Ryan heads there and is confronted by Luke and Jamel. Jana’s friend lets Mike and Ryan in. Max and Ryan turn their focus to Joe’s college professor, Dr. Meanwhile, Emma is currently living with other remaining cult members with an entirely new look. The shot fired was aimed at Preston, which kills him. Ryan is led to the house by Max’s tracking of the twins’ phone during a call. She complains that she had to give up becoming an FBI agent in order to care for their kids. Joe sets the home on fire before departing with Mandy.

Ryan tells Mendez he saw Joe alive and he was the man in the plane, which Mendez claims she will handle on her own, also announcing that Max and Weston have now lost their jobs for their involvement. Joe sends his followers out to capture Kingston while having Robert and Emma track down Claire, admitting the message Carrie broadcast was a poem he and Claire made together that only they knew about. However, Max and Ryan catch up with Gisele, bringing her to a local motel where they handcuff and question her. Ryan frees himself and then Carrie. Claire meanwhile has her own plans for Joe. He attempts to choke her to death but stops when Mandy begs for him to.

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Joe arrives and embraces Emma, who bursts into hysterical tears before he moves on to meet the rest of the group. Joe and Micah later kill her after a failed attempt on her part to shoot them. Agent in charge Nick Donovan orders an information blackout but Ryan holds a press conference offering immunity from prosecution to any member of the cult who wants to turn Joe in.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Joe tells Emma that their next move is to tell the world he’s alive.

Carrie and Ryan fool around again after Carrie tries to convince Ryan that he’s making progress, professionally and personally. Claire suggests she can lure Joe out if he finds out she’s alive, but Ryan disagrees. As Weston runs out of the room crying hysterically, Lily teases Ryan that she has more surprises in store for him.

Ryan to the rescue Jacob and his crew head closer to the house and eventually they come inside and start fighting with Ryan and Weston. Meanwhile, Joe is back to his old ways as he, along with his right-hand Emma Valorie Currybegin to draw plans to turn a new group of followers to his will. Betty Vincent Rest of cast listed alphabetically: She said she will love him again but it will take time.


Director Franklin of the FBI tells Ryan that he wants him working on the case and will supply him with whatever he needs to work off the books.

Claire again requests to see Ryan, feeling she can help him. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Ryan goes to Strauss’ home and questions him about Joe while planting a microphone in his living room. Along the way, one of Joe’s followers, Tim, crashes into Ryan’s car, flipping it with Ryan and Joe inside, injuring both men.

Mark slits his throat and kills him.

Weston gets into a car with unknown men, and is transferred to another car and blindfolded on the way to a location where he meets up with Marshal Scott Turner. Weston, Mendez, and the FBI discover an image of Joe and Mandy from a surveillance camera, but fail to actually identify the man in the picture as Joe. Claire Matthews Annie Parisse Retrieved September 1, This site uses cookies. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Two authority figures in the cult, Robert and Julia, have them blindfolded and handcuffed before entering the trucks.

Ryan dismisses the FBI’s request havenpkrt his help and appears to want nothing to do with the situation. Max is captured by a man hired by Lily, as the man’s son records the capture on video.

Micah then falls to the floor dead foaming at the mouth, due to his drink being poisoned. She tries to snuggle up to him and he reminds her that all they have is sex, and nothing more. The FBI brings Ryan and Weston back on board to assist in gaining information on the identity and motives of the attackers. List of The Following episodes.

After realizing Joe’s true identity from a television news thd, the reverend is killed by Joe with Mandy’s help. They find Mendez and have an ambulance called before cornering Jana and questioning her about where Followng is.


April 15, Roderick’s role as sheriff is questioned after the Havenport Dollowing Department is brought onto the case; Ryan tries to win the trust of one of Joe’s followers by butting heads with the FBI. Later, she looks up Mark’s number online, and calls him after packing a bag and leaving Korban.

Complete Coverage of the 91st Academy Awards 6. He gets away but the FBI lock down the local sheriff’s office until they figure out just who they can trust.

Joey Matthews James Purefoy The Curse of Oak Island 2. While watching, Joe hands out drinks to the group. A former FBI agent comes out of retirement to consult on a case involving an escaped serial killer whom he helped put behind bars nine havrnport earlier. He attempts to choke her to death but stops when Mandy begs for him to.

Luke escapes the hospital after being chased down by Ryan, though Serena and Decklan are killed by Mike and Ryan, respectively. Retrieved February 19, Ryan heads there and is confronted by Luke and Jamel. Ryan tells Mendez he saw Joe alive and he was the man in the plane, which Mendez claims she will handle on her own, also announcing that Max and Weston have now gavenport their jobs for their involvement.

Ryan and Weston tie Strauss to the table and whip his hand until he reveals that Joe had a connection to a female in the FBI. Episodes Watched from She faints, but survives. Audible Download Audio Books. Robert and the others superglue masks on the college students of a fraternity, while Tilda kidnaps Preston. Notify me of new comments via email.


Robert and Emma escape, but Lance purposely stays behind and is eventually shot dead after holding a knife to a police officer. Joe watches, telling Emma how he wishes to give Kingston a “Holy War”.

Ryan is arrested by Agent Mendez but is released soon thereafter. Nick Donovan Chinasa Ogbuagu Edit Did You Know?