Just then, Gelos’ servants use a time-stopping device they had stolen from her, only for it to go out of control and merge them together into an Oshimaida. Saaya is a Doctor? Homare notices Henri’s injury, but Henri remains determined to persevere until the end of the junior tournament. Conflicted by her feelings for Harry and his inevitable departure, Homare tries to distance himself from Harry to concentrate on the tournament. Cure Black and Cure White. As Sumire offers to help the girls experience all kinds of jobs, she recognises Saaya as a child actress who starred in an old vegetable commercial. After Santa returns home, the gang hold a Christmas party where Ruru gives Traum some food as a symbol of family. After reuniting with each other, the Cures fight against a Kappa Oshimaida created by Papple.

Traum, to show up and eliminate him, transforming the Oshimaida into a more powerful Mou-Oshimaida. As Hana gets a cold trying to wish for a miracle, Homare and Saaya tell Emiru and Ruru about the miracles they’ve experienced, while Masato decides to give Emiru his support in becoming a musician by giving them concert tickets. Retrieved 4 February Emiru’s grandfather, spurred on by Bishin, tries to stop Emiru from pursuing her singing career, but Masato stands up for her, encouraging to let out her true feelings. Looking to disprove that, Homare shows Henri how much she has managed to improve thanks to Hana and Saaya’s support. The Skating Prince’s Fast Approach! The first ending theme is called “Hugtto! Cure Black and Cure White, whose real names are Nagisa Misumi and Honoka Yukishiro respectively, assure Emiru and Ruru that it’s okay to butt heads with each other sometimes.

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The next epiaode, Ruru alters Sumire’s memories in order to infiltrate Hana’s home as a family friend from abroad. Just then, another employee of the Cryase Corporation, Papple, targets Mari to summon a Plant Oshimaida, but the Cures quickly manage to defeat it. While keeping her identity as a Pretty Cure a secret from her classmates, Hana hears from Harry about how the Cryase Corporation is aiming to steal epispde Mirai Crystals and rob the world of its future.

As Emiru and Ruru both receive Mirai Crystals, their desire to both become PreCures together transforms the remaining PreHeart into two, allowing them to both transform into Cure Macherie and Cure Amour respectively and defeat the Oshimaida.

Venturing inside the monster, Saaya manages to express her true feelings to Reira and rescue her. While initially struggling to get Hug-tan to stop crying, Uchifuji gets some useful advice from Shintarou and Charalit. Just as everyone returns home, Dr. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Henri Wakamiya, a top skater and Homare’s childhood friend, comes to ask Homare to return with him to Moscow, feeling that staying in Japan is preventing her from returning to form.

In addition to deleting the memories that Ruru had made with everyone, Criasu member Listle reprograms her with a battle protocol. Looking to disprove that, Homare shows Henri how much she has managed to improve thanks to Hana and Saaya’s support.

Just as Gelos attacks with a Mou-Oshimaida and Hana’s fear starts to arise again, the negative energy is blasted away by Emiru and Ruru’s music, giving Hana the encouragement to fight alongside the Cures and defeat it. However, Hana’s willpower and the support of all the fairies helps to break them free while also bringing together all of the other PreCure teams.


When asked about the whereabouts of Hug-tan’s mother, Harry explains how only he and Hug-tan managed to use the White Mirai Crystal to escape from their world before it was frozen in time by the enemy.

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As the Cures fight against the Oshimaida, Homare’s feelings of wanting to fly again brings birth to her own Mirai Predure, but her trauma over her failed jump leads her to hesitate, resulting in her Mirai Crystal disappearing before she can catch it. As punishment for her actions, Ruru is hit by a beam that shuts her down and is taken away by Papple.

When this leads to Bishin summoning a Mou-Oshimaida from the grandfather’s negative energy, Emiru manages to express her true feelings of wanting to be with Ruru, who promises to wait for her in the future. However, Saaya’s desire not to give up gives form to another Mirai Crystal, and she manages epjsode turn her usual defensive abilities into an offensive one, allowing the Cures to defeat the Oshimaida.

Traum attacks with a Mou-Oshimaida, but Saaya manages to defeat it, allowing Aya’s brother to be safely delivered. Luckily, Gelos ceases her attack former servants show up to remind her what really matters as she allows the Cures to purify her.

This is My Support!! Birth of the Memorial Cure Clock! While there, Saaya meets a girl named Aya, whose mother is scheduled to give birth via a Caesarean section operation.

Responding to the Cures’ determination to protect everyone’s memories and futures, the Mirai Pad evolves into the Memorial Cure Clock, giving the Cures the power to purify the servants.

To aid in her mission of observing Hana, Ruru transfers into her class under the name Ruru Amour, excelling in both studies and sports.

With the fashion show a great success, both Ruru and Emiru aspire to become PreCures, only to discover there is only one PreHeart available. Later, in the yearEmiru finally meets Ruru as she is first booted up while Hana, who is now the president of votfr own company, gives birth to a beautiful baby girl, Hagumi. Saddened but relieved to get everything off her chest, Homare is able to give the best performance of her life and wins the gold.

Homare’s pet dog, Mogumogu, falls in love with a cat named Hearhcatch who appears in a commercial.

As Papple uses the negative energy epizode people stuck in traffic to summon another Oshimaida, Homare gains a new Mirai Crystal and manages to defeat it. Despite overwhelming odds, Hana remains firm in her support of having hope for the future, allowing her to rescue Hug-tan, revive the other Cures, and resume everyone’s stopped time. Following a hint from the Mirai Pad to go to the Nobinobi Tower, Hana has Hug-tan hear her heartbeat, allowing vostfg to recover.


Cryase Corporation’s Recruitment Activities!? Later, Ruru summons rpecure Oshimaida in order to split the Cures’ attention between fighting it and protecting the frightened children. A Pajama Party With Everyone! The Fascinating Night Pool! As Henri falls into despair, Listle, whose mind has been wiped by Cry, manipulates him into giving into darkness and taking command of a Mou-Oshimaida.

Heartcatch Precure! vostfr

Receiving encouragement from the other girls, Hana helps Eri and her schoolmates with their cheergirl presentation and makes up with her. Regaining their Mirai Crystals as a result, the pair manage to defeat the Mou-Oshimaida, after which everyone else becomes open with their feelings of sadness as well. The next day, a TV producer who was scorned by Henri for his shady practises attempts to sabotage his performance by cutting the music, but Emiru and Ruru provide their own music, allowing him to complete his performance.

The next day, Charalit, a dark employee of the evil Cryase Corporation, uses the negative energy of the students to summon a monster known as an Oshimaida. I’ll Investigate My Big Sister! Just as Ruru makes up with Traum, Emiru becomes distraught with the realisation that Ruru will soon have to return to the future with Hugtan and Harry.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Noticing a girl in trouble, Mogumogu overcomes his fear of monsters to protect her, giving Ruru and Emiru a chance to beat the Mou-Oshimaida. Once again able to transform into a Precure, Hana gains her second Mirai Crystal which transforms into a magical sword.

It is then revealed that the man Hana met is CriasuCorp’s president, George Cry, who steals all of the Mirai Crystals and uses them to stop time. Homare wa Ningyo no Purinsesu! Noticing some kids getting bullied over the use of a basketball field, Homare challenges the bullies to a match, but freezes up vostfd making a throw, after which Hana wins the game by luck.

Cry unleashes all of his power to transform himself into a demon, but everyone’s cheers transforms them all into Pretty Cures, whose combined power manages to defeat it.

Just as things look desperate, Hug-tan uses her own asu power to protect Hana and defeat the Oshimaida, falling into a deep sleep as a result of exhausting herself. Gaining a new power, the Twin Love Guitars, the two Cures manage to purify her Epiisode, after which Hugtan sends Nagisa and Honoka back to their world. Learning that the florist Mari is short-handed due to her part-time staff being off with epissode, Hana and the others decide to help out, using the Mirai Pad to change into florists.

Still concerned about Homare, Hana and Saaya assure her that there are things she can do that they can’t. Hana’s family tries to vosfr Ruru a surprise welcoming party, but she seems disinterested, claiming there is no logical merit to it.