And the role played by ‘ded-phutia’, the best friend of Raghu, is absolutely breathtaking, albeit a little melodramatic. So Saurav Ganguly is a better success than Sachin Tendulkar, whereas Sachin might just be a better player overall. A great one will leave you falling in love all over again, and a not-so-great one will show its true colors in the second run, sometimes even after grossing highly in its first run. He is an addict. I remember when this movie first came out. That is where the movie puts a big fallacy in front. The only drawback of the film can be the songs, which are not so catchy.

This is probably the best role Sanjay Dutt has got his hands on since Khal-Nayak, and he takes full adavantage of it. Did anyone notice Jatin Lalit songs picturised on higher elevation are always hit? The film is very well directed by the debutant Mahesh Manjrekar. Hathyar Background Theme 1. Imran Khan All Punjabi Videos. This is in my Top 10 Bollywood Best Movies of all time. Sanjay Dutt at his pure deadliest. Usha Nadkarni is excellent.

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I remember when this movie first hathyyar out. At last Raghu’s mother kills him stating she has given him mukti, well that scenario gives one typical goosebumps.

The direction is excellent by Mahesh Manjrekar his debut as director ,The dialogues are very powerful throughout the movie with’PACHCHAS TOLA’ dialogue and climax dialogues being outright brilliant,the cinematography by Vijay Arora is very good adding to the intense, powerful and realistic feel of the movie,the background score by Sandeep Chowta is perfectly apt for the movie, the music by Jatin-Lalit is good too and suits the movie.

An item number by Kashmira Shah went down very well with the audience, as did the rest of the music by Anu Malik.

Vodafone Zoo Zoo Funny Videos. It is no doubt the Best Sanjay Dutt movie ever. The film, though generally gritty, intense and matter-of-fact, gets at times a bit too emotional and consequently the level of its authenticity is thus reduced by a iota. Mahesh has off late become just as prolific as his namesake Bhatt. Sanjay dutt as boxer bhai in mkvie by Aadi92 by Rana Adil Download.


Sign in to vote. Too much of social engineering! Sanjay Dutt does an excellent job as the guy gone astray. Babban sends Raghu to threaten a Parsi person to empty a land,after Signing the required papers for emptying the land the Parsi starts abusing Raghu and Babban so Raghu loses his head and kills the Parsi, This incident gets a lot of media publicity ,so due to increasing pressure by media on his links with the underworld Babban shows his true hatjyar and gives an encounter order for Raghu, Dedhfutiya and all Raghu’s gang members,which leads to encounter of Dedhfutiya tpne all the Raghu’s gang members by tonf police.

Even apart from that Reema Lagu was so much involved with typical family dramas that no one took her seriously in this movie from beginning.

Awesome direction from Mahesh Manjrekar.

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Boxer Bhai Hathyar by Venus Download. Similarly, if we take boxoffice success as the difference between what the movie or the producer-director moviee to do and what it actually did – then Vaastav is a FLOP. Sanju’s transformation is brilliantly handled, most notable is that Mohinish Behl is shown as a good character yet hatyyar has grey shades, he is shown as a practical man who leaves his chawl and settles with his wife in a flat as he doesn’t want people to know he is Raghu’s brother, though he goes later begging for help when his wife is stalked.

Mohan Joshi is able. Though almost everyone is just bragging about Sanjay Dutt’s acting performance, the storyline itself made him important one. Paresh Rawal is likeably restrained. In fact, it appears more than a few times that as if the film doesn’t at all want anyone to sympathize with the main character anyway.


Namrata Shirodkar gets very limited scope and gives a fair performance.

If you discount 5 time a day namaazi Paresh Rawal that is. Vaastav was indeed a good effort gone somewhat astray from Mahesh Manjrekar. move

Towards the conclusion of the film, one sees Dutt begging of his mother played by Reema Lagoo to release him from the endless and crippling want of drugs. Raghu’s father Shivaji Satam is just a father. Vaastav tells the story of a lower-middle class family whose eldest son has no choice but to accept and embrace the Indian crime world of Mumbai after he and his friends accidentally kill a local gangster’s brother.

Hathyar by butt Download. Everybody associated otne acted exceptionally well. That is where the movie puts a big fallacy in front. Justine Bieber Video Songs. It brought back memories of the hugely successful ‘Khalnayak’, where Dutt had given a whole new meaning to the role of an underworld goon. Vaastav is in my top 10 Hindi film list of all time and in my opinion in the Indian gangster genre only GOW2 and Satya are ahead of this.

I did not expect much since Bollywood hasn’t really made any realistic Gangster Movies apart from Parinda in the likes of Hollywood Classics Scarface, Goodfellas, Godfather. Vaastav is a film about a man named Raghu who rises to the top in underworld as the most feared guy who kills people.

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Vaastav is probably the best movie ever created in Indian Cinema if not the best It should be in top 5 of every list. Vaastav is tne without its flaws. Namrata Shirodgar was believable. Ashish Vidyarthi gets less scope but does well.