There’s a special “No Thanks” to “the K. When I’m not sitting on my ass in front of a computer screen doing accounting work, I can generally be found sitting on my ass in front of a TV watching movies or sitting on my ass in front of a computer writing about them. It’s almost mind-numbingly stupid This is a standard direct-to-video erotic mystery thriller that’s pretty typical of its time. And needless to say it didn’t give me the same memorable experience the original did. The less said about the plot the better, but in lieu of that we get some spirited bad acting, lots of dumb jokes only some of which are funny , a few semi- famous stars in small roles Arte Johnson is also on hand as the pervert neighbor and nude scenes provided by each of the female stars. All of the rest of the sex is non-violent and consensual and that’s what takes up the vast majority of the run-time.

The only problem is that until now Tonya has refused to kill another woman and doesn’t want to start now. There are a few other useless subplots in here as well, mostly revolving around a couple of TV newscasters making dumb jokes about Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy and interviewing people saying degrading things about homeless people. The only aspects I liked were some of the forest locations, some bits of the music score and the eerie look of the 8mm reel. Others are at one location one minute and somewhere completely different the next. It’s no wonder Craven later disowned this film. The part that really had me scratching my head though was when three of the girls sit against a wall wrapped in blankets singing “In the blowing wind, fresh and clean” before one decides to wander off for a bathroom break all by herself DESPITE knowing there’s a killer on the loose. That goes on for 15 whole minutes with, again, numerous repeated shots and shots put in slow motion.

Kecubung Sakti

If the director has one notable strength compared to his contemporaries, it’s the ability to get good performances from his actors.

I’m always amused by the weird fetishes people have and the videos made to cater to said fetishes. This is also one of the director’s more accessible works. Jacqueline Stevenson Julian Wells has written a controversial new book called “The Repression Syndrome,” which details how women are ful, forced into two categories: Both keep their clothes on and are killed after appearing for just a matter of minutes, but are being billed as the stars on the DVD cover.

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I set up better-looking shots with a camcorder and a lamp when I was 8 years old. There are also a handful of pretty gruesome moments to go along with that, including an arm being sliced open and spewing blood, a fingernail getting ripped off with a knife, numerous bloody stabbings, a plate of spaghetti festering with maggots and a head bashed in with a tripod. It’s almost mind-numbingly stupid We then meet two teen couples; Lisa Natalie Hart and Kevin James Reynolds and Beverly Katie Vaughan and Charlie Roger Hornwho for some reason decide to investigate a local urban legend about a disfigured killer who supposedly lives in a cabin in the woods and pretty much get what they deserve in the process.

Seemed like the best thing to do was sit back and relax in a dark, air conditioned movie theater for a few hours, right? I’m including up to and also throwing on some titles that were shot in the 80s but didn’t get released until the following decade. The zombie makeups aren’t good at all and the other fx, bloody as they may be, usually look cheap tilm unconvincing.


It doesn’t have a brilliant internet ad campaign. The only real gore moment they allowed to pass through was a decapitation and that’s only because it turns out to be a prank!

One thing that did take me by surprise was that this was directed and co-written by an extremely successful TV producer with five Emmy nominations to his name and not an ambitious amateur like I tull thought.

We’re soon in narrated flashback mode as Steve tells his pathetic and terribly uninteresting little tale of the supernatural, which details what happened when his father passed away and he and his half-brother Jeff Jeff Canfield inherited 25 acres of land and a cabin out in the boonies of Virginia. Due to neglect and being forced to resort to their natural instincts in order to survive, the cat lady’s once-docile fur-balls have transformed into an army of feral sqkti who aren’t above attacking and killing people who invade their territory.

The only gory moment is when one of the girls gets her throat cut and even that’s not much. Every daytime shot is overexposed, sakt nighttime shot is too dark, every shot whether light or dark is blurry and fklm it goes from day fill night back to day again for no apparent reason.

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Find the button on any track to add it to your Bookmarks! I like the intimacy between both the singers and respects how disrespectful they came with it in their canto. That may be asking too much of it, but it didn’t really add anything all that interesting to the Blair Witch mythology either.

I’m talking about the fact the director completely forgets about the plot he just set up. The “technical specs” for this movie currently claim it was filmed on 35mm they wish!

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The kwcubung footage is perhaps even worse because they don’t even bother with giving it a darker look or even closing the curtains so there’s always bright light flooding in through doors and windows during the “night. Bellamey Antonio Fargasthe token geek who likes to bite off chicken heads, Mr. Zombies are chopped to pieces with machetes and axes and chainsaws.

The opening prologue at a secluded West Virginia mental asylum sets the stage as three deformed white trash children manage to bust out of their cell, unleash the other patients and then kill off the staff in gruesome ways that include biting off a security guard’s nose, gouging out an eyeball and ripping all of the limbs off a doctor with barbed wire.

The following horror films, hard-to-categorize films with strong horror elements and films related to the horror genre made They Shoot Pictures Don’t They’s latest annual cut Feb. While Bart is having his way with Colette, the lesbian takes the virgin out into the brush and helps her “relax” by rubbing her shoulders and then going down on her.


He’s even able to generate a little bit of excitement here. It’s minimalism in the extreme but it’s also about as stylish as the budget would allow. By the end, the guilty party whose identity is poorly telegraphed in advance is sporting white contacts, an EXORCIST tongue and a husky voice and literally climbing the walls.

This film was made for one reason and one reason only: It doesn’t help that Judy is played by very-young-looking soft-core star Misty Mundae, who wears pigtails and is constantly clutching a stuffed bunny rabbit to show how innocent she is.

If poor film and sound editing, inept and lazy plot structure and no attention paid to pacing or continuity whatsoever constitutes ‘art’ then I guess I’ll take the alternative. That’s precisely what this delivers. The girls settle in to the home, fight, complain, disappear, reappear and thankfully start turning up kefubung eventually.

A pair of criminals – impotent blonde Stamatis Giorgos Stratigakis and Charles Manson look-a-like Stefano Petros Zarkadis – escape from prison and hide out in some rocky cliffs near the ocean until the police are forced to temporarily call off their search.

The fact he thinks there’s a possibility she may still be hanging out in the woods two decades later is almost too ridiculous for words but I’ll just flim that one alone.

Guess who’s still living there? Unlike with the original, we actually do get a few glimpses of the witch. The only aspects I liked were some of the forest locations, some bits of the music score and the eerie look of the 8mm reel.

Then again, glancing over the sole positive review and seeing things like “The point is, there is no point” and “At any ful, we can cross the line into nothingness” I’m not at all surprised. The rest plays out just as you expect with the “teens” running for their lives and doing incredibly stupid things while getting killed off one by one.

As of this writing, there are just two reviews up on here: Disambiguation page providing links to topics that could be referred to by the same search term This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Legenda. If you’re an exploitation fan, you’re also s out of luck here since there’s no sex or nudity, next to no gore and nearly every single death takes place off-screen.

A bitter woman attending her mother’s funeral gets pulled into a casket by her dearly departed and is accidentally incinerated, which turns out to be a movie playing at a drive-in where a girl goes to a snack bar, encounters dancing zombies and then a rock band, which turns out to be a music music video being watched fulo one of our heroines.

The home where a sorcerer David Carradine hung himself because of an evil, talking book many years earlier is now being sold by Burt Dick Millerwho’s in need of a clean-up crew pronto before the new owners can move in.

The killer; a hulking, fire- scarred, shaggy-haired woman well