Yuuki January 1, at 4: Jo Kwan Woon is ready to kill Wol Ryeong with his rifle while the Japanese merchants are planning to attack the naval base which is now empty after reinforcements were sent to help the villagers. I guess Wol-ryung did not know that his blood’s healing power is transferable. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Yeo-wool thinks it over, and then wakes Kang-chi. And yisabel-eden OST as background song when they were hugging in the village impressed me much.

The other was a youthful non-serious rom-com that was playing dress-up in hanbok. Some scenes are unnecessary, like the kitchen scene, YW-Gon scenes, seems out of place unless they decided to kill Gon next episodes. He must return to the Hundred Year Inn because the Goongbon merchants are still in there and he needs to continue spying on them. The blue lights return to the garden and swirl around him as he cries holding her, and then we hear his thoughts in voiceover: Kang-chi saved Seo-hwa from the ninjas. The reasons she inspired such loyalty from the people around her including the twisted loyalty of GW. Gon defends the master explaining the fate that one them may die is unacceptable for the master. Genuine love doesn’t demand perfection.

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Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Gon and Tae-seo watch as Kang-chi and Yeo-wool fight over giving each other the best piece, and finally Tae-seo just breaks it up by grabbing it for himself.

I cried watching the scene where Seo Hwa dies He ggu to pay the price for it somehow, right?

They i’ll cry with hidden feel when be together. That’s why we’ve all been bowled over by the 1st 2 episodd. This might sound overreacting but for me personally, this drama has just officially ended at episode SH and WR really reach my limit for romance in this drama!


The red disappears, the black veins recede, and he looks into her eyes. Life just happened, I guess. Fleshing out SH’s temporary insanity when she was trying to end her pregnancy and her return to the forest to retrieve KC. Episode 12 by LollyPip. Kang Chi runs and jumps high to immediately reach the village when he meets the Admiral along the way. After this ep, I fully understand why people have been praising the 1st 2 eps. Seo-hwa sacrifices herself to save Wol-ryung from losing against his demon within.

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I’m not too familiar with the writer’s older works and I don’t intend to check them out as they seem to be overly makjang despite my love for JW and YSY, but perhaps she was a bit hindered by what Suzy is capable of. But if Papa Gu became human Then Yeo Wool invites Gon for a sparring. I wasn’t even going to watch this series at first and now I am in love with it. The hanbok rom com just seems to pale in comparison. How does it hurt just to look at her? But before they can exchange any more words, Kang-chi shows up and steps in between them.

Seo Hwa explained that she will stop Wol Ryeong and that she cannot allow her son to carry the burden of killing his own father.

Were there limitations about their healing power that I missed on the earlier episodes? The brightness is gone and embers are all that remain. Monk So-jung told her after she gave birth to Kang-chi. GF,thank you fa,ily your always awesome recaps. I just got to look at her face as much I wanted.

Gidget June 18, at A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Wol-ryung fights back and slams Kang-chi faimly against a tree by his throat.

That being said, I can see how SH sacrificing herself would reverse the curse of WR being a demon I guess there was no statute of limitation on when the stabbing should occur, which was a good thing.


Download the latest version here. I don’t expect a book to materialize later on which will probably look kinda lame I actually teared up when they embraced I didn’t cry when I watched this ep. This is a very touching and sad episode.

Yeo-wool and Gon get some late-night practice in, and she takes issue with eisode going easy on her.

The dagger wasn’t just a normal dagger. I guess a fitting punishment kdrqmatized him for his countless murders would be to live alone and protect the mountain once again. A tear trickles down his cheek as he struggles to say it aloud: My heart wasn’t strong enough to handle your love. But swear drama gods if you make yeo wool or kang chi pulled a noble idiocy. Dad, are you seriously urging her to be a noble idiot?

She went there for a month looking for him. I don’t think KC will be hating him for what his mom did either.

Gu Family Book 1-24 (Final)

He must return to the Hundred Year Inn because the Goongbon merchants are still in tu and he needs to continue spying on them. It could also drive the bullet a bit out of course as it goes through one person before the other. Or the writer’s writing has deteriorated.

Ivoire June 18, at 1: KC and YW are cute and everything,but they have never grabbed my heart the way the parents romance did. I never thought for a second Kangchi would kill his father.