I went ahead and watched the rest of the Goong episodes, and I really started to appreciate the show again. Too long for my standard! And Song Ji-hyo is there. Anonymous August 2, at 9: And he’s leaning on the door. I have no patience. Just can’t wait if it’s true.

He finally put an end to his first love. Kdrams for some reason start off so WELL and then something halfway just makes me lose interest Hwa-young, scolds the Crown Princess for being lazy and for forgetting about her role and responsibilities as the Crown Princess. I thought it was fabricated, but suddenly everyone’s agreeing that it happened. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Jung-woo arrives at the hospital, and Yoon-ju takes him aside to ask for the sachet back. His personal warmth and humor made HY a delightful character to watch go from having it all to losing it all, then, being saved by the woman he set out to destroy and realizing she was the only thing he could NOT afford to lose.

Or am I wrong? I still maintain it was YJ’s dad who lied about the threat as he may have a grudge against LS’s dad. Jo Gook pogo shippo.


-Kylecris’ Haven-: GOONG EPISODE SUMMARY Epissode

P was tying up Seol’s hair! Chae-kyeong also finds out about it and gets angry at herself for missing Shin while he was away in Thailand, not knowing that he was with Hyo-rin.

No, Anyone But Yul’s Mom! I’m rewatching Princess Prosecutor.

Throwback Thursday: Princess Hours / Goong

I agree with everything up there. But if filled all the gaps in the previous dramas I watched.

It fills my slots when I’m waiting for Mondays. Please enter your username or email address. HY should have said, “I’m here”.

Just once I’d like to see Seol grab that chick by her throat Im not a Barcelona fan but i recognize the quality. What have I done????? Despite the wealth, glamor and prestige, the Prince feels more like a prisoner living there.

If he is supposed to be goobg villain, he sure doesn’t seem that way at all.

Janet February 17, at 5: I want moar moar kiss scenes!! D I’m still not over how beautiful they look. I’ve been in a foul mood all day because my team lost in the Champions League anybody watch soccer?

Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. But reca; so fast All those years and not one bit changed. Episode 12 by LollyPip. And a certain someone told a certain someone he loved her and nothing and nobody else mattered but her First half was fine, but second half was a nightmare of groggy players. Because they didn’t keep up the first half energy and LET Arsenal win I didn’t notice it.


I was literally thinking: I’m sorry, but I had to quit Secret Garden because I didn’t understand the purpose of the body switch, their real conflict other than one being ridiculously rich and the other living in lower middle class territory.

If Joo Won wasn’t Hyun Bin, would anybody take him? I miss you to death! Pamela Toh June 11, at 9: This gecap why I love this blog and its followers!

Also, the end scene.