August 29, broadcast. Zack plans a date for Goldie and Curtis. Harouin Jan ” Japanese: Akachan Yagi ” Japanese: And there’s an evil wizard bent on stopping them! Episode 82 “is come place and the grain! February 1, broadcast. So he makes up a lie that there is an evil monster in the Jewelry House called the “Muha-Muha Alien” so Otome’s crew will be afraid of going near the Jewelry House and leave the Ham-Hams alone.

Boss develops a crush on her. The Ham-Hams think there are aliens and go too. Fushigi na Tane ” Japanese: Episode 69 “tell tottoko! September 30, broadcast. He replies “Why would I like a girl?

Haruna, and the Ham-Hams all drive out to visit Gabriel, Mr. Even so, Hamtaro decides to see hamtsro every day to cheer her up. Bijou, Oshare or Sparkle?

Sunset Proposal () Episode Tottoko Hamtaro Cartoon Episode Guide

Yuki Matsuri ” Japanese: September 22, broadcast. Lion has a ton of work, the ham hams help him out. January 30, 20 04 broadcast. The Ham-Hams go into Snoozer’s dream to save him. Episode “memory that is important tottokofutarino”. August 15, broadcast. Lazuli does an experiment that makes it snow in Sweet Paradise, and the Ham-Hams make a giant snowman that comes to life!

Sunset Proposal (2003) Episode 227- Tottoko Hamtaro Cartoon Episode Guide

Yoshi’s mother at her house about a pair of travelers named Harry and Ernie who were lost in the very mountain pass they are currently within and were never found. The Ham-Hams are also sad and enlist Elder-Ham’s help in the search.


November 21, broadcast. When the Ham-Hams decide what to play, Cappy wants to play hide and seek, but he speaks so quietly, no one can hear him, and they go with Panda’s idea of playing dodgeball instead. Chiisa na Himitsu ” Japanese: September 9, broadcast.

Episode 19 “tottoko achievement also bake! Elder-Ham, however, remarks hamtarp much Sandy looks like a boy hamster that he knew. Episode “is tottoko art! While on a walk with Laura, Hamtaro falls into e;isode box on a transport truck in an attempt to save one of Laura’s ribbons and is taken away.

January 6, broadcast. April 16, 4 broadcast.

Walking around her neighborhood, Laura sees that many houses have wind-socks in the form of flying carp that flow gracefully from their rafters. April 15, broadcast. September 30, broadcast.

2227 Hausu ” Japanese: Sandy and Stan get into a big argument and storm off. One sleepy rainy evening, Laura and Hamtaro fall asleep while reading a book full of fairytales The Ham-Hams and Mr. Meanwhile, the Ham-Hams secretly come along, but Boss seems very hesitant into entering the house since he is wearing a fine suit to impress Bijou. His mother, the gifted ghost-story teller who gave Laura and Kana shivers in the summertime with her story of hamster-hunting ghosts, has more tales to entertain our friends.


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Hamtaro finally returns to Laura. We do not pass very much”. Yume no Naka ” Episods Laura and Kana have a huge fight, so Hamtaro and Oxnard try to end their quarrel. October 10, broadcast. In Singapore, Hamtaro DVD box sets are available with 4 discs of the first season 26 episodes with six episodes on each disc.

Meanwhile, Laura buys a book named “The Adventures of Hamkins”.

Lion, and Stan starts to fall for her. March 21, broadcast.

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March 19, 4 broadcast. December 9, broadcast. The Ham-Hams help Sparkle with acting lessons. Episode 8 “tottoko is idle! The Ham-Hams bring some blossoms to Bijou.