Kerim hugs and kisses her, apologizes, and tells her not to worry—it will all be resolved. Resat is crying in the middle of the street, when Perihan, Hilmiye and Munir drive up. I have good and close women friends, but they would drop me like a hot potato if I behaved like Betty. They say their goodnights and kiss goodbye. Deniz flirts with Emre. The hitman meets Sami and Hacer in the taxi outside the bank. Of course only in telenovelaland would a hospital director risk both his directorship and his medical license by committing someone to a mental institution–something he has no authority to do.

The father and son have only just started to get along. Checked OnDemand this morning and they have not posted anything since epi Ayse tries to cover for him. Nett- Yes, I thought it was fascinating that it was Kerim, and not Fatma, who had the flashback to the rape as they made out on the beach. Now I trust you and I believe you. Fatma looked gorgeous and Kerim looked so handsome.

FYI- I won’t have the recap up until late this evening today.

If you had even a bit of conscience and mercy, you would have never accepted that money. Asshole Another guy calls him out, and asks how he would feel if it were his sister. She asks what caused Fabi to be hospitalized. Hacer is shocked, calls him crazy, and asks why he would do that.


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They say their goodnights and kiss goodbye. Please wait for me. I will miss you too much if you do not. She begs him to win the case because she HAS to win back custody of Fabiola.

I liked that one a lot. Nice touch with the explanation of the henna.

Recap about to be posted Eva tries to leave, but Pablo gets into the elevator with her. Erdogan just wants to know where Munir, his lawyer, is.

She just wants Kerim to always be by her side. On the yacht, Selim and Ayse have a mini freakout when they realize two of the passengers epixode Turkish, and that the man has an interest in watching Turkish television. It will be interesting to see how Pancho foils Andy’s murder attempt.

Monday, March 21, at 5: The next morning, Mukaddes gives Kerim the letter to read.

Fatmagul Episode 73 Promo Mon-Sat, 850 PM only on Zindagi

She rips up the letter, and then writes a response. Fahr addresses Rahmi and Meryem formally. She walks in and starts screeching and you hide the taser next episodee you and fire. I hope Telemundo actually leaves the episodes up On Demand for more than a week.


The Paradox of Academic Dishonesty. I thought it was great how Fabi’s psychiatrist was happy to talk to Eva and wanted to hear drmaa sides. Not the religious wedding ceremonies we are accustomed to seeing in Judeo-Christian ceremonies.

They know each other well and have a episod past that they wouldn’t judge each other for Wednesday, March 23, at Tuesday, March 22, at But, we can’t possibly scour the site every minute. Great job, top notch. The two hug tightly on his bed. Eva and Pablo continue to argue in the hospital coffee shop.

Everyone is welcome to join in the conversation. Duelo de Pasiones She is just so stupid.