Jang Bin places another needle, and Choi Young shoots more ki into it, this time to control the bloodflow. I don’t mind the female lead He says completely seriously, not meaning it as a threat: Lee Min Ho Main Cast. Will check them out this weekend! Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. I have to meet this doctor.

He orders one unit to stay and hold off the attack while the rest escort Gongmin and Noguk away. I am sooo sorry about that But then carry on is such a random phrase to use in a song so I think they know what is means…sigh…happy or sad ending? They blended so well together and the harmony created is amazing. In the fictional setting of this drama, a warrior living in the timeline of Goryeo meets a plastic surgeon living in the present day. Reply Che-Cheh November 6, at 5: I had a few favorite scenes today and the scene when Gongmin and Young are talking in his room is one of them. I think Kim Heesun looks amazing, and she and Minho look good together, even though there is a 10 year age gap.

So many layers here, and I am eagerly awaiting the romantic element. I have so many korsan scenes of King Gongmin e. Happy to find another Faith lover. If Dramaxrazy happen to be on the edge of my seat with one eye on the clock cuz I am nervous about the time running out, that means I am so into that drama that I am beyond help.

I don’t watch it asking every minute of the episode, “how much plastic surgery have these actors had? Kinda reminds me of Aang the Airbender, which should be a good sign.


And based on the recap his character in this drama, King Gongmin also seems likable. I like the set up so far, and the differences between the doctor and LMH’s character. Instead theirs is a slow gradual progression which makes all the nagging, bickering, sleeve grabbing, hand-holding… all these small gesture which are so brilliant btw so sweet and meaningful. Wanna know more about the word Imja? He asks the statesmen to go through the tax records.

She was originally a general surgeon, but quickly found that it was an overworked, under-paid profession and jumped ship to plastic surgery.

They turn to the portal…. Some work really hard to breathe life into his role, some dig deep and muster up every ounce of talent they have, and others coast by on their looks.

Gongmin glares at him silently. I did see some chemistry between the leads and so I am looking forward to seeing the two of them more.

The Great Doctor

The king comes close to being struck, but he keeps his promise not to run away, and Choi Young defends him successfully. I would like to see what the writers would come up with for another season of this show. Young looks after him curiously. He tells the statesmen he was attacked by thieves on the way back to the palace. I burst out LOL when I read it, it rramacrazy so funny kkrean so witty: They blended so well together and the harmony created is amazing.

Park Se Young as Princess Nogook. I didn’t know I was so sensitive to it, until recently, so I find myself paying attention to it now, without even forcing myself. Park Se Young Supporting Cast.


And right now, my current flame is this drama. He jerks at the flash, then makes his way down the hill and tries ent make sense of the landscape. Email required Address never made public.

The Revolutioner: Faith Ep 20 Raw/Eng Subs Lee Min Ho Korean Drama

I don’t think I have ever seen anything they’ve done, so that’s an additional reason for me to be on board. I hate this palace. Oh, this is becoming a habit! Got a little teary when I saw the 2 mounds at the above youtube. Built by Guri City at Acha mountain hillside.

Both dramas Bread and Faith are examples of character driven story. They they pay off the innkeeper to kick everyone else out. Deok Heung asks Ejg to save him. His character is hilarious. Reply Che-Cheh November 6, at 5: Guess it depends on your taste. Faith Alternate English title: See you maybe on the recap thread for epi. Sung Hoon Supporting Cast. He is also in my little bride as the younger? Do check out Wikipedia for alternative synopsis if you want to know more.

He koeean her to continue with what she is doing and casually sits down by window, propping up his legs and taking out a book. I agree with you… perfect love story.