The group makes their way to the crashed ship so they can treat Coud’s injuries only to be surprised to meet Sunweld. Space Battleship Yamato Fafner in the Azure: Ren becomes ill and the group decides to find a place to rest. Coud goes back to his life as a Red Lynx sky pirate and Ren stays with him in the end. Saving her, she explains she wishes to escape and she’ll help them. Flag of the Bluesky Vol.

List of Elemental Gelade episodes. During the night, Coud suddenly awakes and tries to kill Ren. Rasati offers Ren and Coud shelter for the night as an apology. Retrieved July 3, Coud decides to go to Edel Garden to rescue Ren. Then, she begins to cry.

Sunweld tells Cisqua of an ancient legend from Edel Garden. Coud is unable to control his power when reacted with Ren so he asks Rowen for help.

Coud asks Cisqua to help him train, but they are attacked by the Sting Raids who are using Rig’s body as a shield. Coud englih the others manage to fight off the attackers while Rasati chases after the fleeing Marl.

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Saving her, she explains she wishes to escape and she’ll help them. Ren is brought to Edel Garden’s palace and accepts the position as queen.

Three Sting raid appear and take control of the thugs’ bodies; Ren reacts with Coud, and together, they defeat them. The ship is attacked leaving only Coud to protect Ren.

Meanwhile, Ciqua, Rowen, elemdntal Kuea discover an illegal fighting arena. Twenty-six episodes were produced and originally broadcast on TV Tokyo between 5 April to 27 September at 6 pm.

After landing on the new continent, Viro introduces herself to the group.

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The fight with Chaos Choir is interrupted by an attack from an Arc Aile airship. NA Digital Manga Publishing. Retrieved July 3, The manga series has been adapted into an anime television series produced by Xebectwo light novels, two video games for the PlayStation 2 and Game Boy Advance and four drama CDs. Retrieved from ” https: Mao-chan Stellvia D. To save Ren from Englihs, Cisqua is forced to shoot her. Coud and Ren enter to make money while Cisqua enjoys the money she wins by betting.


This page was last edited on 29 Novemberat Escaping from Beazon and Parl, they are trapped by an army of giant beasts called Laguras. Then, the two blush and kiss.

Anime News Network Press release. Coud meets an old friend named Rig. As of OctoberGeneon no longer is involved in the US anime industry, so North American distribution rights of the anime have been rescued from Geneon by Funimation. Edel Raids, With it instead being pronounced EL-Dell have the ability to subbex with a human and become a living weapon. He finds a dusty box with Ren sleeping in it.

The large wall was built by a small gang of thugs.

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However just like the first elemental epislde, it is uncertain why Edel Garden is a warring nation for a place that has the name of a beautiful Eden or Utopia. As the fight continues, Tilel becomes too weak to continue fighting, but Wolx orders her to keep fighting. After an even match, Rasati manages to win. While the men, mostly Coud, are fixing the van, the girls take a swim in a close river. While Cisqua holds off Wolx’s attacks, Selena escapes and makes her way to her village only to discover that she’s been away too long.


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You can help by adding to it. Christmas Special Love Hina: The group makes their way to the crashed ship so they can treat Coud’s injuries only to be surprised to meet Sunweld. Rowen defeats the assassins but with the expense of damaging the air ship.

Views Read Edit View history. Rasati and Lillia react to defeat the epsode fighters. The three leaders of Chaos Choir escape but not before they damage the airship. They are on a journey to restore the Kingdom and exact vengeance on the Garden of Eden.

But while Coud is protecting her, Ren decides to react with Coud. After a raid by the Red Lynx sky piratesyoung Coud rummages through the loot. List of Elemental Gelade episodes.

The action adventure series is directed by Shigeru Ueda and produced by the Japanese animation studio Xebec. Elwmental articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from December Articles with permanently dead external links Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode list using the default LineColor.

Kamogawa Days Gelaade Coud catches up to Ren, and defeats the thugs as they are about to attack. Meanwhile, a Sting Raid poses people on board and drains their energy. Coud and Rowen fix the ship, but as they start to journey to Edel Garden by air, Grayarts and Cocowet attack. Ren is kidnapped in the middle of the night by Beazon, while the five stayed at an inn for the night.