George Gerbner in Fiske and Hart- ley, As Fiske and Hartley As discussed previously, there was a mainstream rape plot formula adopted in earlier rape representations in television series. It should be noted that audiences were already preoccupied with existing media texts advertising rape to attract attention to the series. Readers send her letter regarding their problems and she gives them advises. Women and Vio- lence. Scholarly Resources, Inc, —

Sexual Violence Sexual violence is a very serious and common problem all around the world. On other cases, victims are accused of precipitating rape in phrases such as Burt, This crime results in two to seven years of imprisonment. Television series at- tempts to shed a light to perception of rape in Turkey, justice system on rape, social conventions and attitudes towards rape victims. The Ministry of Family and So- cial Policies, This particular law only regards domestic violence. Cesur returns to his father’s village with an elaborate plan to avenge the death of his father. Emotion is one of the most important components of reception and especially crime related news appeal to emotions of audiences rather than their ration. One after another, boys jump into the sea and start swimming towards her.

But perhaps a much more valid and essential ques- tion on mass media is what media represents and why and fatmahul media represents specific texts. Full Cast and Crew. Edit Details Official Sites: But for rape myths utilized in the subttles series, see page One of the most important cinematographic aspects of the scene is: Therefore, rape myths are not only degrading, but they also consti- tute the danger of misleading men.

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Also, while there was less nudity in the television series ratmagul, there was definitely more violence. Adini Feriha Koydum — Democratic Sphere and Television Representations of Rape. Daghan is a doctor who tries to get his proficiency however, finds himself in jail. No Business Like Rape Business She claimed that visibility of an act of rape representation on television was confused with sexuality by society and mass media is responsible for this confusion. Yes No Report this.


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Vari- ous approaches in reception studies are utilized to justify the stand of this eplsode regarding how audiences decoded the rape represented in the series and how it led to misperception. Emre 35 episodes, Rape scene was sensationalized by raising expectations, by attracting attention to rape event and by referring to the rape scene in the movie.

Lack of appropriate laws against sexual violence in various coun- tries also dissuade victims from coming forward.

But by comparing it to the series, the event is fictionalized as if it is not reality but an ex- ample to a fictional claim. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Some men did not see rape as violence but rather as sex; they claimed that violence during sex was some- thing a woman actually desired thus it was not a crime.

Thus, perhaps the latter is more plausible than the former. Projansky have a similar approach to the case; she claims that lack of representing the act of rape hinders feminist per- spective.

Definition of Basic Terms 1. They signify a message that is constructed by society and then again accepted by the same community. While some newspapers praised and applauded the people who took part in the se- ries and the script writers, others slammed the series.


Recently, in Turkey, the subject of rape on television series has become a very controversial issue. KavafZaman, Local News Section. Second theme was normalization of rape discourse through various trivialization methods. Another type of rape is corrective rape and it is used to correct sexual behaviors of non-heterosexual women by raping them. Subtitlee was how a visual pleasure and satis- faction was offered to male audience and how these images become subconscious reminders of the dominant ideology to female audience during the earlier periods of representation of rape on television by utilization of psychoanalysis.


Other than few alterations in the original script, the entire story is intact. In actuality, rape vic- tims, unlike in the earlier rape plot employed in television series, suffered gravely. Accord- ing to the cultivation theory of George Gerbner Trend, Fictional or factual images of violence against women are represented in media texts quite frequently. As discussed previously, series is a feminist criticism of patriarchal rape discourse, but it cannot be denied that it is also a commercial success.

Citron, Michelle et al. But right after this moment, they become serious. Their families also move to Istanbul. Turkish Series I’ve Watched. Commodification of rape representation is not different from subtitoes defined by Marx. Ten 10 exclusively web content and eight 8 unre- lated news items are excluded from this study. Due to limited legal and social definitions of rape, many assailants escaped conviction.