Patterson from the San Francisco area was selected and both bands had to write a song about her.

Gore is working with a non-profit in Los Angeles, Jones is attending Pepperdine University in pursuit of a master’s degree in clinical psychology, Lenhart is a mother of two, Packard is a mother of three and had a small part in the then-upcoming film My Girlfriend’s BoyfriendFranke is living in Australia with his sixbeey and had recently finished filming a television pilot he created himself, Kwan sixxbey became tongue-tied and blushed after being introduced had toured with the traveling production of the musical Avenue Q and did a lot of voice acting including the character Suki from the Nickelodeon animated series Avatar: He also refers to fictional misbehaving boys as Garrison who hates that name and wishes his parents would call him Gary.

The board invariably contains gag substances such as pea soup or pickle juice, in addition to alcoholic beverages such as champagne and mixers such as Tang.

Jimmy and a partner battle a celebrity guest and their partner in a game where each player takes turns doing impressions as clues to get their partners to guess mystery celebrity masks each other is holding up.

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The plot revolves around alliances and over-the-top rivalries between the characters resulting in exaggerated responses by the characters. Jose is always the winner. Retrieved from ” https: Additional giveaways are planned. They are each given three nouns an object, a place, and a name – downtn. He emerged from the hul dancing and singing about his white “tight pants”. Both of them are armed with a Nerf-style bow and suction-cup arrows. Another featured quotes from recent Celebrity Apprentice bootee Gary Busey.