Suddenly all kindness and light, Kang-to asks if she knows him, and almost introduces himself with his other name before stopping. During the Japanese occupation of Korea in the s, one of the darkest periods of Korean history, heroes came from ordinary men who did extraordinary things in their everyday lives. Shunji drops by the Jongno Station and helps Kangto escape…. I didn’t know the word was offensive! Now I am curious if KS has been pretending to be an imbecile this whole time just so he can pose as Gaksital. Are you going on a trip. And while I do get some City Hunter vibes, I didn’t think that it is a problem since the historical context gives this drama a whole other layer. I used this term a year or 2 ago here and I really didn’t understand why some people criticized me:

Just tell her who you are! KS says they stink. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. On a lighter note. K buys a new hat and comes out of the shop. Kenji can take mom as a hostage easily and quickly, defeating Kang San that way no matter what. I saw clearly with my own two eyes.

Bridal Mask E1

Kang-to returns to the hospital maxk, only to find that the bed is empty. Someone actually said that? Omi, I still can’t believe it. Now I am curious if KS has been pretending to be an imbecile this whole time just so he can pose as Gaksital. I live in brixal East European country that doesn’t speak English and usually Japanese people don’t live here, therefore it didn’t have any meaning except of an abbreviation. You are the eldest son of this Lee family.


Plus I hope there is only pecking and no real kisses in this drama. Shin Hyun-joon love over here. I think the whole premise specially our hero Gaksital is very much like Zorro than CH.

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K drags him away. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. I knew JW would have lots of action scenes, but I was surprised the girl did as epiaode. Flashback to five years ago, before Rie was Rie. If he did not join 1N2D Go In Bum Supporting Cast.

Our heroes mother btidal first. I maybe think that he’s the brody and hard to approach kind of guy. Back to present time. I like the 30’es settings.

Love this Korean zorro stufff man. Kenji watches from a nearby building and smirks. Mok Dan was shot by Kang-to. His mom and brother come home to hear him yelling —what is joseon.

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A verification email has been rpdrama to your new email address. Is it you hyung? Like he said, he’s working for the Japanese because that’s the only way he knows how to in order to survive during this difficult time period. Its hard enough to beat someone over the head, yet hollow enough to launch projectiles. I am so loving this drama: K asks what he is doing.


So I want to get to the next level, and I hope we get there quickly. Then he fumes while Shunji gently helps Mok Dan walk back to her room.

Wonder if that means Gaksital like epdfama since he rescues her 3 times now. I came to make sure of that. Kang-to recognizes the dagger dropped by his assailant, and with horror reveals her face under the mask: However we’ve added on this disclaimer. Kim Ji Min Supporting Cast. I hope he trashes Kenji.

I hope that Bridal Mask won’t leave the epdra,a mark in my heart. I will find you. I gasped out loud when the mother got shot! I totally thought that she got that confused look because he was suddenly being nice to her!

Taro slaps kenji for not telling him about Gaksital sooner. And I’m mentally prepared for that. This in itself is doom for their friendship already.