Next episode will be crazy. An ambitious member of a Gjallerhorn, McGillis Fareed might have the darkest childhood of all. Next episode Fumitan looks shocked twice in the preview and it seems they arrived at some colony? That’s what Neji’s yuri manga Beauty and the Beast Girl is working with, and they more than do it justice. Iron-Blooded Orphans Episode Never said he wouldn’t. Things are looking bad for McGillis, but since he has the devil’s luck, it’s Tekkadan who bears the brunt of it. Iron-Blooded Orphans TV 2?

Heero Yuy is not a realistic depiction of a year-old boy. Although it does totally fit his reckless style and it ties into his story-line with his brother. Even if that’s the case, I don’t see it going well as Norba obviously loves women. When was she ever a third wheel?! To clarify, and hinted at in the convo between the female mechanic and Julia, Julia is going to be Rustal’s Ein. SliceSabre Banned Feb 12, The Anxiety of Alma Fischer:

At their center are a pair of friends, Orga and Mikazuki. Zeccho Emotion BanG Dream! Jarmel Banned Feb 13, Eventually, Mikazuki is only able to move his limbs within the cockpit of his Gundam, the Barbatos, thanks to the alaya vijnana system which connects his brain to the computer of his mobile suit.

Lauren writes about geek careers at Otaku Journalist. Fuck, he would have done just that to that fat mafioso bastard to destroy their aiblity to contorl the media. It looks like the subtle clue from last week really meant what I thought it did—Atra and Mikazuki have consummated their relationship, and Atra might even be pregnant with Mika’s baby.

But it was truly a slippery slope. McGillis had a bad life yo! I was blinded by the charisma Orga had because it seemed like he was just motivating them for a mission they needed to complete.


Glad the little girl that looks like a sheep got NTR’d good, tho: Kudelia was trying to handle Mika like a kid, only to be demonstrated the next moment how wrong that approach wasXD Although ifon was unexpected, I like this development, Mikazuki and Kudelia’s dynamics are pretty interesting, seeing that she’s a high class otome and from the preview, oephans in for her cute aftermath girly reactions in the next episode and he’s a strong-willed survivor guy who’s a little out of touch with his emotions.

BBCode “Fortress Maximus has come himself. How many episodes are left by the way? How would you rate episode 47 of Mobile Suit Gundam: TheRealTalker Banned Feb 13, Sword Art Online novel 15 Feb 24, Kudelia is the opposite of what she was meant to portray as a eisode of revolution and in turn, becomes as corrupt as anyone else but continues to play the naive card.

Well blade through him? Calling him brat lol The Naze kissing scene was hot: Rynocirator Member Feb 12, To clarify, and hinted at in epiaode convo between the female mechanic and Julia, Julia is going to be Rustal’s Ein.

We gonna go kinda Ideon on this shit.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Episode 13 Discussion

He also seems to “get” that everyone has their own abilities and people should be placed to best make use of them. Nice that he’s gonna have that strong mech Dat Mika kiss totally took me off guard. Anyone else think he only kissed her because he saw Naze doing it? Stuck between two tough situations, Orga gathers everyone together and invites them to leave Tekkadan if they want, no questions asked.

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She keeps on saying she wants to be his sword. Which sort of explains his animosity towards his father. This might sound familiar to those more acquainted with the franchise. Spoiler Actually that is the blood of her victims as she goes insane after realizing her brothers alive she will also kill McGills. When was she ever a third wheel?!

More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Views Features chronological archives TacticalHotdog Epieode Feb 13, Wuiji Member Feb 12, She’s too cute to not hug. Don’t talk like that about Taneshima-senpai! Orga is always losing sight of what is truly important, which is normal for a teenager. Because they are stronger than the average mobile suit, they usually require a pilot who is more skilled than average as well.

It is truly an ensemble show, odphans when a character dies, you feel the impact. What better way than to become Gundam. Terrific s to Go.

They threw out the standard Gundam hero template with him for sure. That would suggest anyone on the show is even attracted to her. Though that kiss at the end really surprised me. I’m quite sure the only reason half the people are still following this show is to see Iok get it.