Favorite Female Television Performer. Guest Cast Susan Sarandon Cecilia. Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series. Phoebe learns that her and Rachel’s apartment has been repaired; however she then fears that Rachel would rather continue to live with Joey instead of her. Ross wants to introduce Ben to Hanukkah but Ben always loved Christmas. Monica and Chandler can’t seem to sleep, Rachel and Tag search for a business file, Joey and Ross try to get off the roof staying after the others and getting locked out, and Phoebe’s smoke detector won’t stop beeping, leading to a run-in with a firefighter. He later finds out he is supposed to work on the day of Monica and Chandler’s wedding.

But when he accepts a different award on behalf of a co-star, he finds himself unwilling to hand it over. Wil Calhoun Teleplay by: Joey teaches Tag to pick up women, much to Rachel’s annoyance. My News Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. Drake Ramoray, on Days of Our Lives but is offended when he is asked to audition. Joey learns he is only supposed to shoot one scene before he can leave for the wedding, but when his co-star turns up drunk it seems Joey won’t make it to the ceremony.

Moreover, it is previously said elsewhere in seasons 4 and 5 that Rachel was born on May 5th and not in the wintertime. Monica tells Chandler about Phoebe’s secret of an employee getting fired, and Chandler tells about his trip to Disney with Ross who ended up ill on a ride after eating tacos.

Joey approaches her to get some advise on how to play her Meanwhile Chandler is excited when he rents the same tuxedo that Pierce Brosnan wore as James Bondbut feels outdone when Ross claims to have tried the same tux Val Kilmer wore in Batman Forever. The Unofficial Guide to “Friends” Revised ed.


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Rachel and Chandler get hooked on cheesecakes meant for someone else. Joey arrives just in time, still in costume from his war movie.

Later, the two make many test cookies, only to realize the true recipe comes from Nestle Toll House. La La Land 6.

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Bing agrees to attend. Collider ranked it 4 on their ranking of the ten Friends seasons, and cited ” The One with Monica and Chandler’s Wedding ” as its best episode. Meanwhile, Chandler gets new glasses and a mishap s7r15 a steam room results in Chandler sitting on his future father-in-law’s nude lap.

The gang prepare to celebrate Monica and Chandler’s engagement. Meanwhile, Chandler has bedroom-related cas, Joey auditions to play as a year-old, and Phoebe is desperate to be asked to play her guitar at the wedding. After realizing that Tag is too young and immature, she breaks up with him.

Rachel Green Courteney Cox It is revealed by another student that he is straight and has fooled other professors in a similar manner.

The One Where we couldn’t stop laughing at this resurfaced “Friends” blooper

Not because I owe it to this stupid show Jessica Lockhart: Guest Cast Susan Sarandon Cecilia. Monica beats another bride-to-be in a fight over a wedding dress; however she is forced to reconsider her victory when the other bride-to-be books Chandler’s favorite band on the same day as her wedding and holds them as ransom for the dress.

Luckily he turns up again, used to the idea of becoming a father. Full Cast and Crew. Monica’s plan to get to know her neighbors backfires when she is overworked.


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Connections Featured in Friends: Crazy Credits The episode ends with a replay of the opening song in instrumental, caast tip-of-the-hat to the way Days Of Our Lives ends their episodes. However, Chandler isn’t keen on spending all of the money on the wedding when he’d rather save it for their future.

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Ross tells Monica about the Atlantic City trip in which Chandler’s secret by accidentally kissed a guy.

Chandler and Monica struggle to write their wedding vows. Rachel and Phoebe have their eye on a guy at the coffee house and when he leaves his cellphone, they see it as an opportunity to hook up with him only problem is who will it be. Monica learns her parents have spent her wedding fund but soon perks up when she learns Chandler has saved enough money to pay for her dream wedding. Ross ended up kissing a cleaning lady. Everyone is awake for the whole night after they try to see a comet on the roof.

Phoebe finds someone’s positive pregnancy test in the bathroom trash, and assumes it is Monica’s. Joey teaches Tag to pick up women, much to Rachel’s annoyance. Chandler learns that Monica was actually planning on sleeping with Joey the night they first got together, making Chandler paranoid that she would leave him for Joey. Ross tells Chandler and Monica he has a surprise for their wedding which turns out to be him playing the bagpipes which is terrible.