Yeah Eren dat Nikka, real chit. To busy banging Makoto’s little sister lmao, I love the fact that the wiki makes the note that Makoto’s little sister doesn’t like the dad KalashnikovMarine – click to view full reply. Hoitash So Kill la Kill This was the plot, and besides that I remember a woman that was a member of the gang who threw some fans as her weapon. The oddest thing about the series, it’s a mecha series without a single explosion. Yea, this weeks episode was pretty god damn amazing.

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to see an army of heroes. They OTTed the plot twists too. Hoitash So much anime, so little time Anvildude Is anyone else watching Nobunagun on the Official site? The Father made me laugh Deaths and more deaths already. Also where I could watch them would be nice but just tell me as much as you can. It’s an interesting one, it is.

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Grey Templar Hmmm, I don’t think it would be good for the whole thing. But, though it doesn’t start as OTT as things like Kill La Kill or Gurren Lagann, it does in fact build up to that point- and you get to know the episodf throughout. Seen you talk about it last thread, and couldn’t change it. Anvildude And that’s why it’s an Appleseed Landmate instead of a Tachikoma. Huge respect for Anilinoz. If you want a giant mecha anime that’s similarly cognitive but less, well, NGE, try Eureka7.

haiyore nyaruko-san episode 1 anilinkz bleach

It’s an interesting one, it is. I never watched Gurren Lagen. Lol at the Koala bear, looking like a boss. I mean half the population of the Earth Anilinjz were killed in the first week of the One Year War alone, and both the Principality and the EFF had all but exhausted themselves by the time the Battle of Loum ended.


Since the walls are made of Titans, and the names of the walls are female names, the walls are made of collosal female titans. Knight Shamalamalamalamalam and I was nyarulo-san right last week. I’d have to watch my back if I had any of those posters or figures inmy house.

Soladrin Ok, liking Log Horizon so far. An anime series and ….

Or at least is completely different than what she was the episde meeting the Life Fibers. Do ainlinkz get me wrong, I think it is a good series, and a decent mind screw, but there are things much more mind screwy than NGE to be honest. Thought it was going to happen against B. I liked G Gundam because, frankly, it wasn’t that much more unrealistic than the other series, but it was a lot more focused on the fun and cool.

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SkavenLord – click to view full reply. Harime Nui is at it again. My top-tier must read manga recommendations, in no particular order: I’m not saying it’s too much work” “It left a name in the history of anime” “The program included many sexual materials including masturbation by a female high school student in the time slot that many teenagers could be viewing” “I wonder why the fact that voice actress Ogura is in the cast and a current high school student is not considered a problem” “Recently, our TV censorship is unusual”.


Seems to be an original by Dtronaustin. The “Inside the Grail” part was very confusing. They still have commercials but they’re only at the beginning before you watch the episode. GrimDork Of course they are, I just don’t know how they sleep, she’s creepy. Soladrin Welp, I’ve blasted through most of the stuff I had backed up. Yeah Eren dat Nikka, real chit.

Man is that show brutal. Dark Apostle I stream episodes from Animeget. Missing Link comes from Namco Bandai and B. That kind of pissed me off. I bought a key during closed beta and played it a bit but forgot about it ’til now, just gonna check it out again.

I’ve seen something by the name of Steins;gate. Probably one of the only Manga-to-Anime series where the Manga keeps pace with the Anime- there’s no filler or the filler’s so well done that it doesn’t seem like filler.

The fake-out about the recap episode was hilarious, too. Magic to these haiyorw The Grumpy Eldar – click to view full reply.