Chanyeol happens to believe that skirts were only invented so that, one day, Kris Wu Fan could wear them. Chanyeol is a supermarket cashier when Wu Fan walks into his station with wasabi peanuts and walks out with his heart. For two years Wufan has picked up the habit of sitting on his back deck, drinking a beer and reading a book. Oh, how he was dreaming of a white Christmas. Luckily there were people who knew how to show Hyukjae which pieces really mattered. Kitsune to the rescue! No one and nothing on earth has the same impact on him as Kris has.

If she never met him she would never know what love was. But before the painted wish dissolves completely, he lets go, watching himself float off and away with no gravity to keep him grounded. Chanyeol likes bothering him. They have been best friend since kindergarten. In wich Chanyeol gets sexually frustrated over hot flight attendant Kris. The Play – The story on how the sly kitsune made his first move towards his beloved do ahou. Post a new comment Error Anonymous comments are disabled in this journal. He had no interest of mingling with the other rich and popular students and intended to stay as far away from gossip and trouble as possible.

No one and nothing on earth has the same impact on him as Kris has. Now even when he lied, he said the truth. Yifan convinced himself that it was drrama a little terrifying how deep he was falling and how fast. There’s more to college than textbooks and exams by: Wu Yong Joon Everyone had a second chance in love.


Enter chaos, stage left. I love this so so much! Akankah Jimin menyadari hal tersebut? Imprisoned by a Hedonist Author: Love drxma a little more. Oneshot for the Newlyweds by loveless reviews Oneshot for the Holidays sequel that can be read on its own: The Enigma of a Female Park Chanyeol.

And Yuuri is in for one hell of a surprise. He spends all his time reading and creating situations in his head where aliens came and visited Earth.

But drzma course, Chanyeol is human; Chanyeol has moments when he is miserable and confused and scared.

He finds happiness in the foggy glass windows, empty coffee cups, and open mic nights at the downtown bar. In which Baekhyun is crazy and also a pilot. Absence makes drxma heart grow fonder. It gave him an idea. Things only gets worse when Stiles tries to help.

His education was that of a top school Harvardand at the age of 26, he moved to Korea. In wich alpha Chanyeol didn’t know his friend Kris was an ffic. None of them knew what it meant or how they had gotten it. In wich Chanyeol gets sexually frustrated over hot flight attendant Kris.

Gravity [1/1]: poetbastard

There starts a pattern that even Kris’ normal precautions don’t protect him from. Chanyeol sat patiently in his room, heart pounding as he hears the sounds of footsteps grow louder as they approach his room. The only communication they recieved was through notes; the kidnappers crama give them a tray of food and various items with notes attached.

This is simply just a list of all the fics I have read or am reading. Krisyeol being long time best friends, they are also in love with each other but are too dense to realize. Sequel to After School. Chanyeol sees the world differently and Kris likes listening to him. A lot of things come easy to Kris Wu, and understandably so, for a man who is smart, tall, and good-looking. I thought I sent you the links!!


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Thirteen year old Krisyeol. Sex on a plane. In wich Kris and Chanyeol are best mates living together with no money to pay rent. In which Sehun is dominant as fuck.

Kris Wu was a successful lawyer rooming with his best friend, Chanyeol. In which Baekhyun has something he wants to try.

Gravity [1/1]

Track B, new recruit of a race crew called EXO. A Place for Bottom! Like the sky’s colour. Chanyeol stares as the alpha throws his legs over his shoulders, grinning at Chanyeol before his face disappears between his legs.

Kris is a person only seeking pleasure, Chanyeol is a freshman at university. They were destined to be together but how can it happen? Dragons can be such dangerous creatures. I love this so much! Suga Yoonmin as Uke dan Park Jimin as seme.