Vallari tries to convince Vallabh to wear the wig gifted by her father, but he flatly refuses. Mahesh tries to explain to her how nice the family members are even though Radha tells Mahesh that the alliance is broken. Mayi expresses her wish to have a grand engagement ceremony for Ghana. Vallari is stunned and wonders about how weird her children are. Avinash calls Mahesh and informs him that he has asked someone to make Radha’s horoscope. Just then their niece Yamuna informs them that Shripad’s mother Mayi Rekha Kamat is breathing her last.

Mauli comes to wake up Ghana. She then asks Ghana to give his dress for pressing. Ghana explains to them that it won’t be easy for his wife to leave them after she develops an emotional bonding with the family. They discuss about how the family members are emotionally blackmailing them. Digambar asks him to wish Radha good night. It has been shot around the serene landscapes of Goa, with Mumbai and Pune providing the interior locations. However, they are disappointed when Devki tells Supriya to train Radha too. However, Radha states that she and Ghana have decided to have a simple marriage.

Mayi states that she has received an invitation from the heavenly abode.

Eka Lagnachi Dusri Goshta – Episode – 10th July – video dailymotion

Member feedback about Baji film: Mayi expresses her displeasure. Kuhu replies that she won’t be having a registered marriage. January 21, at 1: I tend to catch up with my favourites on the weekend at one go and I prefer that. The film was released in theatres on 10 October Mahesh comes to meet Avinash to share his happiness about Radha’s consent for lagnacbi.


Ganga and Yamuna decide to inform everyone about Mayi’s impending death. Radha reveals that Prachi has told her everything.

Oh no, there’s been an error

Subodh Bhave born 9 November is a Marathi actor, writer, producer and director. Ghana is about to make Radha wear the ring when Mayi shouts out of excitement. Digambar explains to Ghana that couples have some specific habits.

Ghana proudly tells Radha that she is the 64th girl whom he disari rejected. Ghana explains that he does not wish to marry a girl who will approve him only because she will get a chance to go to US. He has been applauded by many noted professionals.

Vallari alias Valli is grumbling over her husband Vallabh’s Milind Phatak scanty hair. When Radha returns home, Prachi lqgnachi her that she is going back home.

Kuhu calls her boyfriend Prabhat and informs him that Ghana has gone to meet the prospective bride. Prachi tells Mahesh that she will also have to inform the jeweler that she won’t be ordering the jewelry from him.


Radha reveals that she does not know to wear a sari. Subtitles Audio Languages Available On. Member feedback about List of songs recorded by Shalmali Kholgade: Just then Ghana calls Radha. Devki asks Ghana to accompany them for shopping, but he refuses. He suddenly changes his tone and refuses to accept the money. Radha is left speechless. Digambar asks him to wish Radha good night.

Mahesh explains to her that there is nothing like that. The show follows two young lawyers, Om and Isha who fall in love with each. Communication during this time was equivalent to zero. Radha explains that she didn’t really mean to call off the marriage.

Ghana points out 212 the dark patches on the cop’s face and offers a fairness cream as gift.

The show witnessed a dip in ratings when the lead couple was shown at loggerheads with each other. However, they accept it as a miracle.