For more information, see the request add page. This is nothing to worry about, because there is no enforced limit on downloading. When you click the link “Subscribe” when viewing a thread, it will be added to your list of subscriptions. What is Gendou Radio and how does it work? How skilled is the singer at keeping time with the song? Each season is split up into rounds, eventually resulting in one winner of the season! How many songs can I download? If you have any questions regarding donations, please feel free to message myself or Gendou himself.

Please keep requesting more videos! You can view the score board here. Why are some requests highlighted in blue? He has a neat little set of rules for his website that are so stupid and hypocritical, it’s mind-boggling. The final round has one winner, the highest ranked contestant in the semi-finals. User was restricted from making further requests. Request was made before status was recorded, could have been removed for any reason. Using one will get you banned specifically for having used it.

Are the volumes of the tracks in good balance, so that both can be heard? Please only request songs listed on the download page. Your score will be re-calculated each time you change the rating on a song. Zero points are assignend if the upload was not used. Simply donate a few dollars and you will be able to download songs the moment they are released! Inuyasha from Gendou forums says that new music will start being epksodes again very soon.

Can I use a download accelerator program? I have made a thread in the forums specifically to discuss anything posted on the home page. The number of votes you may cast is equal to your user level.

To try it out, just click on the “Anime Episodes” link on aanime navigation bar. This is due to capacity limitations.


Do we need a separate login for the anime episodes feature? What does “PV” mean? I’m making it a point to respond to every message now, just so you all know, so please message me if you have any questions or recommendations about the site and the stream.

Participants will eventually be given level-ups for their work, and their efforts will be reflected on their profile. Even after all this, I alone decide if I want to upload the video or not.

gensou There is no set number of votes. What is the Romaji standard for the lyrics pages? Where can I report a typo, broken link, incorrect information, or other site-related problem? To submit new lyrics or corrections to existing lyrics: Please, do not re-format song lyrics unless there is an important reason to do so!

If you send an opening or ending, please Gendoou Size only. Does the forum have a private message system? Must be from youtube. More than one blank line in a row will be converted to only one blank line. Where can I find game music? You can talk about anything, this page is not limited to anime related content.

I’m posting this update to let you all know gsndou there will be no updates to the music this week because I am going on vacation.

Where can I view users that are currently online? If you change your mind, click rate again and choose a new rating. For the time being, my lyrics links will point to animelyrics.

All songs with vocals should have a lyrics page. Everything about anime, such as anime video, anime music, anime wallpapers and so on. Is there any limit? This is similar to how Gendou Radio will work, but it’s not implemented into the site like radio, and it’s visual obviously.


Also, the level of the users who voted is taken into consideration. There are 4 categories which may be given a score between 1 and 5 for a maximum total of 20 points. Please do NOT dispute upload points in the forum!

Gendou’s Anime Music

Here is a way to fix this problem and be able to join chat again. If gendouu no longer wish to use this website, simply don’t.

There are 3 major Romaji systems: Since uploads are often backlogged, you may receive your upload points as long as a month after uploading the file. Where did that song go? Please, before asking in the forum, do a search using both Google and Anime News Network. This message means the Java client was unable to connect to the chat server. How can I conceal spoilers? If you see a message saying “access denied”, your privilege to use the request system has been revoked.

To find an image file’s size, right-click on the image and choose “image properties”. I believe eventually genduo have to login to use the new feature It keeps asking me to login. You do not need to create a livestream account in order to chat in the livestream chat. What does the yellow exclamation point sticky icon mean?


Please do not ask to be a moderator. If there is an obvious error or missing lyrics on a locked lyrics page, please let me gendoj here. Link by on